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Помогите плиз оч надо !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-11 класс

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I. 1.pollution 2.is thrown 3.in danger 4.rubbish 5.pollute 6.protect 7.prohibited 8.environment 9.cans 10.bins 11.packaging


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Заполните пропуски соответствующей формой глагола «to be»:

1. My friends … my colleagues.
2. This computer … rather cheap.
3. Her grandparents … pensioners.
4. I … hungry and thirsty.
5. She …energetic and full of ideas.

Образуйте степени сравнения следующих прилагательных и наречий.

High, long, comfortable, terrible, young, difficult, short, far, clean, big, important, bad, old, light, good, little, fine, early, poor, many, busy

11. Mary has never been to London, ____ she?

A. has B. did C. hasn’t D. didn’t
12. According ___ the list he was the 10th.
A. to B. at C. on D. for
13. He grew up in New England, ____?
A. don’t you B. didn’t he C. doesn’t he D. did he
14. Lorena is ____ girl I have ever met.
A. the most beautiful B. a more beautiful C. the beautifulest D. most beautiful
15. Newspapers and magazines ____ just by the postman.
A. have been bring B. has been brought C. have been brought D. were bought
16. I haven’t got ______ money with me.
A. no B. some C. any D. a
17. He said he _____ that man before.
A. never met B. did not meet C. had never met D. did not never meet
18. When I ______ the children ______ television peacefully.
A. came, watched B. came, were watching C. was coming, were watching D. was coming, watched
19. Have you ever been _____ Paris.
A. in B. to C. at D. through
20. Who ____ Phil with his homework?
A. does help B. helps C. do help D. help
21. The train ______ at 5 o’clock.
A. will leave B. leaves C. leave D. is leaving
22. My sister ____ some new clothes last week.
A. had bought B. bought C. was buying D. have bought
23. The tickets ____ yesterday.
A. was sold B. sold C. were sold D. sell
24. Lisa said that she ______ this book.
A. buys B. bought C. has bought D. had bought
25. She _____ to Moscow, if she _____ her homework.
A. go, will do B. goes, does C. will go, does D. will go, do

сопоставь русские фразеологизмы и буквальные переводы фразеологизмов с английского языка. 1)последняя капля 2)невозможно


3)спуститься с небес на землю

4)навязчивая идея

5)до второго пришествия

а) съесть скупицей соли

б)пчела в (вашей) щляпе

в)соломинка,которая сломала верблюду спину

г)пока коровы не вернуться домой


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ПОМОГИТЕ ПЛИЗ!!!ОЧ РОЧНО НАДО!!! Раскройте скобки,употребив нужную форму причастия (Participle l или Participle ll).Письменно переведите


1)When (to ask) important questions,he frowned and answered silly things.

2)(To know) that their resurces are limited,people make a decision how to allocate them in the best possibly way.

3)(To enter) the building,he headed for the main office.

4)When (to take) the decision i made mistake.

5)This is the best method that can (to use) in order to compare the productivity of capital in different industries.

Помогите плиз с английским!!! Очень

Помогите плиз с английским!!! Очень срочно!! Вся надежда тольо на вас))
open th brackets using an appropriate Future-tense-form where necessary.
1) i (take) my sun-glass in case it is sunny.
2. I don't think I can join you because my aunt and uncle (stay) with us this weekend.
3. You don't work in class! I (phone) your mother about this.
4. I (watch) television from eight o'clock to midnight.
5. When you (repair) my bike, Daddy?-I (do) it tomorrow if I have time.
6. It's so crowded iin here. I think, I (faint).-I (take) you outside for a while.
7. I din't know when the concert (be) over.
8. If he doesn't come I (be) upset.
9. B the end of the summer he (teach) m to work with the computer.
10. Have a good time in Italy!-Thanks. I (send) you a postcard.
11. I think you (like) Nick when you met him.
12. I (cook) spaghetti in case you get hungry.
13. I feel terrible. I think I (have) to go to bed.

Помогите плиииз..оч надо..

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