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Our ecology becomes worse and worse with every new day. Many species of animals and birds are disappearing nowadays.Every day a big number of animals

5-9 класс

dissapeares. People kill animals for different aims: e.g. people hunt whales for their meat and oil, elephants for their tusks, crocodiles for their leather and so on.
We must save wild animals. And we must find the right way to save land, people and animals. We must take care of nature, because we are part of it.

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Наша экология становится все хуже и хуже с каждым днем. В нынешние дни многие виды животных и птиц исчезают. Каждый день большое количество животных исчезают. Люди убивают животных в разных целях:
Например: люди охотятся на китов за их мясо и масло, на слонов за их клыки, на крокодилов за их кожу и т.д.
Мы должны сохранять диких животных. И мы должны найти правильный путь чтобы сохранить земли, людей и животных. Мы должны заботиться о природе, потому что она тоже часть этого


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a) When did Daniel Defore write his most famous novel?
b) Was the story based on real adventures
c) What is the title of the book

Daniel Defoe (1660—1731) was a famous English writer. He wrote his world famous novel "The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe when he was nearly 60 years old.
The story of Robinson Crusoe was based on the real adven¬tures of a sailor called Alexander Selkirk who had lived alone for four years on a desert island. The book, however, also contains a lot of incidents from the author's imagination (фантазия).
When the book was published in 1719, it immediately (немедленно) became popular. Defoe made his story so realistic (достоверный) that everyone be¬lieved it.
Defoe didn't write his book for children. But every child now knows "Robin-son Crusoe", how he learned to catch goats and to make pots (горшки), how he made an umbrella and had hundreds of adventures.
Daniel Defoe wrote many other books, but for "Robinson Crusoe" he is called "the father of English prose

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We live on the earth. It is very, very big. There is a lot of water on the earth. It is in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. There are a lot of forests and fields, hills and mountains on it. The earth is full of wonders. Different animals live on the earth. Different plants grow on it. The earth is beautiful. There are large countries and small countries. There are warm countries and cold countries. There are some countries where there are four seasons in a year and some countries where there are only two. When the sun shines it is day. When the sun does not shine it is night. When it is day in one country it is night in another. You can see the moon and the stars in the sky at night. People live in different countries. They speak different languages.
People have lived on our planet for many years. They lived and live on different continents, in different countries. People depend on their planet, on the sun, on animals and plants around them. People must take care of Earth. Our ecology becomes worse and worse with every new day. Many species of animals and birds are disappearing nowadays. People destruct wildlife, cut down trees to make furniture. They forget that people can’t live without trees and plants, because they fill air with oxygen. And, of course, great problems are population and animals destruction. The main reason of pollution is rubbish. Most of our rubbish goes to big holes in the ground, called ‘dumps’. But dumps are very dangerous for our life ‘cause they are full of rats, which can carry infections away from dumps. Another way to get rid of rubbish is to burn it. But the fires make poisons, which go into the air and pollute it. But pollution isn’t the only actual problem. Every day a big number of animals disappears . People kill animals for different aims: e.g. people hunt whales for their meat and oil; elephants for their tusks, crocodiles for their leather and so on. And also animals are used for medical experiments. The most wide – speared from such animals are monkeys. Modern life is bad for animals, birds, fish. The air isn’t fresh and the water isn’t pure. They don’t have good meal and facilities for the life. You can find their names in the Red Book.

Переведите текст. Только не через переводчик. Пожалуйста. It’s a wonderful world we live in. For thousands of years the Earth has given support to all

forms of life – human beings, animals, birds, fishes, insects and plants.But now human beings are killing our planet.Many species of animals and birds have disappeared. Millions of animals die every year because man has polluted their natural homes. Besides, every year people cut down more trees, build more roads, and use more land for farming. This leaves fewer jungles, fields and forests for wildlife.The country air, once clear and fresh, now may be polluted by power stations and factories. Some of our rivers are now empty of fish. And in some rivers you can even see a sick foam(пена) caused by chemical waste.All over the world the forests are disappearing. People cut the trees down because they need wood and paper or new places for farms and houses. Forests the size of Belgium are destroyed every year. It’s an international disaster. Even if new trees are planted, it takes many years for them to grow.Go to the seaside and you’ll see the pollution around you. There is a lot of litter on the beaches. Some of it was left by people and some was brought by the water.Pollution is very dangerous for people, wildlife and the environment.We live among litter and wastes which we have created ourselves – fumes of cars, throwaway packaging, etc. People don’t just pollute the environment. They pollute themselves with cigarettes, alcohol and junk food. These are some of the world’s most serious environmental problems. And it’s no good pretending they don’t exist – they do. What’s more, they are getting worse all the time. What will happen if we don’t try to solve these problems? Scientists have made predictions and they are alarming.

Прочитайте информацию для студентов, только что приехавших в летнюю школу. Установите соответствие между заголовками A-F и

пронумерованными абзацами текста1-5. Запишите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании есть один лишний заголовок.

A. Safe solutions are still needed
B. International efforts to stop pollution
C. Science for nature protection
D. Set to protect nature.
E. Air pollution in the chain of global destruction.
F. We are all elements of global ecosystem.

1. People have lived on our planet for many years. We may live on different continents and in different countries, but we all depend on our planet, on the sun, on animals and plants around us. We must take care of Earth but not destruct wildlife. Many species of animals and birds are disappearing nowadays. We cut down trees to make furniture, but we forget that people can’t live without trees and plants. Every little creature or thing oh Earth plays its own part and makes our home unique.

