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Задание 3

1-4 класс

Расставьте глагол в нужную форму рассказывая скобки; It,s eight o,clock.I get up

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Реши кроссворд

Разгадай кроссворд По горизонтали 3 . It’s cold. She’s .......a coat. 4. It’s hot. ....... off your hat. 5. It’s usually..... in Africa. 6 . It’s very cold in Antarctica in ..... . По вертикали 1 . It’s usually rainy in ...... . 2. Look! Lulu is .... in a boat. 3. What’s the ...... like in Moscow ?

1-4 класс английский язык ответов нет
Помогите пожалуйста как правильно читается песенка на английском языке но напишите пожалуйста по русски

I've got two eyes, A mouth and a nose! I've got two feet, But i haven't got toes! Two hands, two ears, And lots of hair! What am I? I'm teddy bear!

перепиши предложение в past simple

she is a doctor

1-4 класс английский язык ответов нет
ГДЗ по английскому языку

Помогите пожалуйста

Произношения на английском

Whre Are We? Is it Europe?Is it Asia? No, it must be Australia. It must be the home of Ally I can see a beautiful city. Is can see Canberra? Is it Sudney ? Canberra's not by the sea. It must be Sydney. Let's see.

1-4 класс английский язык ответов нет

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0. Daniel has just finished his homework in Maths.(just/yet)-это образец по которому нужно делать задание.

1.But he_________English_________.(already/yet)
2.Stuart__________his homework__________two hours.(since/for)
3.He____________the garden______________.(already/yet)
4.Melanie has a lot of homework,too.She___________her homework________4 o'clock.(for/since)
5.She______the flowers in the house_____.(already/yet)
6.Daniel____________________the new verbs.(for/already)
7.Melanie_______________the picture__________.(just/yet)
8.Daniel and Melanie________________everything.(alreade/since).
Эти слова можно использовать: not learn,learn,finish(можно использовать 2 раза),draw,do(можно использовать 2 раза),water,clean.
Задание:What have the children from the Wellers family done?Fill in gaps with the correct from of the verbs from the box and words in brackets.
Прошу помогите!Ну очень нужно сделать это задание!

Задание 1. Вставьте подходящий по смыслу модальный глагол: can, could, must, have to, has to, had to.

1. Mike ____________ run very fast.
2. Jane _________ not play the guitar two years ago but now she can.
3. I sat up very late yesterday because I ________ do a lot of homework.
4. Do you ____________ make the report today?
5. It’s a very interesting film. You ________ see it.
6. My sister works in a hospital. She ________ wear a uniform.
7. James is very tired because he works so much. I think he ___________ have a holiday.
Задание 2. Составьте вопросительные и отрицательные предложения из данных слов.
1. computer / I / your / can / use ?
2. some / could / borrow / you / money / me?
3. we /early / have / get / why / up / to / so / do?
4. she / did / go / to / to / have / why / hospital?
5. not / could / Jane / to / the / come / party.
6. me / need / you / for / not / wait. Задание
3. Закончите вопросы по аналогии.
1. I have to get up early tomorrow. – What time do you have to get up?
2. Liz had to leave immediately. – Why _________________________?
3. George has to learn a foreign language. – What language ___________?
4. I can play two musical instruments. – What instruments ___________?
5. They couldn’t finish the work on time. – Why _____________?
Задание 4. Замените в предложениях that на who или which.
1. The girl that lives next door is very pretty.
2. The dress that Ann was wearing at the party costs a fortune!
3. The people that accompanied me during the journey were very helpful.
4. The apples that you bought yesterday are delicious.

1 задание - Fill in a lot of, many or much

1) is there____ tea in the cup? - No, not _________
2) Are there__________eggs in the fridge? - Yes, there are _________eggs.
3) Is there _________milk in the Bottle? -Yes, there is _________mikk.
4) Are there ___lemons in the box? - No,not __________.

2 задание Complete the sentences.
1) There are_____ apples on the table.
2) There isn't______coffee in the cup.
3) There aren't______flowers in the vase.
4) There_____a lot of cheese on the plate.
5) There_____much milk in the glass.
6) There_____many sandwiches in the fridge.
7) Is there much______on the table?

Сделайте пожалуйста это задание!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 предложения . I was seven last year. My uncle was in Africa last year . Таблица для того чтобы вы задавали вопросы . Всего предложений должно получится 12 . Умоляю сделайте задание!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Задание 1 Вставь пропущеные слова что тайни делал на каникулах. Last summer Tiny______a big fish Last summer Tiny______books Last

summer Tiny______the flowest

Last summer Tiny______a picnic with his friends

Задание 2

Выбери првельное слово.Обведи соответствующую букву

Jill and___to the country every summer

a.)go b.)went c.)will read

He___this fairy tale tomorrow

a.)reads b.)read c.)will read

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