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Как быстро выучить слова по английскому?

5-9 класс

Margo230402 02 дек. 2014 г., 5:20:27 (6 лет назад)
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02 дек. 2014 г., 7:00:46 (6 лет назад)

Для начала выучи эти слова,потом по проси кого-нибудь что этот человек спросил эти же слова на русском а ты напишешь на английском таким образом ты и выучишь.


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кто хорошо знает английский помогите пожайлуста срочно Katy and Sandra are talking about their daily lives. Write the correct forms of the

Present Simple. Use short forms if you can.
Katy: (►) Do you get up (you/get/up) early?
Sandra: No, not really. (1) ....... (My sister/go) to the bathroom first at
about eight o’clock. (2).... I(not/get up) until about eight thirty.
What about you?
Katy: Well, (3) ....... (Mike/try) to get me up at about seven, but
(4) ....... . (he/not/usually/succeed)!
Sandra: (5) ...... . (I/be/not) very hungry in the morning. What about you?
(6) ...... . (you/eat) much for breakfast?
Katy: (7) ...... . (I/not/usually/like) to eat much, but
(8) ........ . (Mike/study) for an hour before breakfast, so
(9) ..... . (he/eat) quite a lot.
Sandra: (10) ... (he/have) a big lunch as well?
Katy: (11) ... (I/not/know).
(12) ... (He/not/tell) me!
Sandra: (13) ... (you/drive) to work?
Katy: Yes. (14) .... (there/not/be) any buses. What about you?
Sandra: Well, (15) ..... . (my sister/want) to buy a new car, but at the
moment, (16) ...... (we/both/walk).

"Mrs.Wigg !" said the thin lady. " No, thank you!I'm Miss Persimmon and am proud of it!" Jane and Michael looked at each other. They thought that Mr. Wigg

was a very special person if the lady was so glad not be Mrs. Wigg.

Jane and Michael followed Mary Poppins upstairs.

" Come in! And welcome !" called a loud voice from inside.

Mary Poppins opened the door and they came into a nice large room. There was a fireplace in the corner and in the middle of the room there was a big table with four cups, bread and butter, biscuits , chocolates and a large cherry cake.

" Nice to see you , " somebody said. Jane and Michael looked around but saw nobody.

" Oh, Uncle Albert- not again ! It's not your birthday , is it ?" Mary Poppins said and looked up. Jane and Michael looked up too and saw a round , fat man in the air . Indeed, he was sitting in the air and reading a newspaper.

"My dear," said Mr. Wigg , smiling down at them , " I'm very sorry , but it is my birthday ." he said , looking down at Jane and Machael.

" I can see you're a little surprised , " said Mr. Wigg . And indeed , their mouths were so wide open ! " You see, I'm happy sort of man . I can smile and laugh at everythings , " said Mr. Wigg.

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