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All the features you need to be in GirlsforDate.com to meet men or lubricious and pleasing girls are looking dating for casual fun or serious. Ladies looking for a connection with a man. That has a really sweet and loving heart and cute handsome young men. Single partner for casual relationship or dating for marriage.

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Поставьте четыре вопроса разных типов (общие, специальные, дизъюнктивный, альтернативный) каждому предложению 1) I want to go into business with my friend. 2) You can lose personal assets. 3) He is difficult to gel tax benefits from the stale. 4) I do my books myself. 5) We both have unlimited liability. 6) The board of directors decided on vacation, salary, hiring and firing. 7) The partners want to consult a board of directors.

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II. Questions: 1. Belgorod is one the oldest Russia’s towns dating back to 1596, isn’t it? 2. How does the name “Belgorod” translate to? 3. Where was it founded as a fortress? 4. Belgorod was attacked by the numerous enemies, wasn’t it? 5. When did Belgorod become a district town of the Kursk province? 6. When did the Pedagogical Institute open its doors? 7. What was the town’s population by the end of the 19th century? 8. When was the town given the status of district centre? 9. When do the citizens celebrate Liberation Day? 10. Now Belgorod is an industrial, educational and cultural centre, isn’t it? Prove this. III. Read the words in phonetic script and give their Russian equivalents: [ʧɔk hılz] [ˏedju(:)´keıʃǝnl ´sentǝ] [´dıstrikt] [ˏfıla:´mɔnik sǝ´saıǝti] [´dra:mǝ ´θıǝtǝ] [´speʃǝlaıd ´teknikǝl ´kɔliʤǝz] [pɔpju´leıʃǝn] [´ta:tǝ ǝ´tæks] [´fɔ:tris] [ˏlıbǝ´reıʃǝn]

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10-11 класс английский язык ответов нет
(Complete the sentences with one word)

-The woman was charged__ drug dealing. -The police officer always point__ that awarensess is very important in crowded places. -The police officer filled__ the traffic accident bulletin. -Pickpockets usually work__to create distractions. -Some teenagers entered the vehicle and drove__. -Handcuffs help to prevent criminals __moving. -The mugger came up behind them and held them__knifepoint. -You should take the first turn__the right. -A police officer can switch__lights and sirens very quickly. -You should go__ahead until you see the hotel. -Police officers respond__emergencies and fight__ crimes.

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Put the words in the correct order to make present simple sentences

1)friends?/you/how often/hang out/do/with/ 2)goes/mother/once/shopping/a week/my/ 3)breakfast/get/l/after/dressed/usually/ 4)help/home/sister/at/my/doesn't/

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Какие ошибки в данном тексте? Good day! Thank you for taking the time to visit our presentation. We are very happy to see you. My name is Ekateri

na Tarasova, I am the Director of producing hand-made dolls "puppeteer." Our presentation is devoted to the new series of hand-made dolls "Emelya". I would like to tell you a bit about our factory, its activities, achievements and prospects. Our factory was founded in 2008 in the city of Syktyvkar. "Puppeteer" is one of the few companies that produce similar goods in the country. We produce clean and safe product. The first two years we had one store, after we made a web site and sell dolls online, but the demand was so great that within 3 years we opened 7 stores across the country. When you create a new collection, we discussed with the authors of the general aspects of the dolls, the main artist draws images of dolls, then craftsmen in all regions already embody sketches to life. Each doll author is working to the most subtle nuances. The result is a doll with your mood, distinct personalities. I would like to tell you about our new line of hand-made dolls "Emelya". The creation of this collection was inspired by Russian - Fairy Tales. We have tried to bring together all the prominent characters of fairy tales in our collection, such as: Alenka and her brother Ivan, Emelya, Baba Yaga, Koschei the Immortal, and other characters. Artists "puppeteers" could even negative characters portray not sinister, but rather cute. Collectible doll, justifying its name in the first place is, of course, subject to collecting. This elegant interior detail, which will certainly enliven and decorate absolutely any room, will bring a special atmosphere and comfort. Let me tell you about our prospects. Our business has been very profitable. Our desire to create unique dolls coincided with the desire of consumers to purchase our creation, even in larger quantities than we expected. Since the product is in high demand, state workers have to constantly increase. In the coming year we plan to open three stores. Now, I want to appeal to the young, creative and ambitious artists. We would be glad to have you as our dolls authors of "puppeteer." Here you can fulfill your potential, and experienced colleagues always help you. Thank you very much for your attention, I'd be happy to answer your questions!

ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА Задание № 6. Поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках, во времена групп

Simple (Indefinite) или Continuous. Перепишите и переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. I (wash) my hair last morning.

2. He usually (do) his homework in the afternoon.

3. The girl (talk) to Tim when his sister came.

4. If they forecast rainstorms, we (return) to the city.

Задание № 7. Поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках, во времена групп Perfect или Perfect Continuous. Перепишите и переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. George smokes. He (smoke) for five years.

