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He always some brings us souvenirs

31 окт. 2020 г., 18:13:34 (9 месяцев назад)
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Як я хочу провести літні канікули.

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Перевод из прямой речи в косвенную

Перевести из прямой речи в косвенную. 1. The mother said to her son: “Ask your teachers about this profession”. 2. She said: “Learn more about this job at the Information centre”. 3. Dad said to his daughter: “You have to choose the profession which suits you more”. 4. He asked his mother: “Is this profession dangerous?” 5. They wondered: “Where can we learn about this college?” 6. The teacher asked her students: “Who wants to be a journalist?” 7. She said to her friend: “Don’t be late to the dentist”. 8. The teacher said to the pupils: “Stop talking, please”. 9. They said to the stranger: “You have to take bus Number 3”. 10. He asked: “Have you bought a new car?” 11. He wondered: “Who called me yesterday?” 12. She asked: “Why did they got up so early today?”

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Задание :составь предложения из слов
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Составить 2 предложения.

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составь предложение из всех этих слов a lot of/hills/there are/in the/green/ country

дополни предложение ----- ------- a lot of rooms in their flat.
выбери подходящее по смыслу слово The houses in the city are very ------
1.small 2.angry 3.windy 4. tall


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