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Помогите сделать упр. !!!! срочно!!! Exercise 1 Complete the dialogue using the words in brackets in the correct form

10-11 класс

Ann: Why(you/not/finish) your homework and come to watch TV(1)?

Bill:Because I(not/understand) it. It is too difficult(2).

Ann: Why (you/not/ask) your teacher to epxplain it(3)?

Bill:Because I(not/like) him (4).

Ann: And why (you/not/like) him(5).

Bill: well, he (always/shout) at me(6).

Ann: Why (he/shout) at you (7).

Bill:Well, I (not/do) my homework (8)

Ann; Well, no wonder he (shout) at you(9). Give me your book now.We'll try and do it together

Exercise 2 Complete the sentences with time expressions from the list

at the moment every day always

tonight never now

1. She ... eats meat. She is a vegetarian 2.Mother is baking a cake .... . 3.They're going to a party ... .4 She goes to the swimming pool on Saturday 5 He cycles to his frend ....6. He is playing the drums ... .

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Ann: Why dont you finish your homwork and come watch tv ?

Bill: Becayse i dont understand it. Its too difficult

Ann: Why dont you ask your teacher to explain it ?

Bill:Because  i dont like like him

Ann:And why dont you like him ?

Bill:Well, he always shouts at me.

Ann:Why does he shot at you ?

Bill:  Well, because i dont do my homework.

Ann:Well, no wonder he shots at you. Give me your book now.  We'll try and do it together.



at the moment





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Кто хорошо знает английский, помогите, пожалуйста, правильно перевести текст :)

Henry disliked the power of the Church in England because, since it was an
international organisation, he could not completely control it. If Henry had been
powerful enough in Europe to influence the Pope it might have been different. But
there were two far more powerful states, France, and Spain, the Holy Roman
Empire, lying between him around Rome.

Ребят,кто хорошо знает английский,подскажите.

Правильно ли я на вопрос ответила? А точнее,правильно ли составлено предложение?

Вопрос: What is your attitude to this concept? (Lifelong learning)

Мой ответ: I think that lifelong learning is very important because when a person learns it develops and moves forward.

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Помогите пожалуйста срочно! Очень нужна помощь, выручайте!!! Complete the sentences using the verbs in the box in the correct form -

Present Simple of Present Continuous. Use each verb twice.

do, get, live, sell, think, work

a) Normally, I am in the office in the afternoon, but this month I ____ a course

b) In the winter, the reps ____ more than in the summer.

c) Our most inportant market is the Far East. We ____ bussiness with several companies there.

d) Our new product line ____ very well this year.

e) Our boss ____ very long hours.

f) He ____ of changing his job because he`s not very happy.

g) `What`s your address?` `I ____ in a hotel untif we find a nice flat.`.

h) In June, the weather ____ hot there, so take some cool clother.

i) He ____ his job is really interesting.

j) It ____ hotter. We need to get some air conditioning for the office.

k) At present, we ____ on new products and services for the future.

l) During the week, he ____ in his city flat and at the weekend he goes to the country.

. Use the words in brackets to fill in the gaps. Make all the necessary changes. Помогите срочно


3. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense

1.The film “War and Peace” … (direct) by Sergey Bondarchuk.

2.Who … Crime and Punishment … (write) by?

3.Over 1,000 languages … (speak) in India.

4.About half of the world’s gold … (produce) in Russia.

5.A new theatre … (build) in three years time.

6.Ten people … (injure) in the accident.

IV. Choose the right form to complete the sentences. 6 points

1. John lost his keys. If John (didn’t lose / hadn’t lost) his keys, he would (get/ have got) in his flat easily.
2. If Nick (is, was, were, had been) a wise man, he (would agree, would have agreed, agreed) then.
3. Of the three books I like “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”(less/ least).
4. She was crying in her room quietly then.
She was crying then quietly in her room.
She was crying quietly in her room then.
Complete the sentences using the appropriate derivatives of the words in capitals. 5 points 1. Have you ever tasted cheese - … crisps? FLAVOUR
2. Alice … , if ever , goes out. RARE
3. The Headmaster of the school was a white – haired, … gentle man. DIGNITY
4. Did he talk to you … or was he interested in your plan ? DIFFERENT
5. The … and … children walked across the street. BARE

I. Complete the sentences with words derived from the words in bold.( суффиксы и приставки) 1. Many people find their work rather___________(bore). 2. He

did not pass the exam. He was very______________(appoint) 3. Peter liked all animals and little children. It ____________( character) him like a very kind man. 4. The only thing poverty leads to is ___________(happiness) and ____________(literacy). 5. It was such an ______________(interest) excursion! 6. Susan is a _____________(charm) girl with lovely figure. 7. The ____________(distant) between S.Petersburg and Moscow is about 600 kilometers. 8. My Mom does the ______________(cook) in our family. 9. Your behavior is awful! You are ________________(polite) and ___________(moral)! 10. She had the ______________(appear) of an actress. II. Раскройте скобки. Поставьте глагол в нужное время или форму (герундий). A) Обратите внимание на времена сказуемых в главном и придаточном предложениях!!! В) Обратите внимание на условные предложения!!! 1. If you_____________ (phone) me earlier, we could have bought this book. 2. I can’t stand Mr. Brown! He__________________(always / tell a lie). 3. Steven______________(work) at this problem for three months. We’ll be able to see the presentation next week. 4. We________________(just / buy) a new car. We can go to the see. 5. Before Olga came to London, she___________________(learn) English for three years. 6. When her mother came home, Helen____________________(clean) the room since morning. 7. Thank you for_______________(come) in time. 8. There is no reason in______________(argue). 9. If the train _________________(come) in time, we would not have been late at the concert. 10. Yesterday at 5 o’clock Tom _______________(do) his homework and could not go for a walk. 11. Yesterday by 5 o’clock Tom_______________(do) his homework and could go for a walk. 12. If you ________________(phone) me, I would go to the cinema. 13. When her mother came home, she______________(write) the letter and___________(go) to the park with her friends. 14. If he _______________( buy) a car, we’ll go to the see. 15. If he___________________(buy) a car, we would go to the see. 16. If he____________________(buy)a car , we would have gone to the see. 17. My father _________________(work) here for three years. 18. My father__________________( repair) this car since morning. 19. If I had learned the grammar rules, I __________________(not /get) a bad mark. 20. If I learned the grammar rules, I_______________________(not/ get) a bad mark. 21. If I learn the grammar rules, I_______________________( not / get) a bad mark.

Complete the sentences using must or a form of have to/have got to.In former days people who wanted to discuss something ______ gather on special days in

some special place.Analysing the situation we can say that we will inevitably ______ nominate election candidate or to discuss legislative proposals in advance of formal proceedings.______ you ______leave tomorrow? I’d prefer you to stay.The list of the selected applicants is too long, I think I ______ choose only one of them for the final interview.You ______ ask permission any time you want to make some changes, it is inevitable.We don’t _______ agree to any change, as we operate within a frame work of rules and constraints. You ______ pack these things very carefully, they are fragile.At a meeting participants ______ quickly decide what policy they are willing to accept.In order to draw the support from the ranks of the poor and disadvantaged (in urban societies, the working classes) the “Left” will ______ promise to change, in the form of either social reform or wholesale economic transformation.

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