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read the sentences and ask questions to get more information

1-4 класс

she saw it

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Задание 3

Расставьте глагол в нужную форму рассказывая скобки; It,s eight o,clock.I get up

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Реши кроссворд

Разгадай кроссворд По горизонтали 3 . It’s cold. She’s .......a coat. 4. It’s hot. ....... off your hat. 5. It’s usually..... in Africa. 6 . It’s very cold in Antarctica in ..... . По вертикали 1 . It’s usually rainy in ...... . 2. Look! Lulu is .... in a boat. 3. What’s the ...... like in Moscow ?

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Помогите пожалуйста как правильно читается песенка на английском языке но напишите пожалуйста по русски

I've got two eyes, A mouth and a nose! I've got two feet, But i haven't got toes! Two hands, two ears, And lots of hair! What am I? I'm teddy bear!

перепиши предложение в past simple

she is a doctor

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ГДЗ по английскому языку

Помогите пожалуйста

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Read the sentences and match them to the tenses.a. I have never broken my arms and legs.b. He has check-ups twice a year.c. The doctor adviced me to keep

to a diet.d. My father was taken to hospital.e.I'm doing aerobics.f. Children are usually given advice to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.g. The doctor was examining the patient.h. When the mother came home, her son had already taken the tablets. Present Simple Past Simple Present Continuous Past Continuous Present Perfect Past Perfect Present Simple Passive Past Simple Passive

1. Read the text and mark the sentences T(true), or F(false).

Hi Thomas,
Greeting from Tokyo! The sun is shining and we're visiting the Togo Shrine Flea Market. The market takes place on Sundays in the gardens of a shrine. It's the perfect place for buying souvenirs and gifts for friends. You can find furniture, blue and white china, 1950s film posters, Buddha statues, old coins, toys and even ancient helmets and sword! There is also traditional jewellry and costumes with lovely flower patterns here. The Japanese have a rich culture.
Right now, I am eating a sandwich. My sister is taking photographs. We're hating a great time!You must visit Tokyo sometime!
See you soon,

1. Mark is out shopping. ...
2. The market is open all week ...We
3. The market doesn't sell souvenirs ...
4. You can only buy new things at the market ...
5. Mark is in Tokyo with a family member ...
6. Mark's taking photographs ...
7. Mark's enjoying his trip ...

2. Read again and complete the sentences. Use up to five words.
1. Mark is writing from ...
2. The weather is ...
3. The market is open ...
4. You can buy ...
5. Japanese people have ...

Read the sentences.Then ask the questions.

1) We played badminton yesterdey.
2) The children drew a nice picture last night.
3) Jim read an interesting fairy tale last Sunday.
4) Jill wrote a letter to Santa Claus last week.
5) They skied in the park yesterdey.
6) Simon caught a big fish a month ago.

Read the sentences and correct the mistakes. 1) Nick like skating very much.2) My parents bedroom is not very big.3) Dad's armchair is on the fireplace

.4) Are there a playroom and a hall in the house? 5) Ann drinks juice now.

Put the words in the correct order to make up a sentence .
1) table near a bed is Mum's There bedside
2) chairs are in sitting many your How there room?

Read the text and do the tasks below. (15 points)

A Trip by Plane
An American farmer wanted to make an air trip. There was an airport close to his farm. So one morning he came there to ask if he could make an air trip.
"You see," he said to one of the pilots, "I have never flown before, but I would like to." The pilot told him that the price of the trip was 10 dollars for a ten-minute trip. "Oh, it's a dollar a minute," the farmer said. "Can't you reduce the price?" The pilot thought for a minute and then said, "I won't take any money if you don't say a word during the whole trip." The farmer agreed.
"By the way," said the pilot, "you may take your wife too." The farmer was happy.
The next day at three o'clock the farmer and his wife arrived at the airport. Soon they were up in the air. The plane flew at a high speed, it went up and down very quickly, but since the passengers didn't say a word.
"You are brave people," said the pilot. "I thought you would be afraid to fly."
“Well,” said the farmer, “I am glad, I will not have to pay for the trip, as I didn’t have to say a word, but I wanted to speak to you when my wife fell out of the plane”
A Write down whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).
6. The farmer didn't like the price of the trip.
7. It was a trip on the ship.
8. The farmer decided to take his wife because it could make the price of the trip less.
9. The price was 10 dollars for each minute.
10. The passengers kept silent when they were in the air.
11. The farmer's wife was quite well after the trip.

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