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5-9 класс

6.Раскройте скобки, используя необходимую по смыслу форму глаголов to be, to have 1) These ... long texts, and those ... short texts. 2) Tom ... a pupil twenty years ago. 3) Where is your books now? – They ... in my bag. 4) I often ... a lot of work to do.. 5) He ... a cold last week. 6) Mary ... not ill now. 7) When my granny ... young, she ... an actress. 8) He ... in St. Petersburg tomorrow. 9) Which of you ... a sister? 10) I ... a student last year, but now I ... a teacher. 7. Выпишите предложение, содержащее модальное значение глагола to be. Переведите предложение a) Are you looking for your dictionary? b) His father was in Sverdlovsk last year. c) What is Ann doing since we met her last? d) They are to go to see Mary off, aren’t they? 9. Вставьте притяжательные местоимения в требующейся форме a) Mary has a new bag. ... is very big. b) My friends have a new car. ... is very nice. c)We’re students. This is ... classroom. d) Sit down, Pete. ... mark is “good”. e) These are ... sisters. ... names are Jane and Olga. f) Open ... books, please. g) I’m at home now. ... room is small. 10.Вместо оборотов с предлогом of образуйте обороты с существительными в притяжательном падеже. a) Men of England b) The position of director c) The secret of girls

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Translate the sentences to English Моя мама очень любознательна, она любит читать сплетни о знаменитостях. Вчера в 7 часов вечера я смотрела мыльную оперу на канале 2. Он получил награду за его работу о загрязнении. Прошел слух, что майор примет участие в сегодняшней церемонии. Какие прекрасные новости!

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choose the correct item 1)Dolphins... in the sea.a)live b)lives 2)Bengal tiger...in India 3)elephant....heavy things on its back. a)carry b)carries

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Грамматика и лексика

Tommy was wearing a thick warm scarf and looked B3 very unhappy. He _________ a sore throat. HAVE “It’s your fault”, said Mum angrily in the morning when she was leaving for work. “You’ve eaten too much ice cream, haven’t you? Tomorrow your friends are going on a picnic, and you will stay at home.” Tommy switched on the telly but there B4 _______________ nothing interesting on. BE He reached for the bookshelf and took an old book with a picture of a ship on the cover. He had lots of books B5 but _______________ reading them, as he preferred films. NOT LIKE However, he opened the book. It was about the B6 adventures of a brave captain and his _______________ On SEAMAN their way to India they survived through storms and fought B7 pirates. A treasure chest _______________ by them at the FIND end of the journey. When Mum came home, she saw Tommy searching the bookshelf. The book with a ship on the cover was on the bed. “My favourite book,” said Mum. “I liked it when I was as old as you are now. Why don’t you want to read it?” B8 “Because I _______________ it already.” said READ B9 Tommy. “I _______________ for another one.” LOOK

5-9 класс английский язык ответов нет

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