2. One of the biggest eco problems is pollution. The main reason of pollution is rubbish Most of our rubbish goes to big holes in the ground, called ’dumps’. But dumps are very dangerous for our life, because they are full of rats, which can carry infections away from dumps. Another way to get rid of rubbish is to burn it. But the fires make poisons, which go into the air and pollute it. This is the propel scientists should get interested in. Such researchers are worth spending money on.

3. The Royal Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (the RSPCA) tries to protect animals from bad use. It operates big nation campaigns aimed at lost pets and circus animals. The World Wildlife Fund (The WWF) rescued several species of animals mammals as well as birds. These organizations also helped to create more than 25C National parks. Greenpeace began its work 20 years ago from saving whales. And now Greenpeace is a world-famous organization, which saves plants, animals and people.

4. Every year world industry pollutes the atmosphere with about 1000 million tons ol dust and harmful substances. Many cities suffer from smog. Vast forests are cut down and burn in fire. Their disappearance upsets the oxygen balance. As a result some rare species of animals, birds, fish and plants disappear forever, a number of lakes and rivers dry up. The pollution of air and the world destruction of the ozone layer is the result of man’s careless interaction with nature, a sign of ecological crises.

5. Numerous conferences have been held to discuss questions of ecologically pool regions including the Aral Sea, the South Urals, Kuzbass, Donbass, Seiriipalatsinsfc and Chernobyl. An international environmental research center has been set up on Lake Baikal. Scientists are also doing much to preserve the environment. But these are only the initial steps that must be carried forward to protect not only for the sake of the present but for the future generations.

1 2 3 4 5

Complete the sentences using Conditional II and III. 1 If people …(take) bottles, newspapers and cans to special bins, they could be


2 If I …(be) you, I would join Greenpeace.

3 If we didn’t pollute our seas, they …. (be) full of fish.

4 If I were you, I ….(continue) the exploration.

5 If you had read these books, you …(know) more about this environmental problems.

6 If we had protected the environment seriously, our planet …..(be) out of danger.

7 If people ….(avoid) damaging nature, many species of animals wouldn’t have disappeared.

8 If she ….(hear) the conversation, she wouldn’t have come there.

Составите краткий пересказ этого текста:COUNTRY AND PEOPLE (The United States of America)

There are fifty states in the United States of America. Two of these states, Alaska and Hawaii, are not connected to the other states. You can see it on this map. The US is washed by the Pacific Ocean in the west, by the Atlantic Ocean in the east, by the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico in the south. In the north are Great Lakes.
The US is a large country with many natural wonders. It goes from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the islands of Hawaii in the Pacific, and from cold, snowy northern Alaska to sunny Florida in the southeast. The US has almost every kind of weather. Also, it has many kinds of land — rocky coasts, dry empty deserts, big rivers, wide plains and grasslands, lakes of all sizes, high mountains, great forests, sunny, beaches, lands of endless winter.
More than 250 million people live in the US. But the country is very big, so there is still a lot of open space and natural scenery outside the cities. Americans have tried to save many of the most beautiful wild areas of the United States. There are a lot of parks, forests and wildlands where you can enjoy the beauty and power of wild America. The Grand Canyon, Yosemite Valley, and Yellowstone are among the most famous.

Many rivers cross the United States. But the greatest is the mighty Mississippi. Native Americans called it "the father of waters". It begins quietly in the north of the country and ends in the Gulf of Mexico, nearly four thousand miles (6400 km) away. On its journey to the sea, the Mississippi travels through several states, and becomes larger and more powerful, it brings water to farmlands. And the Mississippi has been an important waterway since early times, when native Americans travelled on the river in canoes. Among other big rivers are the Colorado and the Missouri. The Colorado River rises in the Rocky Mountains or the Rockies that stretch from Alaska down almost to the south of the country. Another big mountain chain is the Appalachians in the east also running from north south.
The Grand Canyon is one of America's main tourist attractions. It is so big that you must go there yourself to feel its true size and beauty. The Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon over millions of years. Slowly, the river cut down through hard rock. Today, the canyon is one mile deep and 200 miles (320 km) long. It's interesting that there are different kinds of plants and animals on opposite sides of the canyon. The south side is dry and desert country. The north side has tall forests. The canyon looks different at different times of day, and in different seasons and weather. At sunrise and sunset the red, gold, brown and orange clouds of the rocks are especially clear and bright. In winter, the canyon is partly covered with snow, you can walk down into the Grand Canyon, or you can go down flown on the back of a mule. But be careful to carry enough water because inside the canyon, it is very hot much hotter than at the top.
The United States is a young country. Its written history is only a few hundred years old. It is sometimes, in fact called the "New World". Over the last four hundred years millions of people have come to start a new life in this "New World".
Americans are not afraid of new ideas. They built the first skyscrapers. They like to be modern. They like exciting, modern cities, new houses, and new cars. At the same time, Americans love old things. They like to visit historic houses and museums. They build old pioneer houses and remember the days of the "Wild West".Americans are interested in old traditions, but they are good at making new traditions too.
The people of the United States are a mixture of many different nationalities. Every American schoolchild learns that the United States is a big melting pot of countries. In a melting pot, different metals are melted together to make a new metal. The United States is like a melting pot for people. In the past, people from many different countries came to the US and made one country out of many. In one city you can find people whose parents, grandparents or great-grandparents came from China, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and every European country. These different people brought to their new land a wonderful mixture of customs and traditions. The Germans brought Christmas trees. The Irish brought St. Patrick's Day celebrations. The Scots brought Halloween.

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