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The Adams family lives in Scotland. They are a big family. They are nine: David Adams and his wife Linda, their son Max and their three daughters Lin.

10-11 класс

da's parents and David's cousin Tim. They all live together in a big house. Max is a pupil. His sisters don't go to school. They are little. In the evening Max often reads interesting books to his sisters and they like to listen to Max's books. 1) Max's parents have four children 2) David's parents live with his family. 3) The Adams family has six children in their 4) Tim usually reads to his cousin.

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Семья Адамсов живет в Шотландии. Они - большая семья. Их 9: Дэвид Адамс и его жена Линда, их сын Макс и трое дочерей, родители Линды и кузен Дэвида Тим. Все они живут вместе в большом доме. Макс - ученик. Его сестры не ходят в школу. Они маленькие. Вечером Макс часто читает интересные книги своим сестрам


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перевод корректный. Врач - очень ответственная и сложная работа. Профессия врача относится к одной из самых древних. для того, чтобы стать врачом нужно

получить высшее медицинское образование, закончив медицинский университет или академию.Качества, которыми должен обладать врач
терпеливость;доброжелательность;приветливость;ответственность;аккуратность;внимательность.врачи работают в больницах. они лечат людей.Профессии врачей различны - терапевт, стомотолог, окулист, психолог, Педиатр,Диетолог и др

read the following "angry" letter to the editor. Write a letter in defense of technological progress. Use the arguments from the box and/ or

your own ones.

Dear Editor,
I really don't think that readers need your journal any more. In your articles you write about new achievements of scientists and about all those "man made wonders". I'm strongly against the propaganda of technological progress. It has done people more harm than good. It has created the nuclear bomb, it has made lots of animal species extinct, and now it's destroying the ozone layer and causing global warming. It will bring us to collapse very soon.
I demand that scientific research of any kind should be prohibited, and journals like yours should be closed. People need fresh air and clean water and don't need any technological progress.
Sincerely your,
John Lester

Useful language
Achievements in medicine make it possible for people to live longer.
Different devices are able to sustain people's life during operations.
Household appliances have altered our lifestyle considerably.
Efficient means of transport and communication can bring together people who are separated by the ocean.
Computers and robots accelerate research in the ocean and the cosmos.

Dear Mr Lester
I've read your letter on the technological progress but cannot agree with you. Though technology affects nature and the environment, it would be unfair to say that they don't do people anything good.






However,you are right that we should do something to stop the negative effects of the technological progress. We all need to think about it and be reasonable and constructive.

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Scotland lies to the north of England. People who live in Scotland arc Scots.

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, but Scotland has no separate Parliament, for the Scottish MPs (Members of Parliament) sit with the English ones in Westminster in London.
Edinburgh is not the largest city in Scotland. Glasgow, which lias a population of over one million, is twice as large as Edinburgh.
Even so, Edinburgh remains the centre of the life of Scotland. Here are the administrative centres of the Navy, the Army, and tlie Air Force, the chief banks and offices; and the famous university.
Edinburgh, unlike Glasgow, has no large factories. Publishing is its well-known industry. It has been famous for its printers since the early years of the sixteenth century, when the first Scottish printing-press was set up within its walls. The publishing of books is today a very important industry. Much printing is done for London publishing houses, and there are many paper-mills near Edinburgh.
Edinburgh is a beautiful city. The first thing you see in Edinburgh is the Rock -— the very large hill in the middle of the city, on which stands Edinburgh Castle.. The Castle looks like a castle from a fairy-tale, and parts of it are more than a thousand years old. From the top of the Castle there is a beautiful view of the hill and the sea.
Besides the Castle there are many other interesting buildings, such as Holyrood Palace which is the old royal residence, the Art Gallery, the University of Edinburgh.
Edinburgh is famous for many things: its festivals (plays and music), its college of medicine, its museums and libraries, and for its writers Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson and others.

Помогите написать сочинение ЕГЭ по английскому. Many people believe in superstitions. They are afraid of black cats and hate number 13.

They are sure it's lucky to say "white rabbits" on the first day of the month. Do you believe in superstitions?

Deark Kids. Here is the story I promised to write to you.Imagine a lot of snow,ice,sun and cold all in one place.it s called Antarctita!And it is the

coldest part of the coldest part of the world.It is also the heghest and the windest.There are a lot of mountains and icebergs in Antarctita. Do you know what icerbergs are like?They are a lot of mountains and beautiful pieces of ice like mountains made from giass and snow.
Scientist from different countries stay here for short periods of time.Usually they live in special stations.
There are some unusual birds that live in Antarctica.They are called penguins.They are quite big birs but they can t fly at all. But they are excellent swimmers and divers. While the penguins mums spend the winter at sea,their dads take care of the eggse for nine weeks.During this time they don t eat or drink.For extra warmth children out of the cold air and wind.
The blue whale lives in Antarctinca too. It is the largest animal in the world. But I will write you about them in my next story.
Send your letters to our magazine.Ask me as many questions as you can ans I II try to answer

There are over 9 million of them in Britain and they are the most powerful group of consumers. Who are they? teenagers! a retailer's dream come true.

each year they spend 6 billion Sweets and chocolate are still the number one best seller, but sales of mobile phone cards are catching up quickly, and they are expected to overtake sweets and chocolates very soon. Modern technology is rapidly traditional favorite pastimes such as board games and reading with video game consoles like PlayStation 2 and Xbox, which cost over 300. Переведите пожалуйста, не с переводчика

Найдите глаголы и определите их времена Canty's family lived in one room on the third floor of one of these houses. The mother and the father

had a bed, but Tom, his grandmother and his two sister Bet and Nan slept on the floor and coverd themselves with rags.Bet and Nan were fifteen years old. They were twins. They were always dirty and in rags, but they were kind-hearted girls. The mother was like them. But the father and the grandmother were very bad people. They often got drunk and then they fought each other and beat the children

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