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нужен перевод и вставить правильно пропущенные слова

1-4 класс


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Сделать 2 предложение в будущем

Usually l give a good mark.Usually l drav a picture

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Составить предложения из слов He, to, breakfast ,often, Mrs.Hodges, town ,takes ,after

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Страдательный и действительный залог

1. He had an excellent housekeeper. She two years before his marriage 1. had hired 2. had been hired 4. to hire 3. hired 2. The famous actor... now for the "Yes" magazine 1. will interviewed 2. was interviewed 3.is being interviewed 4. is interviewing 3. When he entered the room she... the letter and... at him. 2. puted aside, smiled 4. had been put aside, smiled 1. put aside, smiled 3. had put aside, smiled 4. The goods.. to Berlin at the moment. 1. are been brought 2. is brought 4. is being bringing 3. are being brought 5. I don't know when I 2. will be back 1. be back 3. am back 4. back 6. I... by the appearance of my sister 1. was shocked 2. shock 3. was been shocked 4. shocked 7. He at once realized that the gas.. by the woman herself 1. had turned on 3. was turned on 2. had been turned on 4. Turned 8. Suddenly a band of masked men .. the bus 1. hold up 3. held been up 2. holded up 4. held up 9. He can answer when he.., and be silent when he isn't. 1. is asked 2. is asking 4. is been asked 3. is being asked 10. Someone. my car on the door! 1. was scratched 2. has scratched 3. has been scratched 4. is scratched 11. He to invest his money in property 1. was decided 3. decided 2. decide 4. is being deciding

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Поставить слова правильно для 3 класса

Поставить слова правильно : Sam, Salli,and,house,by,are помогите плизз


Oh what a mystery!The mouse studies history. The kangaroo climbed up a tree. The elephant played the saxophone. And the bumblebee dived in the sea

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But I have got ......... oranges . - I'm afraid,I don't want...... oranges. I would like apples. -Mag , is there ..... bread at home ? -No, there is .....bread at home. -I hope you'll go and buy some. вставить пропущенные слова и перевести текст

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There ...a lot of flowers in the park a week ago. (are , were , will be.) Alice didn't ...Tom and Tim at the party. (see , saw , sees.) Did he ... the flowers yesterday?-Yes, he did. (waters , water , watered,) Where does she.....? - In the park. (skates, skate , skated.) ВСТАВИТЬ ПРОПУЩЕННЫЕ СЛОВА И ПЕРЕВЕСТИ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ, только не через гугл переводчик

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(Пропущенное слово) there an old armichair in Tiny`s house? -
Yes, there ( Пропущенное слово)

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Dan lives in kyiv
He lives with his parents
His dad is a teacher
His mum works at school
His sister is a baby
They are a friendly family

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