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Ex.3 Write the sentensec in the Past Simple. 1) She walks to work. She walked to work 2) I don’t like politicians. 3) Do you work with my sister? 4) How

5-9 класс

many children do they have? 5) Are they married? 6) We meet new people every day? 7) What do you do on Sundays? 8) The children start school on Monday.

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2. I did not like the politicians.

3. Did you work with my sister?

4.How many children did they have?

5.Were they married?

6. we met new people yesterday.

7.What did you do on Sunday?

8. The children started chool on Monday 


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the robber will be caught(will)
the book will be published in August(what)
a lot of postcards have been already written(what)
a compfire has just been made(when)
the film will be shown on TV(will)

B3. I remember my first day of school in detail. It was a nice bright September morning when my mum ________ me to a large school ground. (BRING)

B4. There were lots of kids and parents there. At first I felt uneasy as I ________ any of them. (NOT KNOW)

B5. I wanted to go inside but the doors ________ . (СLOSE)

B6. “Look around”, my mum said. “There are so many ________ here. (CHILD)

B7. Almost every child had a bouquet of flowers and I felt very proud because my bouquet was the ________ . Some men and women in the centre of the playground were telling us about their school years. (GOOD)

B8. “Look at that woman, mum”, I whispered “She ________ to the Head of the school now. (SPEAK)

B9. I’m sure that I ________ her. Her face looks very familiar”. Later I found out that she was a TV presenter for an educational programme for young children and a graduate of our school. (ALREADY SEE)

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Write the same in Active: 1.The film is much spoken about. 3.The little girl was laughed at. 5.His speech won't be listened


6.The children will be spoken to tomorrow.

7.The cab was sent for.

Write the same in Passive:

2.They will look after the children.

4.Somebody has looked for my granny's glasses.

Write the verbs in ing form.Example: write-writing

Write the verbs in ing form. Example: answer — answering
take give describe
dance change arrange
have smile shake

Example: stop-stopping

begin jog cut
run put get
sit let

4.Write the sentences in Past Simple and Future Simple.

a. Kate (to cook) dinner tomorrow?
b. I (not to eat) ice cream yesterday.
c. She (to help) mother yesterday?
d. You (to go) to the cinema next year.
e. He (not to play) the piano tomorrow.
f. We (tosee) a film last Sunday.
g. I (to run) tomorrow morning.

Write the verbs in Present simple.

1. My mom and dad_________(work) in the fields every day.
2. Joe___________(not live) in the city because it`s not nice.
3.__________(you/want) to come and play with the animals?
4. Maddie__________(go) for rides on the donkey in the afternoon.
5. _____________(Ned/like) to eat fruit and vegetables?
6.They_________(not wake up) very early in the morning.
7. My sister and I________(get up) at 7 o`clock to help on the farm.
8. _______________(they/visit) the city at the weekend?\
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СРОЧНО! Write the sentence using Past Simple or Present Perfect 1.We (have) a wonderful weekend

_____________________ 2.I just (know) about it. _______________________________ 3.Peter (know) this story when he was a child._____________ 4. I (go) to the cinema last week._________________________ 5.This week i (see) two films/___________________________ 6.She (shut) the windows in the evening._______________ 7.He (shut) the door but not (lock0 it.___________________ 8.She (speak) five languages some years ago.___________ 9. I (not see) him for ages.__________________________-

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