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CompLete the questions for these answers Use the present simpLe or the correct form of be or have got

5-9 класс

1 Who ... actors ?
My favourite actors are Johnny Depp and DanieI RadcIiffe.
2 Where .. Iive?
DanieI RadcIiffe Iives in Iondon and Johnny Depp Iives in France.
3 ... DanieI`s new fiIm on DVD?
Yes,I have .It`s great!
4 Where ... from?
Johnny is from the USA
5 ... fair hair?
No,he hasn`t .He`s got dark hair.
6 How often... ?
I go to the cinema adout once a month

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1/Who is your favourite actor?
2/Where does they live?
3/Do you have Daniel's new film on DVD?
4/Where is Johnny from?
5/Does he have fair hair?
6/How often do you go to the cinema?


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Sue will buy a car next year.

задание задать вопросы: общий ,специальный,альтарнативный,разделительный ,вопрос к подлежащему. только все вопросы по порядку

помогите пожалуйста

Надо к предложению His sister studies at school , к этому предложению задать типы вопросов 1)общий вопрос 2)Альтернативный вопрос 3)разделительный вопрос

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Make questions for these answers, using the words in brackets.

1. We usually have toast for breakfast. (what) _________________________________
2 I finish school at 3.30 p.m. (when) _________________________________
3 My dad calls me every Friday. (how often) _________________________________
4 She goes to college by car. (how) _________________________________
5 I usually go shopping with Kathy. (who) _________________________________
6 We live near the town centre. (where)

Очень очень нужно завтра сдать, помогите сделать 1)))Put in the werbs in brackets into the present simple or the present contin


hi isabel,
i'm in the beautiful city of oxford. I 1 (study) German and Russian at the university here. I 2 (find) both languages interesting but German
3 (be) more difficult. All the other students on the course. 4 (feel) the same way,too. We 5 (meet) once a week to discuss the lectures. This week,e 6 (go) to the theatre in London to see a play. I 7 (stay) on the campus for the moment but a few of us. 8 (look) for a house to share. the foof in the halls. 9 (not/be) very good,so we usually. 10 (have) lunch at a restaurant nearby.
I hope to hear from you soon
Take care,

2)))Put in the werbs in brackets into the present simple or the present perfect

1. A : When did you move (you/move) house,David?

B: Three days ago but I (not/unpack) yet.

2. A: Do you like Chinese food?

B: Actually, I (NEVER/TRY) it

3. A: I (just/finish) my essay

B:Really? I (write) mine yesterday evening

4. A: How long (you/live) in America?
B: I (come) here in 2004

5. A : (you/type) the letters yet?

B: Yes, I (finish) them half an hour ago and (give) them to Mr Harris

3)))Fill in : has/have been/to,has/have gone to

1. A:Have you ever been to France?

B:No, haven't but I'd like to go one day

2. A:I'm afraid Sue and Pam can't come with us. They want to visit their grandmother.

B: She _____

3. A: Haw long ___ Mexico?

B:For nearly three uears

4.A: Do you know where Mum is?

B: I think she ___ the post office to get some stamps.

5)))Put the adjectives in the right order

1 a new/woollwn/red/smart/hat ( a smart new red woollen hat)

2 a(n) modern/luxurious/italian/car (______ )

3 two/long/blue/beautiful/dresses ( ______ )

4 a gold/tiny/round/Russian/coin (_____)

5 a plastic/blue/little/spoon ( _____ )

6)))Choose the correct answer

1 We used ... in flat but now we live in a big house a) live b) to live c) living

2 I'm used ... up very early in the morning, so it doesn't bother me a) to get b) getting c) to getting

3 It was difficult at first but Max is getting used ... on the left a) drive b) to driving c) driving

4 Dad didn't use ... on Saturdays but he does now a) work b) working c) to work

5 When Helen was little, her father used ... her stories before going to bed a) tell b) to tell c) telling

6 I never got used ... German when I lived in Germany.It was difficult for me to learn a) to speaking b) speaking c) speak

7 Neil isn't used ... Chinese food a) to eat b) to eating c) eating

8 Tom used ... in Rome but now he's moved back to London a)live b) to living c) to live

Помогите, буду благодарна. хоть чем то) Внутренний мониторинг по английскому языку (8 класс) 1 Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or the

