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Помогите!!! Переделайте активный залог в пассивный 1) She took a long time to write the composition. but at last she wrote it. 2)

10-11 класс

Why weren't you at the birthday party? - They didn't invite me.

3) We shall leave you behind of you are not quick.

4) I don't think we shall do all this work today: there is too much of it.

5) Don't leave these sweets on the table: somebody will eat them.

Перевести пассивный залог в активный

1. Invitations have been sent to all the old pupils to be present at the schools thirtieth anniversary

2. The work was finished in time.

3. This book must be read by every student.

4. Spartan children were taught by their parents to endure all hardships.


1.Новые коньки купят завтра

2. Мишу попросят рассказать о своём путешествии.

3. Доктора попросят вылечить меня

4. Завтра принесут новый фильм 5. Моему другу помогут с немецким.

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Из активногo залога в пассивный:

1.It took her a long time to  write the composition but at last she wrote it

2.  Why weren't you at the birthday party? - I wasn't invited


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Ребят,помогите с предлогами пожалуйста .Я вроде знаю.Но для сравнения напишите пожалуйста ваше мнение. 1)When the teacher entered__the

classroom__the Lowood charitable institution.all the boys rose __their feet to greet him.

2)The old man could hardly climb__the stairs.

3)The door opened .a man motioned __me to enter,and I was admitted__the house.

4)I did enjoy my thirty days vacation__the Alps.but I was very lonely__my friends whom I had left__home.

5)The dog is hiding__the porch__the house.

6)The train went __the tunnel

7)This plateau is__sea level.

8)The have been gone__Paris__Wednesday.

9)He had to leave the office early__Thursday

10)The small lizard crawled out __the rock.

Составить 5 типов вопросов используя время past simple

1.I wrote homework at 7 o'clock yesterday

Вставьте пропущенную форму глагола TO BE:

1. They … from
4. I … a manager.

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Пожалуйста помогите перевести глаголы в правильную форму...1.The new pump(to work) for 2 hours when we(to stop) it for examination. 2.We (to study) the pro

perties of this material before we(to begin) to useit. 3.It (to rain) all day yesterday. 4.I usually(to meet) them near our office. 5.He(to be) here for half an hour before I(to come). 6.He hardly (to finish) his work,when somebody(to knock) at the door. 7.They (to work) at the laboratory from 10 till 12. 8.You (to visit) your granny yesterday? 9.Columbus and his sailors (to sail) for many days before they (to see) land. 10.By seven o`clock the wind (to blow) off the white snow from the trees. 11. At 5 o`clock in the morning she still(to write) the composition. 12.Ten years ago my friend (to study) at school. 13. I thought you (to work) here for 2 months. 14.He(to get) up, (to leave) the room , ( to go) into the street and then suddenly (to remember) thet he (to leave) the key on the table.

6. Напишите следующие предложения в вопросительной и отрицательной формах:

1. She makes mistakes in spelling.
2. They enjoy their English lessons.
3. The crowd waited a long time to see the famous actor.
4. He worked in that Institute for many years.
7. Напишите следующие предложения в вопросительной форме, употребляя во¬просительные слова, данные в скобках:
1. The performance lasted two hours. (How long)
2. He went to London to see some friends. (Why)
3. Speech is a kind of vibration. (What)
4. Painting is an ancient art. (What)

8. Образуйте Past Indefinite (Simple) и Participle II от следующих глаголов. Проверьте себя по таблице неправильных глаголов:
to build, to think, to go, to see, to give, to meet, to write, to read, to know, to take, to teach, to feel, to have, to come, to begin, to find, to get, to say, to tell, to put, to leave, to do, to sing, to lose, to stand.

9.Употребите глаголы, данные в скобках, в Present, Past, Future Continuous
1. Listen! Someone (knock) at the door.
2. The bus (stop) for us now.
3. The accident happened while they (travel) in the South.
4. When I got up this morning, the sun (shine) brightly.
5. I (wait) on the corner for you at the usual time tomorrow morning.
6. It probably (rain) when you get back.

10. Замените в следующих предложениях действительный залог страдательным. Переведите предложения на русский язык:
1. The little boy ate the cake.
2. The teacher corrects our exercises at home.

11. Переведите предложения на русский язык:
1. The book will be published in spring.
2. The class is taught by Mr. Smith.
3. It was designed by a French engineer.
4. This book is always read by the students of the first course.

