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IV. Choose the right form to complete the sentences. 6 points

10-11 класс

1. John lost his keys. If John (didn’t lose / hadn’t lost) his keys, he would (get/ have got) in his flat easily.
2. If Nick (is, was, were, had been) a wise man, he (would agree, would have agreed, agreed) then.
3. Of the three books I like “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”(less/ least).
4. She was crying in her room quietly then.
She was crying then quietly in her room.
She was crying quietly in her room then.
Complete the sentences using the appropriate derivatives of the words in capitals. 5 points 1. Have you ever tasted cheese - … crisps? FLAVOUR
2. Alice … , if ever , goes out. RARE
3. The Headmaster of the school was a white – haired, … gentle man. DIGNITY
4. Did he talk to you … or was he interested in your plan ? DIFFERENT
5. The … and … children walked across the street. BARE

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1. hadn't lost; have got
2. was; would agree
3. least
4. She was crying quietly in her room then.

1. flavoured
2. rarely
3. dignified
4. differently
5. - 


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Заранее спасибо!)

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use these verbs in the correct form and complete the sentences
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2) We had very(little/few)time to finish our project

3) There were (a few/a little)times when Jane wanted to go back home

4) He had (a very/very)eventful life before he became a Geography teacher

5) The maid brought in (paper/a paper)with the latest news

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8) What(an interesting/interesting)experience!

задания: 1) Choose the suitable word:

The authors belonged to the so-called 'beat literature', beat writers' or 'beat generation' were forerunners of the ... counterculture of the 1960.
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2) Choose grammatically correct variant:
a) Don't you know if you post a letter of complaint tonight they would respond in time?
b) Don't you know if you've posted a letter of complaint tonight they will respond in time?
c) Don't you know if you post a letter of complaint tonight they will respond in time?

3) Choose the right preposition:
Did you know that Mary is engaged ... her former classmate?
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4) Which sentence is correct English?
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c) I love the nature in Scotland.

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The object in English may be expressed by ...
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6) Choose the right meaning of the idiom 'Monday Blues':
a) jazz songs;
b) blue suits people wear to work on Monday;

c) feeling depressed because it's Monday again.

7) Choose the proper spealling of a word which is used in folklore to describe a person who changes into a wolf:
a) wearwolf b) wherewolf c) werewolf d) were wolf

8) Choose the right word to fill the gap in the sentence:

When I cut mu head, I needed nine ...

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9) Who designed and co-ordinated the presentation performance at the opening caremony of 2012 Summer Olympic games in London?

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10)Complete the statement:

John Betjeman was famous English ...
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11) Choose the proper variant:

Sir Edward William Elgar, 1st Baronet was a famous British ...

a) general of the Civil War;

b) painter;

c) composer;

d) member of the House of Lords during the Second World War.

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