2. They already (paint) the walls in their flat.

3. The builder says he (finish) the roof by next week.

4. When I got to the car park I realised that I (lose) my keys.

Задание № 8. Перепишите и переведите предложения на русский язык. Выпишите из каждого глагол – сказуемое и определите его видовременную форму. Напишите форму инфинитива глагола.

1. It’s raining again. Take your umbrella.

2. My mother always forgets my birthday.

3. I am sure Andrew will come to see us this evening.

4. I knew that he was waiting for somebody.

5. As soon as she came in I knew I had seen her before.

6. It has been snowing since Tuesday.

Задание № 9. Перепишите и переведите предложения на русский язык. Подчеркните модальные глаголы.

1. You must not worry about it.

2. Can you make me some tea?

3. According to the radio, it may rain today.

4. You should change your job.

Задание № 10. Перепишите и письменно переведите текст.

The Statue ofLiberty

The magnificent Statue of Liberty stands inNew YorkHarbourand welcomes millions of foreign visitors and citizens returning to theUnited Statesfrom abroad. The idea for such a statue originated inFranceon the occasion of the 100th anniversary of theUSA.

The French people gave August Bartholdi’s statue “Liberty Enlightening the World” to the American people in 1886. The12 acreLiberty Islandwas selected as the permanent site for the statue. It was placed upon a concrete and granite pedestal. The statue with its pedestal is305 feethigh.

Approximately 800.000 people visitLiberty Islandeach year. You can walk up 354 stairs to get to the top of the statue. An elevator takes sightseers to the top of the pedestal, but from there those who wish to venture higher, must walk up to the statue’s head, where there is an observation platform. On a clear day, this platform affords a wonderful view of the harbour andNew York. The right arm and the torch are not open to the public.

There is a museum onLiberty Island, at the foot of the statue.

a harbour – гавань, порт

to welcome – приветствовать

site – местоположение

Liberty Island– остров Свободы

on the occasion of – по случаю

concrete – бетон

Задание № 11. Перепишите вопросы к тексту и письменно ответьте на них.

1. Where does the Statue of Liberty stand?

2. Where and when did the idea for the statue originate?

3. Who is the sculptor of the statue?

4. How many people visitLiberty Islandeach year?

5. How can sightseers get to an observation platform?

Помогите пожалуйста!!!!! Переведите пожалуйста этот текст .

In 1945, Australia’s population was around 7
million people and was mainly Anglo–Celtic. Today Australia has a population of
nearly 23 million people. At 2009, about 25.6 per cent of the estimated
resident population comprised those born overseas. Australian Bureau of
Statistics projections from the 2006 census of the numbers of Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people suggest and Indigenous population of 575,552
people at 30 June 2011.

Australia doesn't have many traditions. Australia's
equivalent of America's Independence Day is Australia Day on January 26, the
landing of the First Fleet of Convicts in Botany Bay. Alternative dates
suggested for Australia Day include January 1, the sitting of the first federal
parliament. St Patricks Day is a popular tradition. Even though it may be in
tribute to a patron saint of a foreign country, it involves a lot of drinking
hence its appeal. Although not Australian, religious festivals such as
Christmas are well supported. Of course Santa Claus looks a bit inappropriately
dressed in his North Pole attire in the heat of the Australian summer. Its also
quite strange listening to people sing about a white Christmas when the
temperature is 40 degrees.

Australia has three architectural listings on
UNESCO's World Heritage list: Australian Convict Sites (comprising a collection
of separate sites around Australia, including Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney,
Port Arthur in Tasmania, and Fremantle Prison in Western Australia); the Sydney
Opera House; and the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. The National Trust
of Australia is a non-governmental organization charged with protecting
Australia's built heritage.

Australian writers who have obtained
international renown include the Nobel winning author Patrick White, as well as
authors Peter Carey, Thomas Keneally, Colleen McCullough, Nevil Shute and
Morris West. Notable contemporary expatriate authors include the feminist Germaine
Greer, art historian Robert Hughes and humorists Barry Humphries and Clive

Reflecting the country's status as a
constitutional monarchy, a number of royal symbols exist in Australia. These
include symbols of the monarch of Australia, as well as the monarch's
Vice-regal representatives.

Мне надо сдать перевод этого текста к завтрешнему дню. Help!!!!!!!