Упр. 287. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в требующемся времени. 1. Не said he (to leave) tomorrow morning. 2. She says she already (to find) the

book. 3. He stopped and listened: the clock (to strike) five. 4. She said she (can) not tell me the right time, her watch (to be) wrong. 5. I asked my neighbour if he ever (to travel) by air before. 6. The policeman asked George where he (to run) so early. 7. The delegates were told that the guide just (to go) out and (to be) back in ten minutes. 8. I knew they (to wait) for me at the metro station and I decided to hurry. 9. I didn't know that you already (to wind) up the clock. 10. I was afraid that the little girl (not to be) able to unlock the front door and (to go) upstairs to help her. 11. He says that he (to know) the laws of the country. 12. Sarie understood why Lanny (not to come) the previous evening. 13. She abked me whether I (to remember) the legend about a faithful lion. 14. He understood that the soldiers (to arrest) him. 15. He could not understand why people (not to want) to take water from that well. 16.1 suppose they (to send) a dog after the burglar immediately.


Впишите там где пропуски was,were или did. Переведи.
10. He ______ not play chess for a long time.
11. I _______ glad to meet them.
12. _______ you tire? Yes, I ______.
13. ______ the boys pick up mushrooms? Yes, they _____.
14. I ______ not cut grass in the garden/
15. My parents _____ not hear any hoise.
Поставьте глаголы данные в скобках,в Past Simple. Переведите все предложения а также глаголы.
Last summer I ____ ( to go ) to the camp with my friends. We _____ ( to put up ) the tents and ______ ( to make ) a fire. My friends _____ ( to take ) a lot of food so they ______ ( to cook) every day. John _____ ( to have ) a guitar and we _____ ( to sing) our favorite songs. Besides we ______ ( to swim ) in the river and _______ ( to play ) football. We _____ ( to spend ) in the camp two weeks and we ________ ( to be ) very happy/
Впиши shall и will согласно образцам. Переведите предложения.
Длиная форма.
| Например: I shall meet you. |
| 1. He ___ come in a minute. |
| 2. They ____ be happy to see us. |
| 3. We _____ have a test tomorrow. |
| 4. She ____ be better soon. |

| Например: It will not rain tomorrow. |
| 5. I _____ help him. |
| 6. We _____ buy that car. |
| 7. He ____ marry you. |
| 8. You ____ pass the test. |
Краткая форма.
| Например: I'll meet you. |
| 1. He ___ come in a minute. |
| 2. They ____ be happy to see us. |
| 3. We _____ have a test tomorrow. |
| 4. She ____ be better soon. |
| Например: It won't rain tomorrow. |
|5. I _____ help him. |
| 6. We _____ buy that car. |
| 7. He ____ marry you. |
| 8. You ____ pass the test. |
№ 25.
Поставь глаголы, данные в скобках, в Future Simple. а также напишите перевод.
4.John ________( to take a bus/
5. Ann __ ( to drive) us to the country/
6. _____ you _____ ( to visit) our office next week?
7.George ____ ( to get ) a cold if e eats so much icecream.
8. We ___ ( to wait ) for you here.
9. Mary _____ ( to see) him next Friday.
10. ____she ____( to dance ) in the evening?
Впиши shall или will. Переведи.

- Mary, I _______ go to Greece this summer!
- Great idea! What _____you take?
- I _____ take my new dress and a hat. _____ I take an umbrella?
-No, you ______. I think it ______ rain.
- I suppose they ___. Everybody speaks English now.
- Do you think I _____ like Greek food?
- I think you _____. Greek food is rather tasty.

Ребята отвечайте пишите только то где ещё нет ответа!
За ранее спасибо!

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в требующемся времени

1) The first person whom Andrew (to see) as he (to enter) was his old nurse.She (to sit) on the sofa.During the last five years she greatly (to change) and now(to look) a very old woman.
2)She is going to read the letter she just (to receive).
3)How long you (to wait) for me?
4)Yesterday I (to meet) a friend of mine whom i (not to see) for along time.
5)Ring me up at eleven o^clock,I(not yet to sleep).
6)You (to be) late for the concert if you (not to take) a taxi
7)The sun ( to set ) a long time ago, and it (to begin) to get really old.
8)WhenI ( to come) home yesterday, my sister already (to return) and (to sit)
at the fireplace looking throught some old photographes.
9)He (to smoke) three cigarettes and (to look) throught all the books on the shelf,when at last he (to hear) his friends steps approaching the door.
10)He just (to approach) the door , wheb she (to enter)
11)He (to write) the composition for three hours and he (to say) he soon (to finish) it as he (to think) over the conclusion now.
12)Hardly I (to go) out when I ( to remember) that I (to forget) to take my umbrella.
13)Where is the baby?- The nurse (to put) it to bed.
14)He said he (to work)for a long time without achieving good results.

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