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Заполнить пробелы a,an,the

10-11 класс

Заполните пробелы артикулями a,an,the в случае необходимости At ... secondary school ... pupils are taught ... different subjects,such as ... Mathematics,.... History,... Physics,... Foreign Languages,etc.After ... finishing ... 11 form of .... secondary school,... lycee,or ... gymnasiam ... one can continue ... education. ..... Higher educational institutions offer ... 5-year programme for ... students in ... variety of ... fields,such as ... law, ... medicine, ... business,etc.

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Вставьте нужные предлоги

We arrived … the station … exactly 6 o’clock.

10-11 класс английский язык ответов нет
Вставьте нужные предлоги

We arrived … the station … exactly 6 o’clock.

10-11 класс английский язык ответов нет

Your computer could be infected by many different viruses. There are probably more than 30, 000 in existence but only about 200 to 300 are present in sufficient numbers to be a threat to your PC. We can (4) ___ viruses into a small number of basic (5) ____. Boot sector viruses infect a computer when you (6) ___ it. File viruses infect (7) ___ files and the system when the files are (8) ___. These are less (9) ____ now that PCs mainly run Windows. The most common viruses now work in the Windows (10) ___ and are spread using (11) ___, including the Internet. Most are macro-viruses. Melissa is an example. Melissa (12) ___ using e-mail. It operated by (13) ____ the Visual Basic for Applications (14) ____ to automate the Microsoft Outlook (15) ____ client to send itself to the first fifty (16) ____ in the Outlook address book. In this way it infected millions of (17) ___ in a few days. A worm is not a (18) ____ but it is a (19) ___ programme. It infiltrates your system’s network (20) ____ and from there infects other system. about more infected divide mail software addresses environment malicious spread boot executable types common networks using computers macrolanguage run virus

10-11 класс английский язык ответов нет
Преобразуйте предложение из активного залога в пассивный

1. We are sawing this thick pine tree. 2. Lumbermen have just sawn this old pine. 3. Man used bark only as fuel but now woodworkers exploit even bark rationally. 4. I shall have made this experiment before you come.

10-11 класс английский язык ответов нет
Страдательный и действительный залог

Помогите решить тест, очень нужно

10-11 класс английский язык ответов нет

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Помогите с артиклями! Дам 27 баллов за ответ и 14 баллов за лучший ответ. Объясните, когда нужно писать артикль a, an, the, а когда ничего писать не

нужно. Я эту тему не понимаю.
Задание: вставьте на месте пропуска артикли a, an, the где это нужно. (Возможно, что где-то не нужно ставить артикль!)
1. Jeff reads ___ local newspaper everyday.
2. - What does your dad to? - He"s ____ architect.
3. We attend karate lessons twice _____ week.
4. The children"s favorite game is ____ football.
5. We must help _____ homeless of our city.
6. She always listens to ____ music after school.

Этих предложений всего 15, но мне лень их все писать. Просто напишите в каком предложении какой артикль и почему. Пример я пойму и дальше сама решу.

Заполнить пробелы в предложениях с a, an, the или ( - )

1. … Jack London is … well-known American writer.
2. Why do you think … Japanese are so hardworking?
3. They tell me that … honesty is the best policy.
4. Watch out! There's … policeman coming.
5. She said that … carrots were her favourite vegetables.
6. We went sailing on … lake Windermere at the weekend.
7. I bought … new TV and … stereo. … TV costs $250 and … stereo costs 170$.

Помогите пожалуйста!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3) Constructed on Temple Square, in\on the center of …… city, the temple took 40 years to complete,

being started in\at 1853 and dedicated on April 6, 1893. ……temple has become iconic of the city and is the centerpiece of the city. The Mormon pioneers organized …… new state and …… United States Congress established the Utah Territory. Great Salt Lake City became its capital in 1858. The city is located in\on the northeast corner of the Salt Lake Valley. The Jordan River flows through\across the city and is drainage of Utah Lake that empties into the Great Salt Lake. …… highest mountaintop visible from\out of Salt Lake City is Twin Peaks, which reaches 11,489 feet (3502 m).
5) Near the mouth of Emigration Canyon lies This Is The Place Heritage Park, which recreates typical 19th century LDS pioneer life. Hogle Zoo is located across\through the street from …… park. …… City's largest public park, Liberty Park features …… lake with\since an island in …… middle and the Tracy Aviary. The park is home to a large number of birds, both wild and in the aviary. The Bonneville Shoreline Trail is …… popular hiking and biking nature trail which spans ninety …… miles through the foothills of the Wasatch Front.
6) Tourism to the city has increased as\like …… result of the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake. The former Olympic venues are …… very popular attractions for many visitors. The Utah Olympic Park features the Olympic ski jumps, too\as well as bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton runs. Today, the Olympic Park is used for year-round training and competitions. The Utah Olympic Oval was …… home to …… speed skating events and is now open for\to the public.

Заполните пропуски артиклями a, the, где
необходимо, и выберите из выделенных предлогов правильный вариант

Употребите a/ an, the, nothing (-), где это необходимо.

1. Have you ever seen such … terrible weather? a) a b) an c) the d) –

2. Tom’s family could not afford to give him … education. a) a b) an c) the d) -

3. I have not forgotten … promise you made me last week. a) a b) an) c) the d) -

4. … second page in the book is missing. a) a b)an c) the d) –

5. … two gentlemen in the carriage were greatly frightened. a) a b) an c) the d) -

Заполните пробелы в предложениях используя by, in, on, at.

1. Jane usually goes to work ____ bike or ____ foot.
2. The plane is flying ____ 600 miles an hour.
3. How long does it take from New York to Los Angeles ____ plane?
4. Get ____ the train! Quick! It's ready to leave.
5. We traveled from Paris to Moscow ____ train.
6. I didn't use my car very often. I prefer to go ____ my bike.
7. I saw Jane this morning. She was ____ a bus which passed me.
8. I didn't feel like walking, so I came home ____ a taxi.
9. At last the bus arrived and I got ____ the bus.
10. I have to get ____ the train at the next stop.
11. Let me help you to get your things ____ the car.

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