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Task 6.

10-11 класс

Вставьте нужные предлоги по смыслу.
1. They always lock the car to prevent it ___being stolen.
2. This scenery reminds me _____ my native country.
3. My girlfriend is taking care ____ my cat.
4. It is wrong to be rude _____ other people.
5. They have been delighted ____ their gifts.
6. He is sentenced ____ nine years in prison.
Task 7.
Составьте как можно больше слов из данного длинного слова.

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1. from 2. about 3.of 4.with 5.with 6.to                                                                     rize, blur, blue, large, glare, rule,


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The main attention of health service in Russia is paid to prophylaxis. One of the most important tasks in the fight against different diseases is the

early detection of the first signs of the disease. We pay much attention to the popularization of medical science among the population. We believe that one the main available methods of preventing the spread of diseases is health education. The press, cinema, radio and television are very helpful for this purpose.
The basic medical unit in our country is the polyclinic. We have policlinics for the adult population and for children. Ambulant patients are seen at the policlinic by the district doctors. A patient who is ill at home is visited by his district doctor. The doctor works 6 hours a day. For the district doctor this is made up of 3 hours in consultation at the policlinic and 3 hours in visiting patients in their homes.
The emergency ambulance service operates day and night and is free of charge. The ambulances are equipped by diagnostic, respiratory, anesthetic and electro-therapeutic apparatus, blood-transfusion and other equipment.
There are several specialized hospitals in Russia for the treatment of particular diseases – infections, psychiatric diseases, cancer, ophthalmological diseases and others.
Some words must be said about the Mother-and-Child Health Care Centre in Moscow. This centre concentrates effort not only on traditional problems of obstetrics and gynecology but also on research in normal physiology of the female organism. The main task of this centre is to ensure the birth of a healthy child. The centre developed new methods of disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment. Much attention in our country is paid to the scientific problems, concerning the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular, viral and oncological diseases, the problems of gerontology, medical genetics, immunology and the creation of artifical organs.

Task 1 Вставьте слова из таблицы по смыслу в предложения. Все слова должны быть использованы. at been bought

late left like me met much next opened sister tell to were

who worse would you you

I bought a new car yesterday.

If you don't hurry up now, you will be for lessons.

Can you me where the library is?

Do you know the teacher is talking to your father?

I haven't on holiday since 2000.

I don't have money.

I spend my holidays in theUKif I had enough money.

We do not water sports.

The weather today is even than yesterday.

How many students can see outside?

They swimming in the pool.

Let's meet again Friday.

We ate breakfast and then we the hotel.

I haven't beenLondonfor three years.

I am writing a grammar test the moment.

He his friends at the club last night.

Would like a cup of tea?

My has three children.

Give the book.

He the door carefully.

Task 2

Напишите ‘ing’- форму следующих глаголов.













Task 3

Используя данные слова, составьте утвердительные предложения во времени Present Perfect Continuous (при необходимости вы также можете добавлять слова в предложения).

the dog / the cat / chase →

you / the letter / write →

they / a new iPhone / invent →

you / in a forum / chat / not →

I / on the task / concentrate / not →

Task 4

В обычном словаре нельзя найти глагол grammarize. Однако, это слово существует, его можно найти на Интернет-ресурсах и в специальных словарях. Объясните значение этого слова.

Task I. Complete the conditional sentences. Decide whether to use Conditional Zero, I, II or III.

1) If she … (not/speak) English, she wouldn’t get the job.
2) If I had had enough money, I … (go) out with her.
3) If it rains, we … (stay) at home.
4) My parents don’t get angry if I … (fail) a test.

Task II. Mark words characterizing movie genres.
Movie genreCharacteristics1) Gangstera) Crime, violent activity2) Comedyb) Coloured drawings, for children3) Musicalc) Future events, future worlds4) Detectived) Laugh5) Westerne) Everyday problems6) Horror movief) American cowboys, Indians, early settlers7) Documentaryg) Actually happened8) Science fictionh) Frightening, unnatural9) Psycho-dramai) Songs, dances, light-hearted10) Animated moviej) Policemen, solved crimes

Task III. Choose the correct variant.
1) It's raining and the wind's blowing. Now I ... see why they made February the shortest month of the year.
A may, В can, С shall, D must.
2) Can I ask you where ... from?
A do you come, В are you, С you come, D did you come.
3) ... Liverpool and Manchester are in the north west of England.
A either, В neither, С each of, D both.
4) It ... since Tuesday.
A has rained, В has been raining, С rained, D was raining.
5) If you come to England you'll soon ... on the left.
A get used to driving, В will be used to driving,
С are getting used to driving, D are used to driving
6) My idea was ... English.
A that she learns, В for her to learn, С to learn her, D that she must.
7) ... , we went out for a walk.
A Despite of the rain, В In spite of the rain,
С In spite the rain, D In despite the rain.
8) ... Ukraine studies English.
A the whole, В the whole of, С the whole round, D the whole over.

Task IV. Write a short report "Teenagers and their problems"(about 120-130 words).

Speaking task. One can have only one friend….

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