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исправте ошибки в предложениях. помогите это срочно! 1.Little Tom doesn't never swim here. 2.There are a ball and three b

5-9 класс

olls in the box.

3.-Is there a bookshop near your scholl?

-Yes,it is.

4.We fond of playing with our pets.

5.We made the friends two years ago.

6.Is it often snow here?

7.It is rain now.

8.Let's sent him a postcard.

9.Do you enjoy to go to the theatre?

10. Did he met mrs Green in the park?

И в этом тоже надо исправить ошибки

1. A crocodile has a long mouth with many big tooth.

2.An elephant is a very large wild animal that live in Africa and Asia.

3.Rabbit is a small animal with long ears.

4.When did they visited the Tretyakov Gallery?

5. Who does want to visit the History Museum.

6.The Smiths wants to go to the Boshoi Theatre next Sunday

7.The Tretyakov Gallery is one of the best museum in the world.

8.The boys' aunt studied Italian, didn't he?

9.Tom's sister ckeaned the windows, wasn't she?

10.He isn't want to go to Hyde Park now.

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1) Little Tom never swim here 2)There is a ball and three balls in the box. 3)Is there it a bookshop near your school? 5)We made friends two years ago 7)It is raining now 8)The boy's aunt studied italian,isn't she


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ПОМОГИТЕ, ЭТО СРОЧНО!!!! ДАЮ МНОГО ПУНКТОВ!!! Look at the text, find and read out the sentences where verbs are used in the passive voice. Jazz. Have

you ever heard anything about jazz? We are sure you have. Jazz is type of music and the only art form that was created in the United States.Jazz was created by black Americans.Many blacks were broght from Africa to America as slaves.Different native songs were sung by the black slaves and the music of their homeland was played in America. Jazz is a mixture of many different kinds of music.It is made up of the music of West Africa,the work songs of the slaves and religious music.The first jazz bands were formed at the end of the 19th century.They played in bars and clubs in many towns and cities of the South,especially New Orleans. Nowadays New Orleans is an international seaport, and people from all over the world come to New Orleans to hear jazz.Improvisation is an important part of jazz.This means that jazz music is made up or created on the spot.This is why a jazz song can sound a little different each time it is played. With time jazz became more and more popular.By the 1920s,jazz was popular all over the United States . By the 1940s, you could not only hear jazz in clubs and bars ,but in concert halls too.Today jazz is played all over the world.On every continent special festivals are held where jazz muscians from the United States,Asia,Africa,South America and Europe meet and share their music.In this way jazz continues to grow and change.Let's hope that no matter what happens in music jazz will always be performed and listened to.


Посмотрите на текст, найти и прочитать предложения, где глаголы используются в пассивной форме.

Ты когда-нибудь слышал что-нибудь про джазз? Мы уверены что да.

Джазз это тип музыки и единственная форма искусства которая была создана в США. Джаз был создан афроамериканцами. Много черных были перевезены из Африки в Америку в качестве рабов. Разные народные песни пели черные рабы и музыка их родины играла в Америки.

Джаз это микс различных жанров музыки. Он состоит из музыки западной Африки, песен рабов и религиозной музыки. Первые джазз-бэнды появились в концке 19ого века. Они играли в барах и клубах во многих городах и крупных городах Юга, особенно Нового орлеана.

В наши дни Новый Орлеан это международный порт, и люди со всего мира приезжают в Н.О послушать джазз. Импровизация ээто важная составляющая джаза. Это значит джаз создается спонтанно. Вот почему песни джаза всегда звучат немного по-другому,когда их играют.

Со временем джаз становился более и более популярным. В 1920 джаз был популярен везде в США. К 1940ому, ты мог слышать джаз не только в клубах и барах, но и в концертных залах тоже. Сегодня джаз играют по всему миру. На каждом континенте проводятся специальные фестивали где встречаются музыканты из США, Азии, Африки, Южной Америки и Европы и делятся своей музыкоц. Джаз продолжает расти и менятся. Давайте надеятся, что чтобы не случилось джаз всегда будут играть и слушать.

Помогите пожалуйста СРОЧНО НАДО!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6.a)Write the questions to Peter's answers/
1. Who__________________________with?-With my parents and younger sister.
2. Hov___________________________?-By car/
3.How long_______________________for?-Two Weeks.
4._______________________________?-We went sightseeing and swemming in the sea.
5._______________________________?-No, I didn't.
6._______________________________?-Nice handmade souvenirs for my counsins.
7*.______________________________?-Yes. It was exciting.
b) Write about Petet's holidays.
Last summer Peter went to Spain________________________________________________.
ПОЖАЛУЙСТА ПОМОГИТЕ ОЧЕНЬ СРОЧНО!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Исправьте ошибки в предложениях.Или замените некоторые слова что бы смысл поменялся.

1.She doesn't never drink tomato juice.
2.My friends want to be policeman.
3.There is some ice cream in the box,isin't it?
5.Jane have never been to Boston.
6.You never do the shopping in the evening,don't you?
7.Were you ever in Rostov?
8.Why do these children sleeping now?
9.We have hear the news.We know everything.
10.-Why goes to the stadium in the morning?
-My sisters go.
11.I have never met such a clever children.
12.Who teach you to play football?
13.Look!Little Jack dances.
14.I never don't eat chocolate.
15.He has come an hour ago.
16.When have you met him?
17.It's a better salad you have ever made.
18.The bread is on the table,isn't there?

пожалуйста..решите...это срочно...заранее спасибо..)

Плиз срочно кто знает энглиш хорошо помогите ребят прошу вас не оставляйте без ответа прошу вас...

Выберите и обведите правильный вариант.
1...... it often rain in autumn?
а) does b)is c)was
2.Who.... in London last year?
a)were b)was c)is
3.Tom is older...... Mike
a)than b)then c)----(ненадо ничего)
4.Pamela is..... pupil in our class
a)the best b)better c)good
5.They never wear coats,......?
a)do they b)dont they c)are they
6.She didnt see.....
a)nothing b)anything c)something
7.What ...easy text!
a)a b)an c)------
8.The garden looks......
a)nice b)nicely c)well
9.They have holidays twice ....... year
a)a b)an c)-----
10.I am your friend.....?
a) am i b)isnt it c)arent i
найдите ошибки и исправьте их
1 тwho have got a new game?
2.It is snow now
3.There are three wolfs in the zoo
4.why do these boys standing now?
5.He speaks english very good
6.who likes the music?
my friend like
7.There is a lot of juice in the glass isnt it?
8.has he got the large family
9.christophetr never eats hAMBURGERS doesnt he

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