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Give the plural form of the following nouns

5-9 класс


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немає теми

У нашому класі немає глобусу, перекласти на англ мову.

5-9 класс английский язык ответов нет

Complete the text with the article. Do you know what a limerick?I bet you don't Most (1)... teenagers are not very keen on poetry.I also prefer(2)... historical novels and detective stories to poetry.Poetry seems boring to me but (3) ... limericks are a different thing .they are quite popular in (4)...Britain,in (5)...Ireland in particular.A limerick is (6) kind of humorous little poem.

5-9 класс английский язык ответов нет

мий робочий день в школи на англиськом (Pr.S V1) пж!!!

5-9 класс английский язык ответов нет

мий робочий день в школи на англиськом (Pr.S V1) пж!!!

5-9 класс английский язык ответов нет
bonfire night

помогите пожалуйста ответить на вопрос would you to go to a bonfire

5-9 класс английский язык ответов нет

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Помогите с лексико-грамматическим тестом Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.

Denis is the (good) friend. For me Maths is (difficult) than Literature. My sister is (tall) than me. This exercise is (easy) than that one. I think History is (interesting) subject at school. Ann is the (bright) student in our class.

Put the prepositions. They invited us at/to/in London. Who takes care about/for/of your pet? Did you meet anyone at / in /during Summer school in Britain? Will you go abroad at/ on/ in October? My best friend is from/ out/ in Britain. They travelled on/ in/ by a comfortable bus. We would like to learn more from/ of/ about London.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word Charles Darwin was a famous ( science). Paula wants to become an English (teach). I. Repin was an outstanding (art). I think he will be a successful (write) in the future. Madonna is a popular American (sing)

Choose the right variant: Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple.

1 You ____on holidays last year.

a) go b) went c) will go

2. He _____late for work yesterday.

a) is b) was c) will be

3. Every morning Tom ________early.

a) wakes up b) woke up c) will wake up

4. They _______ a lot of new subjects next year.

a) have b) had c) will have

5. Ann _____English well.

a) speaks b) spoke c) will speak

1. Choose the correct form of the verbs

When you...Brian again, you...him
a)Will see, won't recognize b) will see, not recognize c)see, won't recognize d)see, will not recognize .
2. Complete the sentence with appropriate modal verb :
Whatever you do, you...touch that switch.It's dangerous.
a)don't have to b)mustn't c)needn't d)shouln't
3.Choose the rifht variant:
I put...salt in the soup. Prhaps too...
a)much, much b)many, much c)a lot of, much d)plenty of, much
4.Complete the sentence:
Why are you looking under the bed? Have you lost ... ?
a)any b)something c)some d)anything
5.Choose the rifht variant:
The cinema was almost empty. There were very ... people there
a)few b)a few c)little d)a little
6.Choose the corect form of the verbs:
The swimming pool ... at 9.00 and ... at 18.30 every day
a)is opening, is closing b)open, close c)opens, closes d)has opened, has closed
7.Choose the right conjunction:
Can you look after my flowers ... I am out?
a)until b)while c)as soom as d)when
8.Choose the right variant:
I wish my room... larger
a)to be b)was c)were d) will be
9.Insert the correct preposition:
I congratulated Jane... passing the exam.
a)on b)about c)for d)of
10.Choose the right variant:
I don't...money. It's not important to me.
a)care of b)care for c)care about d)care with

помогите сделать 2 упражнения State the form of the given infinitive : to be mentoined , to be shouting , to have been told , to be dancing , to have

been travelling 2 упражнение Supply all the missing forms of the following infinitive : to be done , to have been talking , to have made , to have been spending , to be selling

Use the correct form of the verbs in parantheses.

1) I wish the radio (to broadcast) the President's entire speech.
2) He wishes he (not to forget) to mail the letter when he goes to school.
3) We wish we (to have) time to watch the children playing outside.
4) Her husband wished she (not to spend) so much money on clothes.
5) I wish it (not to rain) very hard now. I have to leave in a few minutes.
6) We wish we (to get) a raise in the salary soon.
7) Mother wishes she never (to forget) the wonderful trip.
8) The host wishes the guests (to come) by the time announced.
9) They wished their travel agent (to plan) carefully their itinerary long before the trip.
10) I wish my employer (not to assign) me too many duties.
11) Mrs. Jackson wished the company (to give) her a month's notice before dismissing her.
12) She wishes she (not to fail) her course in psychology tomorrow.
13) I wish you (not to watch) TV when I am so busy cleaning the house.
14) We wished we (to make) the reservations ahead of time.

Complete the text with the correct form of the words in brackets . A funny thing (1 happen) ________ to me while I was at a local music

festival with my boyfriend, who (2 win) two festival tickets earlier that week. It was Saturday af-ternoon at about 3 0' clock when we (3 arrive) _________ at the festival and hundreds of people (4 already get) there. I (5 spend) the first couple of hours just looking at all the different styles of clothes that people (6 wear) and the amazing hairstyles they (7 have) _____ _ At about 7 o'clock, we joined a huge crowd of people at the main stage after one of the most popular bands (8 start) to play. After about half an hour, I (9 realize) I wanted to go to the toilet, so I left my boyfriend enjoying the music. It took about ten minutes to walk to the toilets and there was a big queue when I got there. After about three quarters of an hour I (10 make) _______ my way back to the concert. There was an even bigger crowd of people by then, so I just looked for a tall guy with dark hair, jeans, and a black leather jacket, which was what my boyfriend (11 wear) _______ _ I spotted a guy who looked like this, pushed my way into the crowd and stood in front of him. After the band (12 finish) , I turned round to kiss him, and it was only then that I realized he wasn't my boyfriend! I (13 stand) with a complete stranger for over an hour. I (14go) very red, mumbled an apology and then saw my boyfriend who (15 look) __________ for me for ages. "Where (16 you disappear) to?" he asked. He never believed my story!

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