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10-11 класс

a) Complete the following sentences by choosing the correct alternative and
translate them.
1. He (don’t, doesn’t) use a classical design. →
2. I (use, am using) this map. →
3. He (don’t, didn’t) finish this project last month. →
4. We already (finished, have finished) our work. →
5. When they came, he (creates, was creating) his new project. →
6. Before they came, he (leave, had gone). →
7. I (am creating, have been creating) it since Monday. →
8. When they (arrive, will arrive) in the city, they’ll see each other. →
9. We (are, are going) to the USA. →
10. I (will do, will have done) it by tomorrow. →
11.The plan (was creating, was created) by the famous architect. →
12. The capital (had been locating/had been located) earlier in New York. →

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1. He doesn’t use a classical design. → он не использует классический дизайн 2. I  am using this map. →я использую эту карту 3. He didn’t finish this project last month. → он не закончил этот проект в прошлом месяце 4. We already  have finished our work. → мы уже закончили эту работу 5. When they came, he  was creating his new project. → когда они пришли, он создавал свой новый проект 6. Before they came, he had gone). → он ушел перед тем, как они пришли 7. I  have been creating) it since Monday. → я создавал его с понедельника 8. When they  will arrive) in the city, they’ll see each other. → когда они прибудут в город они увидят друг друга 9. We are going) to the USA. → мы собираемся в США 10. I (will do it by tomorrow. → я сделаю это к завтрашнему дню 11.The plan was created) by the famous architect. → план был создан известным архитектором 12. The capital /had been located) earlier in New York. → раньше столица была расположена в Нью-Йорке 


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Помогите правильно поставить на пропуски предложенные варианты 1.What are you doing ? - I ____ the fish to see if its all right a) am


b) smell

c) do the smelling of

2. This is _____ phone in the village

a) an only

b) the only

c) only a

3.We argued about politics till late____ night.

a) in the

b) at

c) пропуск

4. Sightseeing is best done____ by tour bus____ by bicycle.

a) both...and

b) neither ....nor

c) either...or

5. Tina____ an inverview this moning.

a) attends

b) is attending

c) had attend

6. I havent been able to sleep___ the last few nights

a) since

b) in

c) for

7. A modern plane ____ with electronic equipment

a) is packed

b) is being packed

c) has been packed

8. It began to rain and we____ for cover.

a) run

b) ran

c) were runing

9. He is writing _____ historical novel about the nineteenth-century Russia

a) the

b) пропуск

c) a

10. There was silence at____ and of the line

a) the other

b) another

c) other

11. Going to work____ the morning is just part of everyday life

a) at

b) in

c) on

12. The dancers looked___ in national costumes

a) splebdid

b) splendidly

c) is splendour

13. He decided to postpone the expedition____ the following day.

a) until

b) before

c) by

14. Mum! I have nothing to wear! The jeans you bought me____ fit me.

a) doesnt

b) arent

c) dont

15. When___ your coat? - This month

a) have you bought

b) you bought

c) did you buy

16. If he ____, we will do this work

a) will come

b) came

c) comes

My parents dont have___ money but I am sure they will help us.

a) many

b) much

c) a lot of

82.4 Complete the sentences

with -selves or each other.

Поставьте вопросы к выделенным словам. 1. Nick gets up at seven o'clock. ( When ? ) 2. He has bread and butter and a cup of

tea for his breakfast. ( What ? )

3. After supper Nick likes to read books. ( Who ? )

4. Olga passed her entrace exams successfully. ( How ? )

5. Shee studies at the Humanitarian departament. ( What depatament ? )

Постройте предложения относительно примеру. Какое это правило не помню :3 Example: It is simple to solve this

problem. --- This problem is simple to solve.

It is difficult to speak to such people. --- Such people are difficult to speak to.


1. It is expensive to buy a mink coat.

2. It is impossible to get a good dinner in our canteen.

3. It was difficult to start an engine in such cold weather.

4. It is dangerous to stand on this ladder.

5. It is rather difficult to deal with stubborn people.

6. It is dangerous to drive a car in big cities.

7. It is interesting to meet new people.

8. It is simple to communicate with people due to Internet.

9. It was unpleasant to watch their quarrel.

10. It is always funny to lister to him.

Смсысл задания не весьма понятен и прошу помощи у вас. Заранее спасибо. Перепишите блок-схему,

приведенную ниже, и заполните пропуски, используя информацию, данную в тексте.

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эмфатические предложения

задание: Here are some examples of how non-native English speakers make mistakes when they try to express their feelings and emotions. if the statement is correct. Do the corrections if necessary.
вот предложения:
-What an awful film is!
-I do love ballet
-What nice surprise!
-How smart are you!
-An absolutely brilliant musical!
-A really sensational film!
-All this does make me tired
-It did made me cry
-I did enjoy the show
-It's a very superb show!
Помогите пожалуйста, очень надо....

Ребята помогите пожалуйста срочно

Ребята помогите пожалуйста срочно надо!!!
Write the following word combinations in the plural form using

possessive case(Напишите следующие комбинации слов во множественном

числе используя притяжательный падеж)
например:This boy/ bag- these

1)this engineer/work.......
2)my sister/clothes......
3)this woman/secret.....
4)that country economy.....

помогите пожалуйста очень надо(((заполните пропуски предлогами, где это необходимо.

My friend likes playing.....chess. He spends a lot ....time....it.
Yesterdaday he played chess...six...the evening and only got... home...ten.
We spent Sunday...the country. We went ....there early...the morning and got back....town late....the evening. We decided to ask our friends...dinner tomorrow....dinner we're going ....Central Park.
What are we having....dinner today?
My friend lives....the country and he likes it very much. His house is a long way....his office. He Does.... town every morning. He is always....time...work.I don't want to go....the cinema tonight. My wife and I are going....a walk. Does your friend play......chess well? I am going to hawe a game....chess.....him. When did the meeting finish? It finished....four . I got .....home late yesterday evening and went ....bed....onice. Peter spends a lot money.....books.I ofen ask him.....books read.

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