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Решите пожалуйста тесты 1. I can do it … , thank you.

5-9 класс

a) myself b) herself
c) yourself

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1. I can do it … , thank you. a) myself
2. He can’t drive if he doesn’t have a driving …. . c) licence
3. I … there before. It’s a very nice museum. b) ‘ve been 


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Заполните пропуски в предложении.

He told me … to the
office that day.

Выберите один ответ:

составте 5 предложений с переводом с такими словами

memory - память
the USA - США
Canada - Канада
tutor - наставник
France - Франция

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Решите очень надо! 1 She.......the house at 7 this morning. A is leaving B left C leaves 2 He can't drive if he doesn't have a driving A

licence B park C ride

3 I.......there before. It's a very nice museum. A 've gone B 've been C be

4 .......from Canada! A Greetings B Regards C Remarks

5 When we got to the campsite we put .......our tents. A on B into C up

6 This film is quite ....... A bored B boring C bore

7 Look at that boy! He.......fall off his bike. A is going to Bwill C is .

8 Bob is very........He is an excellent teacher. A curious B patient C athletic

9. I.......at my mum's shop next week. A work B worked C am working

10 You.......take photos in the museum. It's not allowed! A mustn't B must C should 11 Brian took the video game.......to the shop because it wasn't working. A off B back C away

12The …….father is a dentist is my friend. A.whose B.which C.who Вот эти варианты я вообще не поняла, но выбрала один

13 I can do it......., thank you. A myself B herself C yourself

14 Let me.......your wrist with this bandage. A sprain B wrap C break

15 I ....... a new digital camera. I'm sure we'll take nice pictures with it. A have bought B have been buying C haven't bought

16 The government is trying a variety of things to.......pollution.

17 I saw a.......that was very funny. A thriller B romance C comedy

18 If we continue to pollute the environment,many endangered species.......extinct. A will become B become C are becoming

19 We should take the children.......for a walk. It's a lovely day! A out B away C off

20 I went to Berlin two years......... A since B before C ago

21 We can.......a birthday party. It'll be fun! A throw Bpractise C move

22 If you're tired, you should.......some rest. A put B get C take А можно и get тоже? 23 You haven't finished the milk,.......? A did you? B haven't you C have you?

24 Mike is.......Pete. They will both do well in the exam. A as clever as B cleverer than C most clever

25 I.......my ankle and it really hurts. A 've twisted B 'm twisting C 've been twisting

Think about your Favourite pastimes. Write a list. Which of them can Jack Peterson do in his time? Which of them cant he do?

Model:My favourite pastime is playing computer games. Jack Peterson can do it too.

СОС! Помогите решить пожалуйста!

Решите пожалуйста Часть 2.

Fill in the gaps. Use must not or need not. 1. You ... wash up. I can do it. 2. You ... join this queue to the cafe. I have got sandwiches and Coke. 3.

You ... open this door. It is broken. 4. You ... go out. It is very cold. 5. You ... translate this text. 6. You ... go shopping. We have got a lot of food. 7. You ... read this book. It is not for children.

1 Bob is one of (our, us, ours) best pupils. 2. It isn't (my, mine) bag. I've left (my, me, mine) at home. 3. I've just waxed the floor. Don't walk on

(itself, it, its) yet. 4. Let (they, them, their) read the story again. 5. Will you tell (we, us, our) about Great Britain? 6. Is this Mary's scarf? No, it is (me, my, mine).7. (Your, you, yours) house is not far from (our, us, ours). 8. Whose cigarettes are these? They may be (our, ours) cigarettes. Oh, yes, they are (our, ours). 9. (Our, ours) car is faster than (their, theirs). 10. A friend of (you, yours, your) came to see (we, us, ours) yesterday. 11. We know (they, them, theirs) very well and both Peter and Nell know (we, us, ours). 12. You can do it without (mine, my, me) help but not without (they, their, theirs). 13. He couldn't lend me the dictionary because it wasn't (he, him, his). 14. She is writing a letter to an old friend of (her, hers, she). 15. This suitcase isn't (us, our, ours). There's somebody's name on it. 16. This is not (my, mine, me) car. (My, Mine, Me) is a 1980 model.17. Could you help me sort out these things? I cannot tell which are (your, you, yours) and which are (we, our, ours). 18. ( You, your, yours) ticket is on the table and where is (her, she, hers p. 19. She first looked at the title of the story and then at (her, she, hers). 20. Can I borrow (your, yours, you) umbrella? - I'm sorry, it isn't (me, my, mine). 21. I'm sorry, but he's busy. Do you mind waiting for (he, him, his)? 22. Who told you about it? - A friend of (you, your, yours). 23. Don't ask for help. Do it (you, yourself). 24. Did he enjoy (him, his, himself) at the party? 25. Jill had lived by (itself, herself, her) before (her, hers) marriage, but now she was happy with her husband in (their, theirs) new house which (her, hers) husband had built (him, himself, itself).

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