Необходимо написать аннотацию(основной смысл) текстов (до 12 предложений) - возможны ошибки (текст распознан с pdf) 1) Move over game bo


Lynn Robson is a co-founder of Frognation. The company creates soundtracks and designs and translates Japanese video games for the UK market. With her partners in Tokyo and her international team of designers and developers, Lynn creates the video games that thousands are playing today.
Lynn runs the UK office of Frognation, while her two business partners run the Tokyo office. Her Japanese computer system, and, of course, email make it possible to work across borders and time zones.
Frognation represents producers with great game ideas and helps them to sell their ideas to Sony or Nintendo in Tokyo. Once the games go into development, Lynn and her team provide advice on everything from the music soundtrack and graphics to the game programming and characters. The result is a new kind of video game, created by artists, which provides exciting game play.
Cultural understanding is important. When she is in meetings in Japan, Lynn gives advice on what will work in both countries. In the West, Lynn becomes the Japan expert, giving clients information about Japanese culture. When her Japanese partners come to meetings in the UK, Lynn helps them to present their ideas in the best way, and tries to avoid any cultural misunderstandings.
Video game sales are sky-rocketing at the moment. There are thousands of opportunities to build careers in the video game industry, hut women don't often consider gaming as a carecr.
Today most video games are created by men, and for men. So it is no surprise that almost all video games are either sports games or shoot-em-ups.
With more women like Lynn joining the video game industry, however, things could change.

2) No hiding place

The protection of privacy will be a huge problem for the internet society

A cookie is a small file that a . company can send to your computer when you visit the company's website- It tells them a lot about vour browsing habits. Using the web without them is nearly impossible. Doubleclick, an advertising company, has agreements with ovei ЩХЮ websites and maintains cookies on Ю0 million users to get information about them for marketing.

Offline, the story is the same. When you turn on a mobile phone, the phone company can mon:tor calls and also record the location of the phone. We use more and more electronic systems for tickets, and for access to buildings. It is becoming common for employers to monitor employees' telephone calls, voicemail, email and computer use.

The use of video surveillance cameras is also growing. Britain has about 1.5 million cameras in public places (for example, airpoits, shopping malls and public buildings). The average Briton is recorded by CCTV cameras "500 times a day. With digital cameras we can collect, store and analyse millions of images.

And this is only the beginning. Engineers are now developing cameras that can "see" through clothing, walls or cars. Satellites can recognise obiects only one metre across. We can attach tracking chips to products or people.

New technology offers substantial benefits т more security against terrorists and criminals, higher productivity at work, a wider selection of products, more convenience. We are ready to give more personal information because we want the benefits.

But all this momtoring generates a mountain of data about us. Surveillance is everywhere in our society, ofien without our knowledge. Most ptuple hate the idea but they don't know how to stop it.

3) Office workers admit being rude

MOST office workers say they are rude or bad-mannered at work. Two out of three workers regularly arrive ate for meetings, most ignore emails and three out of four use bad anguage. In a survey of 1,000 workers, two-thirds say tna* eressure of work is the reason for tneir baa manners.

Other common examples of bao office etiquette include ignoring colleagues and answering mobiie phone calls during meetings. Using mobile phones in meetings is mpolite and distracts otners, esearch by the University of Surrey shows. If you respond to a call when -c.e^king to someoody, it means that : core call is more important r the person, the survey said. If r<: Uswed a call ouring a meeting, г coj d mean that you think the —: ">g is not important.

Jacobs, managing director of O^.ce Angels, a recruitment firm, says it is easy for peopie to forget their manners in the wcking environment, which is often very informal and very busy Workers can forget pioper et:quette such as

introducing people at meetings, and this is often Dad for workirg relationships.

Psycnologist Dr Coiin Gill beiieves that peopie afe not as polite as they were twenty years ago. He said: 'Courtesy is no longer somethirg that is so much respected in our society/ People think it is 'stuffy to oe polite or formal.'

Now some organisations a-e actually investing money in training their junior managers to be oolite. Office Angels is encouraging people to arrive on time 'or meetings, turn of* mobiie phones and avoid baa language. 'Avoiding baa manners at work is such a simple thing to do,' IVi JacoDS says, 'and it can have a dramatic impact on improving your working environment ana your relationships with others.'

8. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в Past Simple или Past Continuous:

Dear Peter,
I’m writing to tell you about what happened to me last week while I 1) ___ my aunt who lives by sea (visit). One afternoon I 2) ___ her dog for a walk by the cliffs when I 3) ___ a girl who 4) ___ a tree by the edge of the cliff (take) / (notice) / (climb). As she 5) ___ there, the branch suddenly 6) ___ and the girl 7) ___ over the edge (hang) / (break) / (fall). I 8) ___ to the edge, but although the girl 9) ___ for help, I 10) ___ see her (run) / (shout) / (not / be able to). I 11) ___ about what to do when a man 12) ___ the cliff path (think) / (come along). I 13) ___ what had happened and while he 14) ___ for help I 15) ___ to the girl (explain) / (go) / (talk) . Well, everything 16) ___ happily (end). The girl was rescued and her parents17) ___ me by giving me a large bunch of flowers (thank). The story 18) ___ in the newspaper too (be)! That’s all my news – write and tell me yours soon.
With love, Lucy.

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