Present Continuous. Interviewer: Today, I'm in London and I'm interviewing (interview) Josh Ellis. Josh 1 ….. (come) from Wales. What2 ….. (you do), Josh? Josh: Well, I'm a student. This term we 3 ….. (study) modern music. I 4 ..… (play) the guitar and saxophone quite well and I 5 ….. (learn) to play the trumpet. Interviewer: 6 ..… (you belong) to a band? Josh: Yes. There are five of us. We usually 7 ..… (practise) at the weekend. At the moment we 8 ..… (make) a recording of our own songs and we 9 ….. (organise) a tour to Germany and France. Interviewer: So life is busy for you? Josh: Well, yes. In fact, life 10 ….. (get) quite stressful right now because of college exams next week! 2 Write sentences. (he/like/play tennis?) Does he like playing tennis? 1 (he/prefer/swim) ….. 2 (I/not Like/eat/meat) ….. 3 (Matt/enjoy/dance?) ….. 4 (I/can't stand/be/indoors all day) ….. 5 (They/quite like/live/abroad) ..… 3 Complete the sentences with these words. after, back, on with, up, up to 1. I'm not sure when they'll get back home. 2. The boys are very quiet. I wonder what they're getting ….. . 3. He never gets ..… early in the morning. 4. She doesn't get ….. her brothers very well. 5. She always takes the dog for a walk when she gets ….. from school. 6. I like looking ….. my young nephew. 4 Complete the sentences with these verbs. do, have, go, make My grandfather lives in a cottage in the country. Every morning he has breakfast at eight o'clock, 1 ..… his bed and then 2 ..… the housework. He always 3 ….. his main meal at one o'clock. In the afternoon, he 4 ..… his shopping in the village. He 5 ….. swimming once a week. 5 Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or the Past Continuous. We had (have) our end-of-year party Last Saturday in the big hall at college. In the afternoon, Pete and I 1 ..… (get) the hall ready. But while we 2 ..… (put) up the decorations, Pete 3…... (fall off) the ladder. Fortunately, he 4 ….. (not be) hurt. That evening, when I 5 ….. (arrive) at the party, the band 6 ..… (play) and some of the students 7 ..… (dance). We 8 ..… (want) to have a barbecue outside, but it … (rain) so we 10 ….. (eat) inside. 6 Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect or the Past Simple. Anna: I got (get) an email from my English penfriend, Julie, yesterday. Maria: That's nice. 1 ….. (you ever meet) her? Anna: No, but we 2 ….. (speak) on the phone. She 3 ..… (never visit) our country and I 4 ..… (never go) to England. Maria: My French penfriend 5 ..… (came) here last year and he 6 ….. (stay) with us for a month. I 7 ..… (not visit) him yet. His parents ….. (invite) me to stay with them next summer. Anna: That's great. 19 ….. (go) to France two years ago with my family and we 10 ….. (like) it very much. 7 Complete the sentences with a, an, the or no article. What time do you get up in the morning? 1. She can speak ….. Japanese. 2. I've forgotten my pen. Have you got ….. pen I can borrow, please? 3. I want to go to ..… new Leisure Centre next week. It's just opened. 4. We're not really interested in ….. sport. 5. He wants to be ..… film director. 6. Excuse me, waiter, can we have ….. bill, please? 7. Does he know a lot about ….. computers? 8. A: What are you doing at ..… weekend? В: I don't know. 9. A: Here's ..… phone number of his college. B: Thanks. I'll ring them now. 10. My niece wants ….. book about dogs for her birthday but I don't know which one to get her. 8 Complete the sentences with the correct words. There is one extra word. angry, energetic, excited, happy, sad, tired, worried She's worried, about her exams because she hasn't worked very hard this year. 1. Their parents get ….. when they come home late. 2. He's been jogging in the park and now he's really ….. . 3. She's ….. because her boyfriend hasn't phoned her. 4. I'm ..… because I've passed my driving test. 5. The children are going on holiday to America. They're very ….. because they've never been abroad.

Помогите с лексико-грамматическим тестом Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.

Denis is the (good) friend. For me Maths is (difficult) than Literature. My sister is (tall) than me. This exercise is (easy) than that one. I think History is (interesting) subject at school. Ann is the (bright) student in our class.

Put the prepositions. They invited us at/to/in London. Who takes care about/for/of your pet? Did you meet anyone at / in /during Summer school in Britain? Will you go abroad at/ on/ in October? My best friend is from/ out/ in Britain. They travelled on/ in/ by a comfortable bus. We would like to learn more from/ of/ about London.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word Charles Darwin was a famous ( science). Paula wants to become an English (teach). I. Repin was an outstanding (art). I think he will be a successful (write) in the future. Madonna is a popular American (sing)

Choose the right variant: Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple.

1 You ____on holidays last year.

a) go b) went c) will go

2. He _____late for work yesterday.

a) is b) was c) will be

3. Every morning Tom ________early.

a) wakes up b) woke up c) will wake up

4. They _______ a lot of new subjects next year.

a) have b) had c) will have

5. Ann _____English well.

a) speaks b) spoke c) will speak

2.1 talk about the past with the correct form of be.

Complete the sentences with was/wasn't were/weren't
1.Marilyn Monroe ........ a famous film star.
2. I phoned you last night buy you ........ there.
3.Matt ..... at school yesterday because he ....
4.Frodo and Sam ..... in Star Wars.The .... Lord of the rings.
5.When I ..... little,I.......scared of dogs.I hated them.
6.Apoll 11 ....... an American spaceship. It .... Russian.

2.2 ask questions with Was/Were.
Make a question and answer for each sentencet.
1.Was it good? Yes,it was.
1.I saw Treasure Planet last nught.(good/yes)
2.I bought some shoes yesterday.(expensive/yes)
3.We had an English test for lunch.(difficult/no)
4.I had an omelette for lunch.(nice/yes)
5.I got Nine emails yesterday.(interesting/no)

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