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Помогите перевести текст : "Queen of crime"...

10-11 класс

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Кажется "Королева криминала"


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Помогите!)Буду очень благодарен

Тест 2.Предлоги времени и места.
В пробелы нужно вставить a)in b)at c)on
1. Trude usually works better....the morning 2. Look! There's a cat..... the roof. 3. Are doing anything special.....the weekend? you 4. My office is.....the second floor. 5. I started work this morning....8am 6. Are you going way.....Easter. 7. Tum left.....the traffic lights 8. I start work..... 8.30 every morning 9. Moira lives.....Toronto 10. My children are.....home. 11. Wolfgang met Michaela.....the way to work 12. I live.....Vienna. 13. Are doing anything special.....New Year? you 14. There's somebody waiting..... the bus stop. 15. My in leaves.....18.40 from Platform 1 16. The English examination is......July. 17. There are lots of managers.....my company. 18. Mary doesn't work....Sundays. 19. The party is....16 May 20. Gerhard has some nice pictures hanging.....his office wall.

Заполните пропуски активной или пассивной формой глагола. 1) People pay for their food and are paid for their work. 2)

It is easy to ___ and unpleasant to ___ (criticize)

3) We ___ soup with a spoon meat ___ with a fork (eat)

4) Paper ___ from wood (make)

mary (go) to my school but now she doesnt
essay Every man is the architect of his own fortune.

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Помогите перевести текст английский язык в учебнике 4 класс, Карпюк, на стр. 16 задание первое. ( WEEKDAYS ). Очень нужно.

Помогите перевести текст английский язык в учебнике 4 класс, Карпюк, на стр. 16 задание первое. ( WEEKDAYS ). Очень нужно.

Помогите перевести текст английский язык в учебнике 4 класс, Карпюк, на стр. 16 задание первое. ( WEEKDAYS ). Очень нужно.

Помогите перевести текст-The Russian Federation is the largest county in the void, it occupies about 1/7(one-seventh) of the Earth strace The county is

situated in Eastern Europe, Northern and Central Asia. its total area is over 17 mil. lion square kilometres. The Russian Federation swashed ly 12 three oceans the le. seas o tie, the Atlantic and the Pacific in the south and in the west the county borders on foureen countries it sea-border ith the USA. also has a There le no countries in the world where such great taney ofпоra a and launa can be found as in our land our ounty has numerous bests. plains and steppes, laga md tundra, highlands and desers The highest mountains in orland are the Altai, the Urals and the Caucasus Thereare over two thousand rivёвn the Russian Federation. The longest of them are the Volga, the Ob', the Yenisei, the L.ena and the Amur our land is also rich in lakes ith the deepest lake in the world the Baikal, included.The territory of the Russian Federation is divided into 11 time zones. The climate conditions are rather different: from arctic and moderate to continental and subtropical. Our country is one of the richest in natural resources countries in the world: oil, natural gas, coal, different ores, fer- rous and non-ferrous metals and other minerals. The Russian Federation is a multinational state. It comprises many national districts, several autonomous republics and regions. he popula- tion of the country is about 140 million people Moscow, the capital of Russian Federation, is the largest political. scientific, cultural and industnal center of the country and one of the most beautiful cities on the globe. Russian is the official language of the state. The national symbols ofthe Russian Federation are awhite-blue-red ban. ner and a double-headed eagle The Russian Federation is a constitutional republic headed by the president. The country govemment consists of three branches: legisla- tive, executive and judicial. The President controls only the executive the government, but not the Supreme Court and Fed branch of eral A The legislative power belongs to the Federal Assembly comprising two chambers: the Council of Federation(upper Chamber) and the State Duma(lower Chamber. Each chamber is headed by the Speaker The ex- ecutive power belongs to the govemment(the Cabinet of Ministers) headed by the Prime Minister The judicial power belongs to the system of Courts comprising the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and ederal courts. Our country has a multiparty system. The foreign policy of the Russian Federation is that of international cooperation, peace and friendship with all nations irrespective of theirpo. litical and social systems.

Ребят не могу понять смысловой перевод текста помогите перевести текст пожалуйста.

Заголовок: Now let's read the article in more detail about the Ntional Health Service in Britain.
Текст: Britain's National Service (the NHS) is funded by the goverment, and is the biggest employer in Europe, with 1,2 million employees. But nursing recruitment in UK is at its worst level for 25 years, and 40% of new nurses come from overseas, often from South-East Asia. In 2001, the Royal College of Nursing published the results of a survey of its members. These are some of the key results. Most nurses work both day and night shifts. Three fifths of NHS nurses an average 6,5 hours overtime per week. One third do this for no extra pay. 90% think that they are poorly paid. A quarter have a second job to supplement their salary. The biggest age group is 35-44. Only 1 in 8 nurses in under 30. 31% would leave nusring if they could.
Только переводить с помощью переводчика не нужно все равно понятно будет, если с помощью переводчика переведете.

On Friday 11th August Paul Harding looked in his diary. He had an appointment at 11 o’clock with Mr. Rawson, the local manager of the General Company

for Foreign Trade. The GCFT was in the City. Its offices were on the fifth, sixth and seventh floors of a very tall building. The enquiry office was on the ground floor. Inside the company building the woman in the enquiry office telephoned Miss Wells, the manager’s secretary. She arrived and accompanied Paul to her room on the fifth floor. Miss Well had an office next to Mr. Rawson’s. As soon as her boss was free, she buzzed him on the intercom. Mr. Rawson immediately asked her to show Paul into the office. RAWSON Ah! Mr. Harding. Come in, please. My name is Rawson. HARDING How do you do? RAWSON How do you do? Please sit down. Did you have a good trip? HARDING Yes, thank you. Not at all bad. RAWSON Good! Now this morning I want you to meet some of our heads of Department… Miss Wells, ask Mr. Jones to come in here, please. WELL I’m afraid Mr. Jones is not available… Mr. Smith is not available either. But Mrs. Collier’s here. RAWSON Good. Ask her to come in, please. When were you here last, Mr. Harding? HARDING Oh! I was here about six months ago. RAWSON Did you meet Mrs. Collier then? HARDING No, I didn’t I’m afraid. RAWSON Well, she’s my Personal Assistant. You will like her. She’s a very charming lady… Ah, Mrs. Collier. COLLIER Please, don’t get up. RAWSON I’d like to introduce you a colleague from America. Mrs. Collier, Mr. Harding. HARDING How do you do? COLLIER How do you do? Помогите перевести текст!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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