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Як я хочу провести літні канікули.

Марьяна 20 мая 2020 г., 16:57:30 (6 месяцев назад)
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Перевод из прямой речи в косвенную

Перевести из прямой речи в косвенную. 1. The mother said to her son: “Ask your teachers about this profession”. 2. She said: “Learn more about this job at the Information centre”. 3. Dad said to his daughter: “You have to choose the profession which suits you more”. 4. He asked his mother: “Is this profession dangerous?” 5. They wondered: “Where can we learn about this college?” 6. The teacher asked her students: “Who wants to be a journalist?” 7. She said to her friend: “Don’t be late to the dentist”. 8. The teacher said to the pupils: “Stop talking, please”. 9. They said to the stranger: “You have to take bus Number 3”. 10. He asked: “Have you bought a new car?” 11. He wondered: “Who called me yesterday?” 12. She asked: “Why did they got up so early today?”

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Английский язык

Сочинение на тему your own story.

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Жизнь продолжается

Fbfjvghhchgvhhnkdrafkcgkckhdgjxbmxhfsjgxigzugxkgstuxgk vkcbm nfzgjfupsura even roaislfhxmvmgxou a real estate agents for rental period and and and what they have not been able a email i and the other side and a email from your name on the same a email from you

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Hi, I'm Lee from Primis. I would be happy to explore potential cooperation with our video discovery widget. We have a strong presence on sites from your space and I would love to discuss with you as well. Would you like me to send over additional information on what we do and the value we could offer? please reach back [email protected]is.tech

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английский язык

Помогите пожалуйста переписать эти предложения в прошедшем и простом времени. i make many mistakes. my mother grow vegetables. we have a good time. they celebrate holidays. she go shopping.

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Текст Yesterday was Friday. The weather was fine. Bill and Taras walked in the streets and visited some places of interest. Bill`s parents were at

work. So Kate cooked the dinner. Bill and Taras helped her. After dinner they cleaned the rooms and washed the plates. Then Kate listened to music and phoned her friends. Bill and Taras played computer games with Nick and Vicky. In the evening Taras and the Browns watched TV. The film was very interesting and Taras liked it a lot. Задание к тексту : Answer What day was yesterday? Was the weather fine or bad? Were the boys at home in the morning? Where were Bills parents in the daytime? Was Kate in? Where were the Browns yesterday evening? Can you say what the film was about?

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I. Перевести текст
My Family. My family is not large. We are four:
father, mother, my sister and I. my father is a worker at a plant. My mother is
an economist at the plant too. My father is found of fishing. Mother takes care
of family and we help her. My sister Ann is a pupil of my school. I am a
student. We are friendly family. We like to spend our free time together. We
have a country cottage and we spend summer there. Our grandparents do not live
with us. We like to visit them on Sundays. I enjoy games with our dog spot, but
I don’t like to get up early in the morning and take spot for a walk. Notes for
the text: а plant
– завод to be
found of – любить, увлекаться to take care of –
заботиться о … to enjoy – наслаждаться, получать удовольствие.

Помоогииите пожалуйста ,ооочень надо на завтра!!! Задание: Работа в группах. Комментарий по каждому из текстов. Что вы согласны с идеями, а

что бы вам не поделиться? Используйте фразы из коробки. Вот те тексты по которым надо сделать упражнение и перевод к ним написан во по этой ссылке там и перевод и тексты : http://znanija.com/task/751439

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