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Перепишите предложения из активного залога в пассивный

5-9 класс

1. Nobody has used this for ages.
2.We will give you the keys tomorrow.
3.Someone is interviewing Dr Johnson at moment.
4.By The Time Iarrived,someone had already opened all letters.
5.We usually talk briefly about the problems of the family at dinner time.

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1. This hasn't been used for ages.
2. The keys will be given you tommorow


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вообщем надо написать репорт про какое либо проишествине не так давно произошедшее... Типа падения метеорита челябинск , землетрясений и т.д.

За основу можно взять данныей текст

I'm going to talk about a phenomenon which happens very often in spring and summer and causes a lot of damage and even the deaths of people and animals. This is flooding. We call it a flood when a very large amount of water covers an area that is usually dry.
I am going to use St Petersburg as an example of an area that gets regularly flooded. Floods in St Petersburg have a long history. Some of the floods were really disastrous. They not only destroyed buildings and streets but also killed and injured people.
When people started living on the Neva River in 1700, they didn't build houses — they just built light huts which could be easily put on rafts and tied to trees, so as not to be carried away by floods.
In 1715, there was a very big flood. If you look at the picture at the top you can see that some people used boats and others stayed on the roofs of their houses. All the city bridges and buildings on the banks of the river were destroyed by the flood. Many people drowned. Lots of cows, pigs and goats died.
The second picture illustrates the biggest flood the city has ever seen. It was in 1777 when the water was about 3.5 metres higher than its usual level. There were no streets and squares any more — just one big lake. The storm was severe. The following facts show the scale of the disaster: 2,000 trees were torn out and carried away. Just imagine a wooden house was moved to the opposite bank of the Neva River.
Since that time there have been big floods in the city every five years. So people started building firm constructions. They also decided to build a dam to protect the city from flooding.
To conclude I'd like to say that though floods can be severe and dangerous, people can learn how to tame them and survive.

(размер репорта от полутара страниц тетрадного листа) Зарание спасибо

1. Complete the sentences using the text . 1)Granny and I chopped down ... 2) We cut back .... 3) We dug up ... 4) We


Вот текст :

Together , Granny and I got to work on the garden . We chopped down the nettles . We cut back the brambles . We dug up the weeds . We mowed the lawn and we rolled it flat . We worcker long and hard every day for a fortnight . As last Granny's garden looked almost as neat as Mr Smart's . We sat in deckchair and looked around us . "It certainly looks tidy " , said Granny . "It certainly does " , I agreed . And it certainly did . Even Mr Smart was impressed . But Granny noticed there weren't as many little visitors to her garden .


надо составить небольшой диалог со звездой на англ. языке

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Преобразуйте предложения из активного залога в пассивный залог.
1. Our school organizes a poem competition every year.
2. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin.
3. The children will decorate the classroom with flowers tomorrow.
4. The Queen presented him with a medal.
5. Ann shows me some photos.

переведите пожалуйста предложения из активного залога в пассивный

1. yesterday I showed a very interesting pictures of Moscow
2. looked at them with great interest, as they appeared in the hall
3. about this book a lot of talk


Измени предложения из активного залога в пассивный.
1. They teach English at every school.
2. James Joyce wrote my favourite book.
3. Sanitiago Calatrava designed the building.
4. Who sent the letter?
5. They make pizza in Italy.
6. Do they produce cars in Germany?
7. The police arrested the thieves.

Помогите переделать предложения из активного залога в пассивный: 1.The gardener has planted some trees. 2.Doctor Drown will give you some advice. 3.Stev

en Spielberg directed 'E.T." 4.Our neighbour ought to paint the garage. 5.A dog is chasing the child. 6.They eat a lot of rice in China 7.Someone had eaten the cake before I came. 8.The cleaner isn't going to use a washing liquid.

Изменить предложения из активного залога в пассивный залог.

1. Shop assistant: 'Is anyone serving you?'
2. Hotel manager: 'I'm sorry. We don't allow pets here.'
3. Tour quide: 'A fire destroyed the church when they were restoring it.'
4. Travel agent: 'We highly recommend the trip to Paris.'
Customer: 'Will you arrange transport from the airport to the hotel?'

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