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заданиае - переписать предложения в отрицательном залоге. пример: A gang of workmen build the house in 1840.

10-11 класс

the house was build in 1840.
Правильно ли я сделала?

1. The secretary will mail these letters tomorrow.
мой вариант: The letters will be mailed tomorrow.
2. Someone ougth to wash those dishes right away.
мой вариант: Those dishes ought to be washed. (навенро модальный глагол вообще нельзя использовать в пассивном залоге?)
3. The factory produced 5000 cars every day.
мой вапиант: 5000 cars are produced every day.
4. People drink a great deal of tea in England.
мой вапиант: тут не знаю даже как
5. Craftsmen make many beautiful objects of paper in japan.
мой вапиант:Beautiful objects of paper are made in Japan.
6. you must return these books within two weeks.
мой вапиант: These books must be returned in two weeks.
7. The police arrested him for speeding.
мой вапиант: He was arrested for speeding.
8. Someone had locked the door.
мой вапиант: The door was locked.

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Все предложения составлены правильно, кроме №8.

Правильный вариант - The door had been locked. (В исходном предложении глагол стоит в Past Perfect, значит, мы строим предложение в Past Perfect Passive)

И предложение №4 должно быть следующим: A great deal of tea is drunk in England.


Пассивный залог используется и с модальными глаголами тоже, например

The flowers must be watered.- Цветы должны быть политы.

The flowers should be watered. - Цветы следует полить.

The flowers can be planted here. - Цветы можно посадить здесь.

The flowers have to be sold. - Цветы придется продать.

и т.д.




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2. i(not to drink) coffee in the evening.
3. they(to like)dairy products.
4.we(not to like) meat dishes.
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Сложить в правильном порядке предложение:


Помогите ответить на письмо, пожалуйста. I love everyone in my family and they are very nice to me. However, there is something that troubles me a lot and

makes me feel a kind of disadvantaged. The point is that there is no sense of family in our house. We never fight with each other, and there are no family rows. We try not to get on each other's nerves, but we never do anything together. Everyone is preoccupied with their own business. Mum normally does some cooking, looks through some papers or discusses something with her collegues on the phone. Dad either watches TV or upgrades his car. My brother, who is eight, draws something or plays computer games. As for me, I just feel bored and lonely. To conceal it I pretend to be very busy with my homework, or go out even when I don't feel like doing it at all. Is it the same in other families? If you happen to have some ideas on how to help us. I'd really appreciate it. What could we do together to feel that we are together. Нужно ответить на это письмо, используя предложения ниже, их нужно закончить. doing something together is crucial to family happiness... from my personal experience i can say that... i can honestly say... it can be interesting to different generations... to involve everyone in... i suppose everyone will enjoy... why dont you arrange... you can try... it will give you a feeling... if it doesn't work...

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Переписать предложение в отрицательной форме:

1) Detectives searched and seized stolen property and instruments of the crime.
2) They interrogated criminals.
3) The investigator has just examined the crime scene very carefully.

Поставь предложения в отрицательную форму.Пример there are some sandwiches in my lunch box-There arent any sandwiches in my lunch box

1.There are some children in the room
2.There is a coffee table in front of the armchair
3.There is a cupboard next to the fridge
4.There are some women in the room
5.There are some books on the shelves
6.There is a tree behind the house

1. Напишите предложение в Future Simple: They (deliver) the goods next week 2/ Напишите предложение в Future Tense: Tom sold the old car to his friend

