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My little dog wolf

1-4 класс

I’ve got a little dog. His name is Wolf. He is brown and white. Wolf is a nice dog. He likes me very much. We are friends. Little Wolf lives in a little house. The little house is a doghouse. The doghouse is green. One day Wolf says: “I want to run, I want to play.” And he runs out of his house. On and on he runs and meets two little kittens. “Bow, wow,” he says. The little kittens run away from him. Wolf runs after them. He wants to play with them. “Hello, kittens! Bow, wow,” he says. But the kittens run away from him. Wolf is not happy. On and on he goes and meets five little yellow chicks. “Bow, wow,” he says. The little chicks run away from him, Wolf runs after them. “Let’s play, chicks. Bow, wow,” says Wolf. But the chicks run away from him. On and on he runs. Suddenly he meets Mother Hen. She is big and black. “Bow, wow,” says Wolf. But Mother Hen does not run from him. She runs after him. Now Wolf does not want to play. He wants to go home to his green doghouse. He is at home and he likes his dog house very much. There is no place like home.

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как это читается русскими буквами Here s a toy for my little boy a toy soldier for you and his jacket is blue thank you daddy he s very nice he s got dark

hair and big brown eyes And what have i got for my little roze a ballerina she can dance on her toes thank you daddy she s beautiful too she s got a pretty pink skirt and pretty pink

"Have you got any nice socks for my little Baby Elephant? I want to buy him some new socks," said Father Elephant. "All our socks are too (слишком) small

for your Baby Elephant. But wait (подождите) a little, and my little Lions will

make him new beautiful socks."
The little Lions made nice new yellow socks for Baby Elephant.
Then Father Elephant paid (заплатил) for the socks and put them
on Baby Elephant.
Baby Elephant was very glad, and he said, "I like my new socks

Well, Petey ran on and on. Bui he couldn't find a dog who would give his boy away. Petey was very sad. His little legs were very tired. My mother was

right, he thought. There isn’t a boy to be found [невозможно найти мальчика). Just as it was getting dark, he came to a large building. Petey was walking by it slowly when he saw a sign: Home for Boys. “Maybe I could find a boy here!” said Petey to himself. “These boys have no parents, and no dog to take care of them." He walked slowly up to the home. He was so tired he could hardly lift his little paws (едва переставлял свои лапы). Then Petey stopped. He listened. He could hear music. He looked through the window. He saw a Christmas tree, and children singing carols (новогодние песни).Then Petey saw something else. In front of the building, all by himself (совершенно один), sat a boy! He was not a very big boy, and he looked lonely (одиноко), Petey gave a glad little cry. He forgot that he was tired. He jumped up and landed in the boy's lap (оказался па коленях у мальчика). Sniff, sniff, went Petey's little nose. Wag, wag, went Petcy’s tail. He licked the little boy with his warm, wet tongue. How glad the boy was to see Petey! He put both his arms around the little dog and hugged him (обнял его). Then the front door opened and a lady looked out. “Why, here you are, Ricky!” she said, “What are you doing here all alone (совсем один)? Come on in and sit near the Christmas tree.** Petey sat very still. The boy sat still* The boy looked up at the lady and down at Petey. Petey began to tremble (дрожать). Would the boy go in and leave him {бросит его)1 *Tm not alone,” said the boy, “I've got a puppy.” “A puppy!” The lady came out and looked at Petey in surprise (удивленно).Can he come, too?" said the boy. “Why,” said the lady, ‘"you’re a nice little dog. Where did you come from? Yes, bring him in/' “Come on, puppy,” cried the boy. A lot of boys were playing around the Christmas tree. They rushed (бросились к) to Petey. They were so happy to see him. Petey wagged (вшч) his tail. He wagged his fat little body. He licked {облизал) every one of the boys. “Can we keep him?" said one, “Can we give him some dinner?” said another.“Can we make him a nice warm bed?” said a third. “We will give him some dinner and a nice warm bed,” said the lady.tomorrow we will find his mother and see if she'll let him stay," Petey knew his mother would let him slay. She knew how much he wanted a boy. “She’ll be surprised.” said Petey to himself, with a happy little smile, “when I lell her I got fifty boys for Christmas!"
Задание- выберете правельный ответ
Petey was very sad because ...
a)he wanted to get home
b)he was hungry and tired
c)he could not find and a boy
Petey was happy to see the "Home for Boys" because ...
a)he saw a Christmas tree and heard music
b)he saw a sad boy in front of the house
c)he saw a nice lady near the boy

2) bigger \ than \ my \ little \ kitten \ was \ a dog. 3) Roma - Rex \ Dad \ taller \ than \ was

\ my.

4)taller \ a house \ than \ Roma-Rex \ was.

5)was \ longer \ than \ a bus \ Roma-Rex.

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There was a little smart Bird in a tree. A big grey Cat ... (come) to the tree. He ... (see) the little Bird and ... (want) to eat her. "I'll have the

bird for my breakfast," ... (think) the Cat.
"Good morning, Miss Bird," ... (say) the Cat.
"Good morning, Mr Cat," ... (say) the Bird.
"Good news!" ... (say) the Cat.
"What news?" ... (ask) the Bird.
The Cat ... (say), "Very good news, my little Bird! All animals are good friends now! We are friends: all cats, dogs and birds. Come to me! I want to speak to you."
But the little Bird ... (be) very smart.
"Of course, you are my friend. But I see many dogs and they are on their way to this tree."
"Oh, dogs! I must go home!" said the Cat.
"Oh, why, my dear friend? The dogs are our friends, too," said the Bird.
"I think, they don't know the news," said the Cat and ... (run) away.
What did the cat think?
What did the Cat say?
What did the Bird ask?
Why did the Cat run away?

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