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cable control price

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Product name: 2 core 0.5 mm outside electrical cable wire distributors house wiring for sale Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: GUANGDONG CABLE Insulation Material:PVC Type:Low Voltage Application:Industrial Conductor Material:Copper Jacket:PVCTrade term:EXW/FOB/CIF Color:Black Certificate:CCC,IEC,ISO9001,IAF Standard:IEC,CCC,ISO9001,VDE Conductor:Copper Core Insulation:PVC Sheath:PVC Rated voltage:300/500 Volts Specification: 1. PVC Insulated 2. Unsheathed 3. Stranded Copper Conductor 4. RVV flexible power cable Application Suitable for use in conduit and for fixed, protected installation of Wiring Burglar Alarm, Public Address Systems, Intercoms, Telephone Stations, Speakers, Instrumentation, Control and other Low Voltage Circuits that are Power- Limited and anti-interference 450/750v, 2 core/3 core/4 core/5 core Stranded Flexible Copper Condutor Double PVC insulated electrical power cable wire Nomial coress section mm2Conductor construction (No./Diameter)Insulation ThicknessThickness of sheathOverall DiameterMaximum D.C. resistance at 20℃(MΩ/km)Minimum insulation resistance at 70℃(MΩ/km) UpDown 2x0.528/ 2x0.7542/ 2x1.032/ 2x1.548/ 2x2.577/ 3x0.7542/ 3x1.032/ 3x1.548/ 3x2.577/ 4x0.7542/ 4x1.032/ 4x1.548/0.20070.78.410.513.30.010 4x2.577/ 5x0.7542/ 5x1.032/ 5x1.548/ 5x2.577/ FAQ Q : I didn't find my needed model in this page. Answer: Dear Friend, e-catalog will emailed to you asap you contact us. Also, we supply customization service. So, contact us ! Q : What's your Minimum Order Quantity? Answer: Normally, 100 meters. cable control price website:http://www.cablecu.com/electrical-wire/multi-cable/

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