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реклама со словами зелёный по английски биболетова рабочая тетрадь

10-11 класс

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поставьте предложение в active Voice

1 He was exhausted by his hard work
2 My pen was taken by somebody
3 He said his wallet had been stolen by someone
4 Their steps were heard by us
5 Look Someone is being attacked
6 Who has been invited to dinner by Tom?
7 Lis said the fish had been eaten by her cat
8 All the books were left at home by me
9 Anew rule is being learn by the pupils at the moment1
0 This story was written by my brother
11 The cloy has already been taken for a walk
12 I was promised a new computer by mu parents
13 The work can be finished by Cristy
14 The agreement will be reached by them tomorrow
15 The bicycle was being repaired by my father at seven o,clock

ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА)) 5. Письменно переведите текст.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated (расположено) on two large islands and about 5 thousand small islands to the North-West of Europe. They are called (называются) the British Isles.
The larger island is Great Britain which consists of three parts: England, Scotland and Wales, and the smaller is Ireland. Southern Ireland now is the Irish Republic, it is independent of the United Kingdom. The British Isles cover an area of about 95 000 square miles. The English Channel separates Great Britain from the continent. The narrowest part of it is the Strait of Dover.
The Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the Irish Sea wash the country. The shallow waters of the North and Irish Seas provide good fishing grounds. Fishing therefore is very important.
Mountains are" an" important feature of the geography of the* country. There" are mountain chains in Scotland, Wales and North-West England, but they are not very high. North-West England is also famous for its beautiful lakes.
The rivers of Great Britain are not very long but usually deep and never freeze in winter. The longest and deepest rivers are the Severn and Mersey, the Thames on which stands the capita] of Great Britain — London. Britain has a mild temperate climate. The climate of the British Isles is generally cool, temperate, though in the Highlands of Scotland it is severe. The best season for the English people is spring when everything is in full bloom, there is much sunshine and it is rather warm. Autumn and winter are famous for their fogs and rains. In big industrial cities fog turns into "smog" (smoke+fog). It is a very unpleasant time. The usual temperature in winter very seldom falls below 3-5 degrees Centigrade. The weather in Great Britain is very changeable, there may be all kinds of weather within one day, that is why practically every talk-the English people begin with comments on the weather.
Britain is a state with a highly developed industry. It is one of the most powerful capitalist countries in Europe. Great Britain is also one of the largest exporters of manufactured goods. At the same time it imports metal, oil, grain, meat, fruit, tea and other raw materials and foodstuffs.
6. Задайте специальные вопросы к словам из тексте (6 вопросов)слова:
2)The British Isles
3)its beautiful lakes
4)cool, temperate, thougt in the Highlands of Scotland it is severe
5)every talk
6)matal, oil,grain,meat,fruit,tea and other raw materials and foodstuffs

Ребята,помогите пожалуйста!

Нужно в предложения вставить идиомы.
1.What i've done will not let things go back to the way they were.=
I've _________ bridges.
2.We'll think about it when in happens. =
___________ bridge when we come to it.
3.It's happened now and there's nothing we can do about it. =
That's _________ bridge.
4.I need to resolve the argument I had with my best friend.=
I ________ bridges.

Читайте также

I . Выберите слово, близкое по значению данному.


1. tall a) high, b) low, c) wide,

1a. tall – high

1) type; a) level, b) kind, c) course;

2) education; a) admission, b) science, c) training;

3) undergraduate ;a) student, b) majority, c) postgraduate;

4) applied; a) available, b) provided, c) practical;

5) previous; a) main, b) higher, c) early;

6) vocational; a) general, b) professional, c) academic;

7) to apply; a) to ask, b) to enter, c) to include;

8) to require; a) to offer, b) to undertake, c) to need;

9) to finance; a) to shorten, b) to subsidize, c) to classify;

10) to complete. a) to finish, b) to award, c) to pay.

II . Выберите слово, противоположное по значению данному.


1. light a) easy, b) late, c) dark,

1c. light – dark

1) early; a) late, b) normally, c) dentistry;

2) before; a) still, b) over, c) after;

3) typical; a) theoretical, b) usual, c) social;

4) state (adj.); a) living, b) private, c) sphere;

5) similar; a) prior, b) same, c) different;

6) ancient; a) modern, b) on-line, c) inclined;

7) practice. a) length, b) century, c) theory.

III. В каждом ряду найдите слово, выпадающее из данной тематической группы.


1. a) spring, b) summer, c) dinner, d) winter

1c. dinner

1. a) college, b) teaching, c) school, d) university;

2. a) Doctor, b) Master, c) Cambridge, d) Bachelor;

3. a) grant, b) government, c) loan, d) subsidy;

4. a) to provide, b) to found, c) to create, d) to charter.

IV. Выберите английское словосочетание, соответствующее русскому варианту.


1. идти домой а ) to go home, b) to go to school

1a. идти домой – to go home

1) аспирант ;

2) присвоить степень ;

3) плата за обучение ;

4) происходить ;

5) профессиональное высшее образование .

a) undergraduate student;

b) postgraduate student ;

a) to take a degree;

b) to award a degree;

a) tuition fees;

b) teaching fees;

a) to take part;

b) to take place;

a) vocational higher education;

b) general higher education.

V. Из данных слов выберите то, которое закончит предложение.


1. When a child is seven, he goes to … .

1. When a child is seven, he goes to school.

a degree;

an undergraduate;


a loan;

a grant;



1. I made five … for jobs but didn’t get one.

2. Thanks to past scientific … , it is now possible to send people to the moon.

3. That money is … , not a gift. Return it.

4. A university student working for a bachelor’s degree is called … .

5. Instruction, especially that received in a small group or individually is called … .

6. An academic title; rank or grade given by a university to a person who has passed examinations is … .

7. A sum of money provided by a government, local authority, or public fund to finance educational study, building repairs, etc is … .


VI . По выделенному суффиксу определите часть речи.

Example :

1. constitution a ) прилагательное, б) существительное

1б. constitution – существительное

1) previous ; a ) существительное; б) прилагательное;

2) subsidize ; a ) глагол; б) прилагательное;

3) mainly ; a ) прилагательное, б) наречие;

4) distance ; a ) существительное; б) прилагательное;

5) application . a ) глагол, б) существительное.

VII . По выделенным словообразовательным суффиксам определите, какое из английских слов соответствует предъявленному русскому слову.


1. teacher a) учитель , б ) учить

1 а . teacher – учитель

1) ancient ; a ) древний, б) древность;

2) category ; a ) категорический, б) категория;

3) available ; a ) доступный, б) доступность;

4) government ; a ) правительственный, б) правительство;

5) general. a) общий , б ) обобщать .

Плохо пишу по-английски (связывать слова в предложения... не умею) , и мне нужна помощь в нескольких фразах:

1. Еще раз спасибо, что посетили меня! (к вам пришли гости) Надеюсь увидеть вас снова!
2. Можете посмотреть образцы здесь, либо на моем сайте.
3. Недавно ради интереса начала переводить разные тексты на русский.
4. Я подумала: а почему бы не посадить цветы здесь?
5. А ведь мне так понравилась ее работа!

кстати, как будет по-английски - Оценить (дать оценку)?
Они оценили мою работу положительно. - Например

В принципе, можно и по частям. Это не срочно

Как будет по английски в?

Например: класть в сумку по английски будет
Put ( в не знаю) bag

Как по английски пишится тя, вы в 2-х случаях?

Как по английски пишится он в 2-х случаях?
Как по английски пишится она в 2-х случаях?
Как по английски пишится оно в 2-х случаях?

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