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Pest simple

5-9 класс

Поставь слова в pest simple Pet Program

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Emma painted that picture a year ago

московское метро

Задание 1. Заполните пропуски, используя слова (словосочетания). Переведите получившийся текст с помощью словаря. cars, lines, stations, trains, underground Moscow metro There are many _ in the Metro; their surface buildings and halls are spacious, well ventilated and well lit. They differ widely in architectural design and have decorations of marble, bronze, aluminum and glass. The present Metro _ are much better than the early ones. They are con siderably lighter in weight, and the seats are soft. Muscovites and the visitors to the city do because the interval between them is always short. The Moscow Metro not wait long for _ is developing rapidly. The capit al is growing and new _ will continue to appear.

5-9 класс английский язык ответов нет

Составь предложения из слов: 1 clouds rain comes from. 2 sky look clouds the in at in the. 3 today sun is the hot very.

5-9 класс английский язык ответов нет
Поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках, в Present Perfect,

1. Look, Nick (buy) me a present. 2. My mum (make) an apple pie. It’s delicious! 3. I can’t find my key. I’m afraid I (lose) it. 4. Jun isn’t at home. He (go) to Canada. 5. Oh, dear, I (forget) her name. 6. Tom is back in England now. He (be) to Spain. 7. Do you know about Phil? He (find) a new job. 8. Owl I (burn) myself. 9. Monica (give up) smoking. 10. Sam (live) in Belfast all his life. 11. George (pass) his driving-test. 12. He (do) his work. 13. They (write) their course- papers. 14. She (be) to Cuba. 15. Tom (have) a haircut.

5-9 класс английский язык ответов нет

Hello, Tom. It's me, Betty. - Ні, Betty. What is the matter? - What you doing (to do) at the moment? I (to need) are your help. What you (to want), Betty? you (to know) anything about Ukrainian musicians? Well, I (to like) Ukrainian music, but I (to prefer) to listen to folk music. - Tom, I (to prepare) a talk about Ukrainian culture now. you (to have) any discs with Ukrainian folk music? My cousin (to have). He (to live) not far from my house, but he (to play) football right now. He always (to play) football on Fridays. We can visit him in two hours. Well, Tom, I (to come) to you then. (to wait) for you, Betty.

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Допишите окончания глаголов в Present Simple (s/es) и в Present Continuous.

Present Simple (s/es) Present Continuous (ing)

Раскройте скобки, поставьте глаголы в нужном времени (Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple,

Past Continuous, Future Simple, Future Continuous), перепишите и переведите предложения на русский язык:

Past, Present Simple and Past, Present Continuous

Упражнение 1. Раскройте скобки, употребляя гла¬голы в Past Simple или Past Continuous.

1. I (to play) computer games yesterday. 2. I (to play) computer games at five o'clock yesterday. 3. He (to play) computer games from two till three yesterday. 4. We (to play) computer games the whole evening yesterday. 5. What Nick (to do) when you came to his place? 6. What you (to do) when I rang you up? 7. I (not to sleep) at nine o'clock yesterday. 8. What he (to do) yesterday? - He (to read) a book. 9. What he (to do) the whole evening yesterday? --He (to read) a book. 10. She (to sleep) when you came home? 11. My brother (not to play) tennis yesterday. He (to play) tennis the day be¬fore yesterday. 12. My sister (not to play) the pi¬ano at four o'clock yesterday. She (to play) the piano the whole evening. 13. When I came into the kitchen, mother (to cook). 14. She (to cook) the whole day yesterday. 15. We (to wash) the floor in our flat yesterday. 16. We (to wash) the floor in our flat from three till four yesterday. 17. You (to do) your homework yesterday? 18. You (to do) your homework from eight till ten yesterday? 19. Why she (to sleep) at seven o'clock yesterday? 20. He (to sit) at the table the whole evening yesterday.

Упражнение 2. Раскройте скобки, употребляя гла¬голы в Present Continuous или в Present Simple.

1.I (to read) now. 2.He (to sleep) now. 3. We (to drink) tea now. 4. They (to go) to school now. 5. I (not to sleep) now. 6. She (not to drink) coffee now. 7. I (to read) every day. 8. He (to sleep) every night. 9. We (to drink) tea every morning. 10. They (to go) to school eve¬ry morning. 11. I (not to sleep) in the day¬time. 12. She (not to drink) cof¬fee after lunch. 13. We (not to watch) TV now. 14. They (not to eat) now. 15. My mother (not to work) now. 16. You (to work ) now?17. He (to play) now? 18. They (to eat) now? 19. Your sister (to rest) now? 20. What you (to do) now? 21. What you (to read) now? 22. What they (to eat) now? 22. What your brother (to drink) now? 23. We (not to watch) TV in the morning. 24. They (not to eat) at the lesson. 25. My mother (not to work) at an office. 26. You (to work) every day? 27. He (to play) in the after¬noon? 28. They (to eat) at school? 29. Your sister (to rest) af¬ter school? 30. What you (to do) every morning? 31. What you (to read) after dinner? 32. What they (to eat) at breakfast? 33. What your brother (to drink) in the evening?

1)поставьте глаголы в нужную форму Present Simple, затем поставьте предложения в утвердительную, вопросительную и отрицательную формы.

1. We (to do) morning exercises every day.
2. They (to work) at a factory.
3. He often (to stay) after dinner.
2) Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Future Simple. Поставьте предложения затем вопросительную и отрицательную форму.
1. Alice (to sell) soft toys for her sister in 2 weeks.
2.He (to create) a snowman.
3. Ann (to built) a



Всем привет. ребят нужна помощь...предложение New building constrution(новое здание строиться)сделать в разных формах(Past Simple Passive,Present Simple

Passive,Future Simple Passive,Past Continuous Passive,Present Perfect Passive,Future Simple Passive,Future Continuous Passive,Future Perfect Passive-должно получиться 9предложений,плииз сделайти

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