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1-4 класс

How often do you get a cold or sore throat

zaynobiddin 15 июня 2017 г., 7:17:35 (5 месяцев назад)
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помогите составить слова

помогите составить слова из F g h t i s

1-4 класс английский язык ответов нет

Me it suit well does

1-4 класс английский язык ответов нет
My little dog wolf

I’ve got a little dog. His name is Wolf. He is brown and white. Wolf is a nice dog. He likes me very much. We are friends. Little Wolf lives in a little house. The little house is a doghouse. The doghouse is green. One day Wolf says: “I want to run, I want to play.” And he runs out of his house. On and on he runs and meets two little kittens. “Bow, wow,” he says. The little kittens run away from him. Wolf runs after them. He wants to play with them. “Hello, kittens! Bow, wow,” he says. But the kittens run away from him. Wolf is not happy. On and on he goes and meets five little yellow chicks. “Bow, wow,” he says. The little chicks run away from him, Wolf runs after them. “Let’s play, chicks. Bow, wow,” says Wolf. But the chicks run away from him. On and on he runs. Suddenly he meets Mother Hen. She is big and black. “Bow, wow,” says Wolf. But Mother Hen does not run from him. She runs after him. Now Wolf does not want to play. He wants to go home to his green doghouse. He is at home and he likes his dog house very much. There is no place like home.

1-4 класс английский язык ответов нет
прочитать английский по русски

My favorite animal is a monkey. Monkeys have five fingers and five toes, just like people. They have long arms and a long tail. The monkey lives in the trees in the rainforest. It is very hot in the rainforest. They have great fun swinging from the branches. They like to munch on fruit and leaves. Bananas are their favorite food. A group of monkeys is called a troop. Monkeys are very clever animals.

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прочитать английский по русски

Помогите пожалуйста прочитать текст

1-4 класс английский язык ответов нет

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What are your classmates doing?

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