3. Измените предложение в вопрос: They will be there at noon 4. Измените предложение в отрицательное: John will be at home tonight 5. in, on или at: _____4:30 p.m. 6. Напишите ,что вы собираетесь делать (going to): we will return at night 7. Напишите этo предложениe в Future Tense а) will/shall/: b) to be going to: They finished this work before noon 8. Укажите last, next, in ago, yesterday, tomorrow: They won't be there _____ 9. where, when, why ______arу you going have so soon 10. задайте вопрос с where, when, why: he bought a new house last week 11. how. how much, how many ______does it cost 12. Задайте вопрос с how: There are five catalogues on the desk 13. Укажите fast, much, many, old, often, tall, big How ____ is tour sister 14. Напишите предложение в Present Perfect The meeting (begin) already 15. Напишите это предложение в Past Simple Future simple и Present Perfect They have enough time 16 Измените предложение в вопрос She is written the letter 17. задайте вопросы с: when where who how why We have three of four offers 18.Измените предложение в отрицательное The Smiths have a very large house 19, Напишите предложение в Past Simple She's seen Tom (a week ago) 20, укажите нужный глагол в Present perfect: know speak spend receive buy sell read show go take We______televivsion equipment this week 21, Укажите глагол в Past Simple или Present Perfect I (visit) him last sunday 22 Изменить предложение в вопрос He was very tired after talks 23/ Задайте вопрос с why He wasn't in his office 24. Задайте расчлененный вопрос и дайте ожидаемый короткий ответ Mr. Brown lives in New York, ______?____. 25 Укажите already/yet mr. Bell has spoken to them ______ 26. Напишите сравнительную и превосходную степень прилагательного: fast 27, Заполнить таблицу: beautiful _______ ________ 28. Укажите превосходную степень прилагательного Who is _______(intelligebt) student in your class 29. Укажите модальный глагол can, must. may You___go home after lunch

Задание 1. Переведите текст письменно. Задание 2. Составьте 10 вопросов к тексту (5 вопросов к предложению в активном

залоге, 5 вопросов к предложению в пассивном залоге).

Задание 3. Составьте словарь терминов, которые встретились в вашем тексте.

Вариант 6.

Non-ferrous metals are more expensive than ferrous metals and are used only when some characteristic not possessed by iron or steel is essential or desirable in application. These characteristics are: high electrical and thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance, non-magnetic qualities, light weight, etc.

The metals most frequently used to make non-ferrous metal castings are copper, tin, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and aluminium. Some of the basic non-ferrous metals and their characteristics are described below.

Copper is a reddish-brown, tough metal. It has very high electric conductivity and high corrosion-resistant qualities. Copper is used for making electrical contacts and wires, pipes, telephone cables, tanks, water heaters, etc.

Zinc is a hard, brittle, bluish-white metal that is employed in the pure form as sheet zinc.

Lead is a very heavy bluish-grey metal which is very soft. This metal is highly resistant to corrosion, but its strength is so low that it must be supported by a core of some other metal. Lead is used for lining pipes, acid tanks and coating electrical cables.

Aluminium is a soft, silvery white metal. It is light weight, has high corrosion-resistant qualities and is used for automobile and airplane parts as well as for making different light-weight objects used in everyday life such as: frames, cooking utensils, chairs, etc.

1.Поставьте предложение в отрицательную форму:

I usually get to work by bus.

A) I usually didn’t get to work by bus. ​
B) I don’t usually get to work by bus.
C) I usually not get to work by bus.
D) I usually won’t get to work by bus.
E) I usually doesn’t get to work by bus.

2. Выберите правильный модальный глагол: Our English lessons at school were boring. We … long exercises and learn a lot of grammar rules by heart.

A) to write ​B) can write ​C) must ​ D) had to write ​E) must write

3. Соотнесите данную идиому с ее значением:
This is where I draw the line.

A) I will not do more. B) I don’t have enough people to help. ​C) I am careful. ​
D) I will pay for mistake. ​E) I am nervous about it.

4. Выделенное слово является существительным в предложении:

A) I wish you a Happy New Year. ​B) Mother sends you her best wishes.
C) People always wish good things to each other. ​D) He wishes me good luck.
E) What did you wish to your family?

5. Вставьте необходимое по смыслу слово в предложении:
The tea isn’t … enough for me.

A) favourite ​B) large ​ C) salt ​D) small ​ E) sweet

6. Выразите одним словом: You sent them to your relatives on holidays.

A) sorrows ​B) postcards ​C) bags ​D) clouds ​E) children

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