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5-9 класс

Fill in the correct word. * beach * become * sunburn * chemist’s * hiking * museum * dangerous * 1. Will you come … with me in the mountains? 2. Do you want to … a doctor? 3. Laura is going to the … to buy aspirin. 4. White-water rafting can be … . 5. If you’re pink and sore, you’ve got … . 6. Do you want to go to the … for a swim? Exercise 2. Choose the correct item. 1. Patty loves cars/planes/trains. She flies everywhere. 2. Sarah’s favourite food is chocolate sandwich/salad/ice cream. 3. I like hiking/swimming/sunbathing. I walk a lot. Exercise 3. Choose the correct item. 1. You can/can’t take a lot of pictures. I’ve got an extra film. 2. You can/can’t use a credit card. We only accept cash. 3. You can/can’t buy souvenirs here. We’ve got a big selection. Exercise 4. Put the verbs in brackets into the Future Simple. 1. No, I … (not/come) swimming. I’m too tired. 2. Matt … (go) scuba diving when he’s on holiday. 3. Tracy and Sue … (meet) you at the airport? Exercise 5. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences 1. with/l’ll/windsurfing/you/come 3. you/will/me/sailing/go/with? 2. to/the/John/museum/wants/go/to Exercise 6. Choose the correct response. 1. Do you want to go windsurfing? 2. How about whitewater rafting? 3. Do you want to come? *a) Thanks, but I want to stay at home. * b) Of course! I’ll catch all the fish! * c) OK! It’s windy enough today! * d) I’m sorry, but it’s dangerous. * Exercise 7. Read the e-mail and answer the questions. Dear Pat, Thanks for your email. I’m writing to tell you about my holiday! My brother and I will leave for Vancouver, Canada in July. My cousin Holly will meet us at the airport and we’ll stay with her family for three weeks. There are lots of activities to do, like swimming, fishing, hiking and whitewater rafting. Canada has got a lot of mountains and lakes. It’ll be fun! It’s a shame you can’t come with us. I’ll write and tell you all about the trip. Lucy 1. Who is the email from? 2. When will Lucy leave for Vancouver? 3. Who will meet Lucy at the airport? 4. How long will Lucy and her brother stay? 5. What will Lucy and her brother do during their holiday? 6. What has Canada got?

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Use Possessive case. Перефразуйте, використовуючи присвійний відмінок іменника. The flat of my sister, the son of her mother, the name of this man the mark of our student the balls of children, the parents of that boy, the hobby of these gentlemen, the food of those dogs the parents of that boy.

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Паст симпл

- Interactive worksheet 2- Make questions how many types of restauran 1-How many There were two restaurants. 2- Yes, there was a café. 3-_ Yes, there were two swimming pools. No, the weather was great. 5-_ Yes, there were a lot of places to visit. 6-What The flight was quite and pleasant. 7- No, there wasn't a bank near the hotel. 3- 3 Circle the correct option. 1-The weather was/very nice in Paris. 2-There was/were a lot of interesting to visit in Amsterdam. 3-Sandy was/wasn't at home last nigh because she was/wasn rat a party. 4-Tom's friends wasn't/weren tired

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контрольная работа

Task 3 Choose the right variant. 1. Helen … her classmates to her home last Monday. a) invited b) has invited c) is inviting 2. … you … any Christmas present? - Not yet. A) has …bought b) will buy c) have …bought 3. Tom … already … this book. a) will read b) has read c) is reading 4. Alice … English and German coins next year. a) collects b) will collect c) has collected 5. It often … here. a) rains b) rain c) raining 6. I… my mother about the house now. a) am helping b) is helping c) help 7. She enjoyed … detective stories. a) reads b) to read c) reading 8. I ..….. my breakfast at the moment. a) am eating b) eat c) have eaten 9. ……. volleyball well? a) Do you play b) Does you play c) Are you playing 10. Thomas ……… his homework yet. a) isn't doing b) hasn't done c) doesn't do ПОЖАЛУЙСТА ОЧЕНЬ НАДО!!!!!!!

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Написать рассказ используя фразу to be going to на английском языке по предложенному тексту.

Во время летних каникул я буду делать все, что захочу, мне не нужно будет вставать рано и делать домашнюю работу. В июне я собираюсь навестить своих родных. Я собираюсь встретиться со всеми своими друзьями и провести с ними отличное время. В июле я еду с семьей в Саровку. Там мы будем купаться, загорать, кататься на велосипедах, готовить разные блюда, смотреть на ночное звёздное небо, а так же мы обязательно пойдём в поход. В августе мы собираемся вернуться домой. Август будет для меня месяцем подготовки к школе.

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Английский 7 класс spotlait

Пожалуйста вы можете мне помочь придумать вопросы к тексту we all like going to the zoo

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