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You can see these red double-decker buses in London. They are tall but they are not very fast. Tourists like taking these buses because they can have a nice view of the city from the upper deck.

Black cabs are special taxis that have a lot of room for passengers and their luggage. Black cab drivers take a test of their knowledge of London, as they have to know all of the 25,000 streets within 10 km of the city centre!

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Вы видите эти красные двухэтажные автобусы в Лондоне. Они высоки, но они не очень быстры. Туристы любят принимать эти автобусы, потому что они могут иметь хороший вид на город с верхней палубы. Черные такси - специальные такси, у которых есть много комнат для пассажиров и их багажа. Темнокожие таксисты берут тест на свое знание Лондона, поскольку они должны знать все эти 25,000 улиц в пределах 10 км центра города!


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И если есть время можно объяснить как можно отличить вопросы на HOW и WHAT, не считая перевод?

Сделайте литературный перевод, пожалуйста! ТЕКСТ: God...comes down to see the city,... and in derision sets Upon their tongues a various spirit, to

raze Quite out their native language, and instead to sow a jangling noise of words unkown. Forthwith a hideous gabble rises loud Among the builders; each to other calls not understood...Thus was the building left Ridiculous, and the work Confusion named ПЕРЕВОД: Бог ... идет вниз, чтобы посмотреть город, ... и в насмешку наборы По их языки различных духом, чтобы сровнять с землей Совсем из их родной язык, а вместо сеять звенящего шума неизвестный слова. Тотчас отвратительное скороговоркой поднимается громко Среди строителей; друг к другу звонки Не понял ... Так было здание оставили Смешно, и работа Confusion имени

Ответ на английском + перевод на русский ПЕРЕВОДЧИК НЕ ИСПОЛЬЗОВАТЬ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you agree with the phrase «He who has not seen Scotland does not really know Great Britain»? If you do, why?

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Scotland is a country in the United Kingdom to the north of England. Its symbol is a thistle; its patron is St. Andrew. The country is divided into Highlands and Lowlands. Most of the industry is concentrated in Lowlands, in the Clyde Valley. Glasgow is its largest and busiest town; Edinburgh is its capital. Glasgow and Edinburgh are the two great centres of Scotland. There is only 45 miles between them, and it will take you an hour to get from Glasgow to Edinburgh by train but the cities are very different.
Glasgow is the heart of industry. It is a centre of business and trade. It is very busy, prosperous, dirty in some parts and smart in others. It is beautiful and ugly with its large port and busy streets.
Edinburgh is rather cold but attractive, very proud but friendly and has a great past. Edinburgh is known as Athens of the North. It is an ancient city and if you walk around it, you can feel history at every step. Practically every building has a tale to tell.
The most interesting parts of the city are the Old Town and the New Town. The Old Town lies between the Castle and Holyrood Palace. The Castle hangs over the city like some Disney cartoon – but it is real. The Castle, in fact, is older than the city. No one can say exactly say when the first settlers came to live on the huge rock that stands high above Edinburgh. Later they built a castle that used to be a fortress and then a royal palace. It looks good in any weather but at night when it is floodlit it looks just like a castle in a fairy tale. It is not surprising that the Castle attracts a lot of tourists. The Edinburgh military tattoo takes place every August and September and is known throughout the world. For 90 minutes on five or six nights a week, 600 people perform in the square in front of the Castle.
The performers play military music and march to it. At the same time as the tattoo, you can go to the famous Edinburgh festival. The festival started in 1947. Every year the best performances from all over the world can be seen in Edinburgh.
A line of streets, which runs from the Castle to Holyrood House, is called the Royal Mile. Holyrood House is a big royal palace which is the residence of the Queen when she is in Edinburgh. The most picturesque part of the Royal Mile is the Cannongate, which gives a good idea of what the Old Town was like. Closes (narrow passages) lesd to little years and attractive historical buildings. One of the most modest and yet one of the best known monuments in Edinburgh is a monument to a dog called Bobby. The dog belonged to John Gray. When he died Bobby lived near his grave for twenty-six years. Later Bobby was buried near his master and his statue in the Old Town has become a symbol of devotion. The Old Town is a striking contrast to the New Town with its white and beautiful streets lined with trees. Princes Street is the most beautiful street of the New Town. It has at lot of gardens on one side and it is also Edinburgh’s popular shopping centre. Princess Street is connected with the name of the famous writer, Sir Walter Scott. A monument 200 feet high rises among green trees. They call it a poet of stone. It is the Scott monument. Inside it there is a marble statue of the writer, and of his favourite dog.
Princess Street lies between the New Town and the Old Town. The modern town is on the lower side, the old one – on the higher. They look at each other across the valley under Scotland’s blue sky.


I'm writing to you from Spain. The weather is wonderful. The sky is blue and clear. I walk a lot and see many beautiful places. Sometimes I take my cousin with me. We think our holidays are very interesting. I'll see you very soon.

И КАК ПЕРЕВОДИТСЯ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ " I'm enjoying my Russian holidays"

Заранее спасибо!!!

Срочно нужен перевод 6 класс!!!!!!

Перевод-общий смысл не обязательно дословно

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