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Write an opinion essay.

10-11 класс

Some towns have banned fast food restaurants from opening closer than 400 metres to schools and parks. Is this a good idea?

Эссе должно быть написано по всем правилам. Объем 200-250 слов.

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29 сент. 2013 г., 12:54:22 (4 года назад)

Nowadays fast food is becoming more and more popular. In today's world there are teenagers who tend to think that fast food restaurants are beneficial, but there are towns who consider that they are harmful nearby parks or campus. Who is right? This question may be debated.
In my opinion, this issue is interesting and fast food restaurants have a lot of arguments for. To start with, we can eat whenever and wherever we want. It is good chance to save money and time. What is more, we can go to fast food restaurants to relax or to meet interesting people. It may be regarded as a step in the right direction in broadening our minds and expanding our outlooks.
However, this restaurants are criticised and they have arguments against. To begin with, it is dangerous to health. Consequently, we will have problems with our health and it can lead to serious diseases such as cancer or obesity. Secondly, it is expensive and not all people can afford to spend money. I can not agree with this view because it depends on a food.
All in all, it may arouse mixed fillings, but we should try to find the best use of it. I strongly believe that this problem is actual inspire of advantages and disadvantages.
тут могут быть ляпы, все же через телефон печатала.


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