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1-4 класс

I have the best friend her name is Zhenya. She lives in Lipetsk and studies in the 8th class of school No. 66. We keep in touch with it via Skype and a social network and as we speak by phone. It very lovely and kind person, ready to listen to anyone and to help to understand a situation.
Her hobbies coincide with mine a little, both of us like to read the comic book Homestuck and to draw, only it in Sai, and I in openCanvas. We often have discussions on animated films and musical group, but it everything in five minutes is turned into a joke. I like to communicate and be with it her girlfriend.

Yaroshevskayax 10 окт. 2014 г., 10:10:27 (4 года назад)
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10 окт. 2014 г., 11:12:17 (4 года назад)

1) I have the best friend and her name is Zhenya. She lives in Lipetsk and studies in the 8th class at the school number 66. We keep in touch with via Skype and a social networking, in addition, we speak by phone. She is very lovely and kind person, she always ready to listen to anyone and to help, to understand a situation.

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10 окт. 2014 г., 14:03:40 (4 года назад)

2) Her hobbies coincide with my a little, we like to read the comic book Homestuck and to draw. We often have discussions about animated films and musical group, but it everything in five minutes is turned into a joke. I like to communicate and just to be her friend.


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Choose the right. Circle it.

Paul often ... sentences
a) translates b) will translate c)translated

my friends ... a new
a)discuss b) will discuss c) discussed

Which house is it, Dad?

This one.Here we are.
wow!it's great and the garden is beautiful.
l've got the key.let's go in.
This is nice.The living room is very big.
Yes,but the kitchen is quite small . Let's go upstairs.
Which is my bedroom?
This one here . It's your favourite colour -blue
It's great, Dad!
переведите пожалуйста!!

Поиогите пожалуйста

Read and choose the correct words.
1. A: Is this / these your exercise- book?
B: No, it isn' t. That is / These are my exercise- book.
It is green.

2. This is / These are my scissors, and that is / those are
her pictures.

3. This / These aren' t your pencils. They are my pencils.

4. A: Are this / these your cassettes?
B: No. Those / That are my cassettes in that / those bag.

Correct the sentences.

My mum a doctor.
My aunt is dentist,
this are my cousins.
My parent's names are Pam and John.
My aunt name's Linda.
They mum is beautiful.

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Исправь ошибки - зачеркни лишнее слово.

1 His name`s is Rocky
2 His ears are my long.
3 Rabbits can got jump.
4 He`s got a big the body.

Исправь пунктуционные ошибки - поставь нужный знак припинания.
1 Has a rabbit got a long tail.
2 What can fly.
3 Spiders can crawl?
4 How old is the horse.
5 He`s 25?

Irkutsk the capital east Siberiaю One of the

oldest cities in Russia. Him three hundred and fifty years. Irkutsk
is located on the banks of the Angara River, in sixty three kilometers from lake Baikal
and a lot of tourists visit it every years. In the
old part of the city there lots of
interesting ancient buildings.
You can visit art museum, the house-museum
Volkonskogo, icebreaker museum Angara.
You can also visit musical
a theater, theatre drama, opera and puppet theater. Tourists can see the Catholic Cathedral
or Spasskaya church they very beautiful. There are
some fantastic restaurants in the Irkutsk. You can have lunch at one of
the many cafes in the centre of the
city. Baikal is one of the oldest lakes in the world. The depth of the like is one thousand six
hundred thirty-seven metres. The water is fresh clean and clear. In the lake there are many fish: omul, harius, sturgeon, cig and
seals. Tourists usually go to like Baikal. They can buy souvenirs and eat fish there. In Irkutsk
there are more six hundred
thousand people and third of people of different nationalities^ Russian, Buryats, Tatars
Poles, Germans, and another. All the
people are friendly, live and work
together. Пожалуйста проверьте мое сочинение. Правильно ли все. Если нет исправьте ошибки. Заранее вам благодарна.


Возьмите красную ручку и исправьте ошибки.
1. I usually come hom from the school at 5 o clock.
2. There is the puppy in the box.
3. Are you have Mahs on Thursday?
4. Rex is a black.
5. Sam is good pupil.
6. He doesn,t never eat ice cream
7. I can,t see nothing here.
8. She never cooks meat, doesn,t she?
9. You never think about it, don,t you?
10.they never gave presents to him, didn,t they?

Исправьте ошибки:

1. - Open the window!
- But I opened the window!
2. It`s the funny picture I have ever seen.
3. I haven`t met him two days ago.
4. It`s the most dufficult text we ever translated.
5. Have he ever been to Suzdal?
6. Have you ever been to a art galley?

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