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Помогите срочно пожалуйста

10-11 класс

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1. Many accidents are caused by dengerous driving.

2. Chees is made from milk.

3. The roof of the building was demaged in a storm a few days ago.

4. There is no need to leave a tip. Service is included to the bill.

5. You were invited to the wedding. Why didn't you come.

6. A cinema is a place where films are shown.

7. In the United States, elections for President are hold every four years.

8. Originally the book was written in Spanish and a few years ago it was translated.

9. we were driving along quite fast but we were overtaken by lots of other cars.


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Помогите, пожалуйста найти по одной ошибке и исправить в каждом предложении! Find a mistake in the following statements and correct it. There is

only one mistake in each sentence.
1.School dinners provide children with their only cold meal of the day.
2.The Schools Meal Review Panel has recommended forbidding children's choices.
3.New school dinners will include 2 portions of fruit and fish per day.
4.Type II diabetes, usually found in overweight adults, is now appearing in babies.
5. New and upgraded dining room facilities will be a priority through the multi-billion pound Building Schools for the Future program.
6. Children should have an easy access to fresh fruit.
7. The panel has suggested that all children be taught food preparation and practical eating skills in school in the context of healthy eating.

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