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by/with ...posters,...Express Ltd next May,...a saw,...mud,...Blackwoo Publishing next week

5-9 класс

Belskaya123 11 окт. 2016 г., 1:18:17 (4 года назад)
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1. with posters

2. by Express Ltd next May

3/ with a saw

4/ with mud

5/ by Blackwood Publishing next week


1. c плакатами
2. (скорее всего: поездом) Express Ltd в мае следующего года
3 / пилой (или: с пилой - по контексту)
4 / с грязью
5 / Blackwood издательством  на следующей неделе

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11 окт. 2016 г., 3:01:51 (4 года назад)


by posters,with Express Ltd next May, by a saw ,with mud,with Blackwell Publishing next week


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Перевидите предложения на английский пожалуйста.

1. Как хорошо побывать в разных странах, совершить кругосветное путешествие!
2. Я очень люблю животных и слушать музыку.
3. Моя лучшая подруга Настя это моя одноклассница. Мы с ней дружим и помогаем друг-другу.
4. У меня нет любимой группы, я слушаю музыку по настроению.
5. В школе у меня не очень много друзей. Класс у нас дружный, но не всегда. Иногда мы можем помочь друг-другу.
Заранее спасибо!

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Вставьте или by или with
1. The walls are covered .......... posters.
2. A new book will be published ............ Express Ltd next May.
3. The dress was designed ............. Calvin Klein.
4. Wood is cut ............ a saw.
5. The film was produced ............... Martin.

Vocabulary. Here are some expressions that can be used to talk about school.

1. Match the expression and its meaning.

1). to go to school...

2). to take exams/tests...

3). to pass exams/tests...

4). to fail exams...

5). to be at school...

6). to be in school...

7). to be in the school...

A. to attend a school, not a college or a university or have a job.

B. to be in the school building for any other reason except studying.

C. to be in the school building to study.

D. to have a good mark in exams or tests.

E. to attend school regularly.

F. to do exams.

G. to get a very bad mark in exams.

2. Fill in the gaps with the expression or part of the expression from ex. 1 in thecorrect form.

1). Are you still _____ or at university?

2). Jason didn't work hard and _____ the exams.

3). Everyone who wants to join an excursion should be _____ at 4 pm.

4). At the end of this year I _____ three _____. I got all good marks.

5). This year you _____ in 4 subjects, won't you?

6). 5-year-old children do a lot of interesting things _____.

7). What _____ do you go _____?

Will married Anne Hathaway in November,and she came to live in Henley Street.John Shakespeare was pleased that his oldest son was married,but I don't

think Will's mother wanted him to marry so young.Families cost a lot of money,and John Shakespeare was having a lot of money troubles in those days.Times were hard in Henley Street.

Susanna was born the next May.All babies look the same to me,but Will was very pleased with her.

‘Look,Toby,she's got my eyes,’he said happily.‘She's going to be as beautiful as the Queen of Egypt,and as clever as King Solomon.’

‘Oh yes?’I said.‘All parents talk like that about their children.I don't believe a word of it.’

I didn't see much of Will's wife.I knew she didn't like me.To her,I was one of Will's wild friends,who got him into trouble.She came from a very serious,Puritan family.Lots of church-going,and no singing or dancing.

Soon there was another baby on the way,and one evening in February 1585 I hurried round to Henley Street to hear the news.Will's sister,Joan,opened the door,and then Will came running down the stairs.

‘It's two of them!’he said.‘Twins!A girl and a boy.Isn't that wonderful!’

Will had some good friends,Hamnet and Judith Sadler,and he called the twins after them.John Shakespeare was very pleased to have his first grandson,and everyone was happy.For a while.

Will and I still went around together when we could.He was still reading,and writing,and soon I could see a change in him.He was twenty-three now,and he was not happy with his life.

‘Stratford's too small,Toby,’he said.‘Too slow.Too quiet.Too boring.I've got to get away.’

‘Yes,but how?’I asked.‘You've got a family—three young children,remember.’

He didn't answer.

In the summer months companies of players often came to small towns,and in 1587 five different companies came.Will and I always went to see the plays.Will loved to talk to the actors and to listen to all their stories of London

The Queen's Men came to Stratford in June,and we went to see the play.I don't remember what it was.I know that I laughed a lot,and that Will said it was a stupid play,with not a word of poetry in it.

‘Why don't you write a play yourself?’I told him.

‘Write a play?’He laughed.‘Anne would never speak to me again.’

I didn't say anything,and Will looked at me and laughed again.

