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1 what country do you live in? 2 what is the capital of your country? 3 is your country in America? 4 it is in Asia isnt it? 5 where do Spaniards live?

5-9 класс

6 what is the capital of Spain? 7 what continent is China in? 9 where do Brazilians live? 10 what continent is Brazil in? 11 what country is there in Australia? ответить на вопросы на английском языке очень вас прошу помогите плииииз!!!

Nsamburov 11 февр. 2014 г., 3:29:54 (4 года назад)
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11 февр. 2014 г., 4:05:34 (4 года назад)

1. I live in Russia.

2. The capital is Moscow.

3. No. it isn't

4. No, it isn't

5. They live in Spain

6. The capital of Spain is Madrid.

7. it is in Asia.

9. They live in Brazil.

10. it is in America.




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11 февр. 2014 г., 5:11:16 (4 года назад)

№ 1 Russian
№ 2 Moscow
Number 3 is not my country is not in America
№ 4 No it is not in Asia
№ 5 Spaniards lived in the Iberian Peninsula
№ 6 is the capital of Spain, Madrid
№ 7 China is on the Eurasian continent
№ 9 Brazilians live in Brazil
№ 10 Brazil is in South America
№ 11 empty


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