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Choose the odd one out A)fast food B)fresh fruit and vegetables C)eating late at night D)eating sweets E)skipping breakfast и второе задание: Choose the ri

5-9 класс

ght variant What sound goes a mouse make? A)hisses B)neighs C) quacks D)squeaks E)moos.

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Ответ 1)B, Ответ 2)D


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Last year my father said, "We are going to St Petersburg." I was very happy and told all my friends about the trip. They were interested in St Petersburg

too and I promised to send postcards to everybody. My first days in St Petersburg were very exciting — I forgot about everyone. We saw the Hermitage, the biggest museum in the city. Then we went to the Kunstkammer, one of the oldest museums in Russia and the Bolshoi Theatre. We stayed in Peterhof and I could see the beautiful fountains and palaces out of my window.
On the last day I remembered about the postcards. The weather was very nice, so all my family went to the Summer Garden and I stayed at home. I felt very unhappy but I wrote thirty-five postcards and sent them to my friends!
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A) Match the world to make phrases.

( to) take. abroad
(To) invite. Place
(To) collect. The date
(To)arrange. Badges
(To) go. Quests

B) Complete b the sentences with the new word combinations.
1) Sam is going to ... ... to his birthday party.
2) Let's ... ... of the meeting
3) Where will the party ... ... ? - In school
4) Have you got any hobbies? - Yes, I ... ...
5) The head teacher got an invitation letter yesterday. His student will ... ... Next month.

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10. What does an idiom 'a couch potato' mean?A) a large potato-shaped sofa used for resting while sitting on a couch;B) a traditional American dish made with sweet potatoes;C) a lazy person who spends a lot of time watching TV;D) a nickname of students who prefer eating potatoes because they don't have a lot of money.11. Choose the odd word out:A) souvenirs; B) handicrafts; C) hotels; D) pottery.12. Match the sentence beginning to the ending to make an agreement:That was a brilliant film.A) No, it wasn't;B) You're quite right, it isn't;C) Yes, it wasn't;D) Yes, it was.13. Guess the riddle:What travels around the world but stays in one place? A) a postcard; B) a rocket; C) a letter; D) a stamp.14. Choose the right answer:What Scottish city was built, like Rome, on seven hills? A) Glasgow; B) Edinburgh; C) Dundee; D) Aberdeen.15. Choose the proper endings of plural forms to describe a funny picture:Armadillo... are eating baked potato Happy hippo... are playing banjo A) es, es, oes, es; B) s, es, s, s; C) s, s, es, es; D) es, s, es, s.16. Choose the proper article:... children play basketballA) A; B) An; C) The; D)-.17. Choose the odd one out:A) music; B) history; C) laboratory; D) maths.18. Match the sentence with the answer:Thanks very much.A) That's all right; B) Oh, yes? What's the matter?; C) Not at all; D) All right.Задания на 5 баллов19. Choose the right variant:1 inch is A) 0,254 cm; B) 0,0254 m; C) 1,254 m; D) 0, 0352 cm; E)0,5m.20. Guess the riddle:What goes round the house and in the house and never touches the house? A) a fire; B) a lightening; C) a wolf; D) the sun; E) a cow.21. Choose the right answer:What does a plane do at the end of a journey? A) returns; B) grounds; C) gets on; D) lands; E) comes.22. Choose American English words:A) Vacation; B) Motorcycle; C) Airplane; D) Subway; E) Railroad.23. Choose the proper prefix to form a word with «clockwise»:A) mis-; B) pre-; C) micro-; D) anti-; E) sub-.24. What is the name of the Scottish national flag?A) St Andrews Cross; C) The Saltire; E) St Patrick's Cross.B) St James Cross; D) Union Jack;25. These are phrases form SMS messages used by teenagers in English-speaking countries nowadays. Choose wrong matches:A) @J's.CUL8TR - At John's. See you later.B) F3T? - Free to talk?C) LUV A - Love Bob.D) Y NY? - Yes and you?E) N04M0R0 WER? - No. Tomorrow. Where?26. Choose the odd one out:A) Cupid; B) Heart; C) Lace; D) Thom; E) Love.27. Choose the sentences that have got spelling mistakes:A) Mary's going to Spain in Aprile.B) We never go to school on the first of Januery.C) We usually go to the Black sea in summer.D) I'm going to my granparents next weekend.E) After school we often play wolleyball in the gym.28. Choose a proper preposition to complete the sentence:Never run ... the road without looking. A) over; B) through; C) across; D) down; E) around.29. Choose the odd one out:A) fast food;B) fresh fruit and vegetables;C) eating late at night;D) eating sweets;E) skipping breakfast.30. Choose the right variant:What sound goes a mouse make?A) hisses; B) neighs; C) quacks; D) squeaks; E) moos.

1.choose the odd one out

fast food
fresh fruit and vegetables
eating late at night
eating sweets
skipping breakfast
2.What sound goes a mouse make?

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1) Choose the right variant:
I inch is....
A) 0.254cm B) 0.0254m C) 1.254m D) 0.0352cm E) 0.5m

2) Guess the riddle:
what goes roung the house and in the house and never touches the house?
A) a fire B) a lightening C)a wolf D) the sun E) a cow

3) What is the name of the Scottish national flag?
A) St Andrews Cross B) St James Cross C) The saltire D)Union Jack E)St Patrick"s Cross

4) Choose the odd one out:
A) Cupid B)Heart C)Lace D)Thorn E)Love

5) Choose a proper preposition to complete the sentence:
Never run....the road without looking.
A) over B)though C) across D) down E) around

1.Choose the correct item.

1)We (live/have lived) in Hastings now.
2)I (got/have got) two brothers and a sister.
3)He (plays/is playing) football once a week.
4)We (are/have been) here since the shop opened.
5)I always (am drinking/drink) black coffee.
6)(Has/does) he got a camera?
7)When did you (got/get) home last night?
8)(We are/We) going to stay at home today.
9)We (knew/have known) them for a long time.
10)I (worked/am working) there two years ago.

2.Put the words in the correct order.
1)I /on Saturday/ didn't/ you/ at the party/ see/ night.
2)Some/ in the library/ we / interesting/ books/ found.
3)Walked/ around the town/ have/ I.
4)Every week-end/ do/ clean/ you/ the house?
5)Slowly/ he/ getting/ is /better.

3.Put the verbs in brackets into Past or Present Simple Passive.
1)The pet (feed) every day by a girl.
2)The thief ran away but he (find) by the policeman.
3)She always (dress) in funny clothes.
4)Both boys (take) home where they (ask) questions by their parents.
5)He (say) to be my best friend.
6)The cathedral (build) by Christopher Wren after the Great Fire.

4.Choose the correct preposition: out, of, on, at, in, for, to, if necessary.
1)Please take that long pencil ... ... your case and put it ... the table.
2)Please, don't go ... there.
3)Where is Jack? He's ... the blackboard. He's lokking ... it.
4)I usually go ... the office ... the morning.
5)Take your pen ... ... your bag and write this sentence.
6)... what language do you speak ... classes?
7)Peter is always ... time ... his lessons.

5.Fill in proper article.1)When we want to write ... letter, we take ... piece of paper and .. pen. We first write our own address and ... date in ... right-hand corner. Then on ... left-hand side we write ... greeting. We must not forget to leave ... margin in ... left-hand side of ... page. At ... end of ... letter we write ''Yours'' and then sing our name..

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