It happened a few months later.I walked into the Shakespeares' kitchen one evening,and there was Anne,with a red,angry face,shouting at the top of her voice.

‘How can you do this to me?And what about the children—’Then she saw me and stopped.

Will was sitting at the table,and looked pleased to see me.‘I've told Anne,’he said quietly,‘that I'm going to live in London.I want to be an actor,and to write plays,if I can.’

‘Plays!’screamed Anne.‘Acting!Actors are dirty,wicked people!They're all thieves and criminals!They drink all day and they never go to church—’

‘Don't be stupid,Anne.You know that's not true.Listen.I'll come home when I can,but I must go to London.I can't do anything in Stratford.’He looked at me across the room.‘Are you coming with me,Toby?’


Complete the text with the correct form of the words in brackets . A funny thing (1 happen) ________ to me while I was at a local music

festival with my boyfriend, who (2 win) two festival tickets earlier that week. It was Saturday af-ternoon at about 3 0' clock when we (3 arrive) _________ at the festival and hundreds of people (4 already get) there. I (5 spend) the first couple of hours just looking at all the different styles of clothes that people (6 wear) and the amazing hairstyles they (7 have) _____ _ At about 7 o'clock, we joined a huge crowd of people at the main stage after one of the most popular bands (8 start) to play. After about half an hour, I (9 realize) I wanted to go to the toilet, so I left my boyfriend enjoying the music. It took about ten minutes to walk to the toilets and there was a big queue when I got there. After about three quarters of an hour I (10 make) _______ my way back to the concert. There was an even bigger crowd of people by then, so I just looked for a tall guy with dark hair, jeans, and a black leather jacket, which was what my boyfriend (11 wear) _______ _ I spotted a guy who looked like this, pushed my way into the crowd and stood in front of him. After the band (12 finish) , I turned round to kiss him, and it was only then that I realized he wasn't my boyfriend! I (13 stand) with a complete stranger for over an hour. I (14go) very red, mumbled an apology and then saw my boyfriend who (15 look) __________ for me for ages. "Where (16 you disappear) to?" he asked. He never believed my story!

переведите пожалуйста!срочно нужно! On Monday morning Torrey went down to the __________ after phoning for an appointment. A pleasant-faced girl took her t

o Mr Brock's office. Thanks, Miss Clavel/ Good morning, Miss Thorne. He rose and shook hands with her. He's nice, thought Torrey. She took the chair he offerd, and he sat down in the chair before a desk littered with papers,books,a chart,and letters. I understand you have a college degree and a year of ________ school, but not a _____degree, is that it? Torry agreed. Then we can only offerd you half-time employment for the present. It has been suggested that you might like to complete the credits for your degree. I'd like to try. No reason why you can't. Want to try the half-time job for a week or two and see how it goes ? I heven't had much practical experience, Mr Brock. Will there be someone to show me the ropes ? Clarissa Clvel, the girl who brought you in. She's a top specialist . She'll help you if you need it. All _______ work is a mass of detail, as you must realize, after a year in ___ school. But while books and records are important , people are more so. And children, he added, are more important than anybody/ Which do you prefer, morning or afternoon? Torrey hadn't thought about that. How about afternoons to start with? Mr Brock suggested. Then you can see what is offered at ________ School. If your classes come in the morning, we can continue the arrangement, or we can change if necessary. Then you can see what is offered at_______School. If your classes come in the morning , we can continue the arrangement, or we can change if necessary. There are always more children here in the afternoon.The morning flew by with too many things to learn all at once. Torrey’s head wasspinning‘ with the complex details.She enjoyed working with Clarissa, admiring her quick mind, her knowledge, hereasy and good-natured way of dealing with the children who came in. Torrey liked thechildren. They let her help them find the books they wanted. She liked it.“Think I’ll ever get it straight?” she asked Clarissa.“Sure. You’re doing all right. It takes some people weeks to get the hang of all thosecards and numbers. And you’re fine with the children.”“I made a lot of mistakes.”“Everybody does when they first come in. Nobody on the outside has any idea howmuch there is to learn about a___________.Torrey went home feeling encouraged. She had a job she was sure she would like andshe was earning money.The next afternoon Torrey spent learning about a _________ . There seemed tobe no end to the things she had to learn, details of filing and sorting and shelving.She had learned the principles at _________ school, but each ________ hadcertain rules and arrangements of its own. These had been found to work and hadbeen carried along through the years because it would involve too much time andtrouble to change them.

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