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помогите раскрыть скобки,изпользуя сослогательное наклонение. 1.If she (to embroider) it in light colours, it (to look) nicer. 2.I (to

5-9 класс

learn) many nice things if I (to join) our artisanship club.

Josanodessa 10 янв. 2017 г., 5:34:41 (4 года назад)
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10 янв. 2017 г., 6:31:36 (4 года назад)

If she embroiders it in light colours, it will look nicer


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Поставьте в пропуски must, mustn't, have to, don't have to, can or can't

1) A:Do we ......finish this exercise in class?
B: No, you..... . You ..... finish it at home if you like - but you ..... finish it before the next lesson!
2)A: I hate waitingfor the bus in the morning!
B: Fortunately, I ...... take the bus, because I go to school by bike.
3) A: You ..... help me with the washing-up if you're busy, you know
B:No, I'm happy to help- but I...... forget to write my report for tomorrow
4) A:I'm afraid I..... go out with you tonight - I ...... visit my parents
B: ...... I come with you,then?

Переведите предложение на английский:

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Употребите глаголы, данные в скобках, так, чтобы предложения выражалт рельное условие. 1. If I (to see) John, I (to tell) h

im your news. 2. He (to be) very pleased if it (to be) really true. 3. If you (to go) to town on Monday, you (to meet) my brother Tom. 4. If you (to need) help, my father (to help) you. 5. We (to have) a picnic lunch if the day (to be) fine. 6. If you (to ask) a policeman, he (to tell) you the way. 7. I (to finish) the job tomorrow if I (to can). 8. I (not / to require) an umbrella if it( not / to rain). 9. If she (to think) it over carefully, she (to form) a clear opinion. 10. If they (to catch) the bus now, they (to arrive) at half past nine. 11. He (to find) the answers if he (to look) at the back of the book. 12. If you ( to want) me to, I (to come) for a walk with you. 13. If he (to write) to her, she (to answer) at once. 14. If you ( to wait) a few moments, the waiter (to bring) your coffee. 15. He (to lose) weight if he (to stop) eating too much. 16. If she ( to be) patient, I (to try) to explain. 17. I (to wear) a purle tie only if I (to must). 18. If we (to leave) at once, we (to catch) the early train. 19. If he (to do) that again, his father (to punish) him. 20. If she (drink) this medicine, she (to feel) much better. Очень надо ребят, помогите.

Помогите раскрыть скобки и употребитьглагол в нужном времинию. 1. If you (to come),we(to see) a new film. 2.When I (to leave), I (to

send) you a letter.

3.We(not to go) to the stadium if you (to be busy) on Sunday.

4.When she (to buy) tickets, she (to tell) us about it.

5.I (to help) him if he (to ask) me.

Помогите раскрыть скобки:1).We (see) Liza Brown this week.

-You (stand) on my foot!
-Oh,I'm sorry.
3).The boy gave the grass witch he (bring) from the fied.4).He (wash) his car for 2 hours already.5).If she tried harder,she (earn) more money.6).She (win) the national championship 3 tims.7).A lot of silly mistakes (make) by him last year.8).At the age of Mother Teresa (leave) her parental home in Skopje.

помогите сделать упражнение : 1)If would be nice if we (to book) seats in the stalls. 2)If Eliza (to improve) her pronunciation, she (not to speak)

such a terrible language. 3)If Viorica Chirca (not to play) Eliza's part well, the audiece (not applaud) so much. 4)If the theatre repertoire (to include) more classical plays, its prestige would greatly increase. 5)What you (to do) in your school if you (to be) Professor Higging? 6)If all of you (to watch or to read) the play Pygmalion you (to understand) how important it is to speak a perfect language. помогите срочно

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в соответствующей форме.1. If I (to have) this rare book, I should gladly lend it to you. 2. The dish would have been

much more tasty if she (to be) a better cook. 3. He never (to phone) you if I hadn’t reminded him to do that. 4. Your brother (to become) much stronger if he took cold baths regularly. 5. If he (to be) more courageous, he would not be afraid. 6. If the fisherman had been less patient, he (not to catch) so much fish. 7. If you (to put) the ice-cream into the refrigerator, it would not have melted. 8. If I (to know) the result now, I would phone her immediately. 9. If you had let me know yesterday, I (to bring) you my book. 10. If it (to snow), the children will play snowballs

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