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Passive and Active

5-9 класс

Переделайте предложения из Active в Passive: Last week the teacher told Class 8 about the test on Passive. Irina Anatolievna always gives us tests at the end of the module. We need a pen, some paper and a bit of brains for doing a test. Class 8 will do the test easily.

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Переведите пожалуйста английский текст русскими буквами.

Well...it was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and i was driving home... ...when suddenly something flew down from the sky and him my car. I was surprised! A huge turtle! I know! I stopped the car and got out. The turtle was lying on the ground and two people were running towards it! They looked very woorried! The turtle's owners. It seems that the turtle was crswling on the balcony of their tenth floor apartment when it fell off onto my car. Well, the turtle was fine but my car was badly damaged. Well, l'm still a bit shocked!

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определить, является ли текст Истинным Ложным В тексте нет информации

12) The system is subject to frequent false alarms.  INFORMATION ROOM The 'Information room' is in the headquarters of the police force and is manned day and night by a team of specially trained police officers. The Information Room receives all emergency calls from the public and directs patrol cars to the scenes of crimes, accidents, or other incidents requiring police help. The Information Room also keeps in radio touch with the patrol boats on the Thames and patrol helicopters.  The room consists of a number of telephone booths, which are connected with the emergency-call system of the town or city (the '999' calls) and wh ere calls from the public for police help are received. A large table in the middle of the room is covered with a detailed map of the police district, showing all the streets and the patrol areas of the police cars. The cars themselves are shown by coloured tokens - cubes, pyramids, or circles - which represent the type of duty on which the cars are engaged and which are moved about on the map according to the information which comes in from the observers. The radio operator in touch with the cars is placed so that he can see the table and at the same time get messages from the telephone operators. A senior police officer supervises the whole room. When a call for help comes in, the telephone operator calls out the name of the street as soon as he gets it and then goes on to take down details of the crime, accident, or whatever it may be. The radio operator or the supervising officer meanwhile notes which car is nearest to the scene and instructs it to start moving in that direction. As soon as the rest of the details are known, they are passed on to the driver and observer, but the chief aim is to get the car moving towards the spot first. Between three hundred and four hundred calls are dealt with in London every day, on public holidays, or on other occasions when big crowds gather, there have often been more than a thousand calls for help at Scotland Yard (headquarter of the Metropolitan Police) in one day. The usual time lag between a report to the information room and the arrival of a car on the spot is about four minutes. It has on occasions been even less. In one recent case in London, a report was received in the information room at Scotland Yard to the effect that two thieves were trying to break into a warehouse. A police car happened to be turning into the road wh ere the warehouse lay as the report was being made. The address was relayed immediately to the car, and the thieves were caught before the individual making the report had finished talking. The whole incident took less than two minutes. The system suffers from false alarms, but not as much as the other emergency-call systems such as the fire alarms. False police alarms are also easier to trace. An annoying outbreak of false calls in Birmingham was cleared up simply by keeping the caller talking while the call was traced. A police car was on the spot in less than a minute and the offenders, four schoolgirls, were caught red-handed. (They later admitted that they had been making the calls from different parts of the town and had then retired to hiding-places near by in order to enjoy the excitement of watching the cars arrive.)

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1)The postman delivers letters(passive или active?)

2)They built this church in 1815(passive или active?)
3)The policeman has arrested the thief(passive или active?)
4)He is writing a book(passive или active?)
Какие эти предложения страдательные или пассивный залог?
Пожалуйста помогите)Заранее спасибо)

расскажите о пассивном залоге в сравнении с активным (Passive and Active Voice)

сделайте пожалуйста. в пятницу зачет.

Поставьте глаголы в правильную форрму.

Simple Present :
1. English (teach) in this school.
2. The room (clean) every day.
3. A party (give) every Saturday.
4. This magazine (publish) every month.
5. The letters (deliver) every morning.
6. English (speak) in many countries.
7. These buildings (paint) every year.
8. Smoking (not permit) here. I
9. This exhibition (hold) every year.
10. Our compositions (correct) every day.

Simple Past:
1. This book (write) by a famous artist.
2. The books (return) to the library.
3. A bank (rob) yesterday.
4. The lost dog (find) last night.
5. My house (build) in 1960.
6. She (send) to a school in England.
7. We (invite) to a party yesterday.
8. This road (repair) last year.
9. My car (steal) last week.
10. Hamlet (write) by Shakespeare

Помогите Pr.Simple Passive and Past Simple Passive (be + v3/ed)

Rewrite these sentences so that they are in the correct Passive form. include by + agent if it`s necessary.
a) Workers still make some clothes from animals skins
b) the printed the first book in Germany
c)William Shakespeare wrote many great poems and plays

1.Put the verbs in brackets into the passive or active in an appropriate tense. Last night an american tourist (1) was

found (find) unconscious in front of WA. He (2) ... (take) to hospital but the doctors (3) ... (be) unable so far to detect the cause of his condition. Apparently, he (4) ... (not attack) or (5) ... (mug). He (6) ... (not drink) either. He (7) ... (regain) consciousness this morning and (8) ... (question) now about the incident. His condition (9) ... (describe) as good and he (10) ... (not suffer) from any pain or discomfort. He (11) ... (visit) by the AC later today, who wants to know whether he (12) ... (treat) property.

2.With passive forms.Complete the sentences these prepositions: about, by(x5), in,on(x2), with.

1)The patient was operated on by a famous surgeon from NY.

2)His attention was focussed ... the smallest paintihg in the room.

3)This will be dealt ... immediately ... our complaints department.

4)Chosto`s work has been talked ... a lot and criticised ... some people.

5)The money will be invested ... a new museum.

6)The violun solo,composed ... Tchaikovsky,was played ... real feeling ... the Portuguese violinist.

3.Use the cues to write passive sentences in the past.

1) the museum/build/glass and metal/a young architect - The museum was built of glass and metal by a young architect.

2) the statue/make/wood/a young sculptor from London - ...

3) the dich/invent/a French chef/and make/six differetn kinds of fruit - ...

4) the roof/repair new tiles/a local builder - ...

5) the journey/make/three-metre boat/two students from Canada - ...

6) the star/discover/a new radio telescope/a French astronomer - ...

7) the plants/spray/a pesticide/the gardener - ...

8) the Taj Mahal/built/marble/a Mogul emperor - ...

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