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write an opinion essay "To clone or not to clone?" напишите пожалуйтса сочинение

10-11 класс

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Whether it is possible to reproduce genetically exact copy of any living being in special conditions? Dolly the sheep who suffering throughout life pneumonia and arthritis and has been violently lulled at the age of six years – the age equal to about a half of average life of a normal sheep became a symbol of the first cloned mammal (1996). The cloning of animals was not such simple performed by, as plants.

Actually process of cloning can be divided into some stages. At first at a female individual the ovum undertakes, from it the microscopic pipette extends a kernel. Into a nuclear-free ovum enter other, containing DNA of a cloned organism. From the moment of merge of a new genetic material to an ovum, as expected, process of reproduction of cages and embryo growth has to begin. Similar expectations are based, at least, on two obvious scientific motivations. The first is the desire to find out, how untouched there is a genetic material in development of the organism having characteristic destiny. The second motivation consists in as far as factors of cytoplasm of the ovum are compatible with introduced in it for reprogramming by a genetic material – for example, whether has value that fact, what foreign genes and own genes of mitochondrions of an ovum are various?


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нужно эссе,помогите пожалуйста!!

тему: to clone or not to clone

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