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косвеная речь

5-9 класс

напешите предложения в косвенной речи заменив слова say и ask 1) Simon said:We have always been devoted to our school

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Задание 31

5-9 класс английский язык ответов нет
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Put the verbs in brackets into the Present or the Future Indefinite. 1. As soon as Tommy (to work) hard at school his parents (to give) him a pet as a present. 2. After we (to listen) to the dialogue we (to do) some grammar exercises. 3. As soon as I (to get) my composition I (to correct) all the mistakes. 4. If mother (to buy) a new dress for Helen she (to be) happy. Б. We (to go) to the stadium to watch football match when our father (to finish) his work. 6. If Peter (to meet) Rose on the way to school he (to give) her flowers. 8. Put the verbs in into the Present Indefinite or the Future Indefinite. 1. If Rolf (to take) a book from the school library he (to learn) this poem by heart. 2. Tim (not to have) problems at school ife (to do) his homework next week. 8. When it (not to rain) the boys (to make) a fire on the bank of the river. 4. When I (to be) fifty years old I (to ) quiet life in the country. 5. We (not to climb) this mountain before we (not to listen) to the weather cast. 6. My American friends (to visit) the Her- mitage before they (to leave) Bi. Pe- tersburg for New York.

5-9 класс английский язык ответов нет

учитель спросил ученика

что нужно: краткий рассказ что за магазин время работы что продаёт вот и всё прошу не перекопировать с других сайтов неправильный ответ про пятёрочку

что нужно: краткий рассказ что за магазин время работы что продаёт вот и всё прошу не перекопировать с других сайтов неправильный ответ про пятёрочку

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The cat caught a mouse

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Помогите! Смысл задания: переделавть в косвенную речь.1. I said to him

Помогите! Смысл задания: переделавть в косвенную речь.
1. I said to him: "Are you sure about it?"
2. The weather forecast said:"There will be a tornado in 3 hours."
3. The librarian said: " They have taken your book, but you may borrow another one."
4. Mother asked: "What were you reading yesterday? "

и вот в этом: Past Continuous or Past Simple?
1. What you (do) when the phone (ring)? I (watch) television.
2. Was Jane busy when you went to see her? Yes, she (study).
3. What time Tom (come) yesterday? He (come) while I (have) breakfast.
4.Was Mary at school last week? No, she (not go) to school. She was ill.

Мы проходим косвенную речь, и я ни как не могу понять, вот смотрите:

Вот предложение "Does power in Britain belong to the Queen? (Jane) нужно переделать в косвенную речь, получилось-Jane asks if power in Britain belong to the Queen. как перевести правильно это предложение?

СРОЧНО!!!!!! перестройти из прямой речи в косвенную речь I spend about seven hours a day watching TV on weekdays and sometimes a bit more

at weekends. Last night I was witching tv from 6 to 11 p.m. It crazy! (Amelia)

I enjoy watching TV in the evening but only for about theree hours. Today Iam going to watch my favourite "Friends" on Channel 4. And that is all! (Sam)

перестройте из косвенной речи в прямую

First comes Amelia. She said that she spent sever hours a day watching TV. She also said that she had been wathing TV from 6 to 9 p.m. the day before

Переведите в косвенную речь, в прошедшее время

"Please will you write the date.
Mary told...(напишите предложение выше в косвенной речи)

Перевести диалог в косвеную речь Tolya:We had a grammar class yesterday.We discussed the use of articles in English. Vera:No wonder.They are the shortes

t and yet the most difficult words in English. Tolya:I dont i think all English people understand how they should use articles. Vera:Neither do I.In many cases they are a complete mystery.Do you think one can realize the difference between the articles? Is it possible the learn how to use them? Tolya: I am not quite sure.Our teacher says it is.We should simply have more grammar drills. Vera: Will they really help? And they are so boring! Tolya:Dont lose hope. Lets hope for the best. Помогите пожалуйста перевести диалог в косвенную речь

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