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II. Put the words in brackets in the correct form:

5-9 класс

1. If you (listen) to me, you (make) the right decision.
2. What (go) on? Our neighbours’ children (play) in the yard.
3. This month I (get) up very early. - What you (do)? - I’m (go) to the swimming pool before school.
4. She always (interrupt) me. I don’t like it.
5. We (have) to join this huge queue if we (not hurry).
6. I (lend) some money to you if you (forget) your PIN code

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1.If you listened to me , you will make the right decision.
2.what is going on ? Our neighbors's children playing in the yard
3.this month i got up very early. - what are you doing? - i'm going to the swimming pool before .
school .
4. She always interrupts me . I don't like it
5.we had to join this huge queue if we wouldn't hurry .
6. I will lend some money to you , if you forgot your pin code


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Сделай из предложений вопросы:

1) Helen helped her mother in the morning.
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3) My friend spoke English well.
4) I read the letter yesterday
5) Pete wrote his essay

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Помогите, буду благодарна. хоть чем то) Внутренний мониторинг по английскому языку (8 класс) 1 Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or the

Present Continuous. Interviewer: Today, I'm in London and I'm interviewing (interview) Josh Ellis. Josh 1 ….. (come) from Wales. What2 ….. (you do), Josh? Josh: Well, I'm a student. This term we 3 ….. (study) modern music. I 4 ..… (play) the guitar and saxophone quite well and I 5 ….. (learn) to play the trumpet. Interviewer: 6 ..… (you belong) to a band? Josh: Yes. There are five of us. We usually 7 ..… (practise) at the weekend. At the moment we 8 ..… (make) a recording of our own songs and we 9 ….. (organise) a tour to Germany and France. Interviewer: So life is busy for you? Josh: Well, yes. In fact, life 10 ….. (get) quite stressful right now because of college exams next week! 2 Write sentences. (he/like/play tennis?) Does he like playing tennis? 1 (he/prefer/swim) ….. 2 (I/not Like/eat/meat) ….. 3 (Matt/enjoy/dance?) ….. 4 (I/can't stand/be/indoors all day) ….. 5 (They/quite like/live/abroad) ..… 3 Complete the sentences with these words. after, back, on with, up, up to 1. I'm not sure when they'll get back home. 2. The boys are very quiet. I wonder what they're getting ….. . 3. He never gets ..… early in the morning. 4. She doesn't get ….. her brothers very well. 5. She always takes the dog for a walk when she gets ….. from school. 6. I like looking ….. my young nephew. 4 Complete the sentences with these verbs. do, have, go, make My grandfather lives in a cottage in the country. Every morning he has breakfast at eight o'clock, 1 ..… his bed and then 2 ..… the housework. He always 3 ….. his main meal at one o'clock. In the afternoon, he 4 ..… his shopping in the village. He 5 ….. swimming once a week. 5 Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or the Past Continuous. We had (have) our end-of-year party Last Saturday in the big hall at college. In the afternoon, Pete and I 1 ..… (get) the hall ready. But while we 2 ..… (put) up the decorations, Pete 3…... (fall off) the ladder. Fortunately, he 4 ….. (not be) hurt. That evening, when I 5 ….. (arrive) at the party, the band 6 ..… (play) and some of the students 7 ..… (dance). We 8 ..… (want) to have a barbecue outside, but it … (rain) so we 10 ….. (eat) inside. 6 Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect or the Past Simple. Anna: I got (get) an email from my English penfriend, Julie, yesterday. Maria: That's nice. 1 ….. (you ever meet) her? Anna: No, but we 2 ….. (speak) on the phone. She 3 ..… (never visit) our country and I 4 ..… (never go) to England. Maria: My French penfriend 5 ..… (came) here last year and he 6 ….. (stay) with us for a month. I 7 ..… (not visit) him yet. His parents ….. (invite) me to stay with them next summer. Anna: That's great. 19 ….. (go) to France two years ago with my family and we 10 ….. (like) it very much. 7 Complete the sentences with a, an, the or no article. What time do you get up in the morning? 1. She can speak ….. Japanese. 2. I've forgotten my pen. Have you got ….. pen I can borrow, please? 3. I want to go to ..… new Leisure Centre next week. It's just opened. 4. We're not really interested in ….. sport. 5. He wants to be ..… film director. 6. Excuse me, waiter, can we have ….. bill, please? 7. Does he know a lot about ….. computers? 8. A: What are you doing at ..… weekend? В: I don't know. 9. A: Here's ..… phone number of his college. B: Thanks. I'll ring them now. 10. My niece wants ….. book about dogs for her birthday but I don't know which one to get her. 8 Complete the sentences with the correct words. There is one extra word. angry, energetic, excited, happy, sad, tired, worried She's worried, about her exams because she hasn't worked very hard this year. 1. Their parents get ….. when they come home late. 2. He's been jogging in the park and now he's really ….. . 3. She's ….. because her boyfriend hasn't phoned her. 4. I'm ..… because I've passed my driving test. 5. The children are going on holiday to America. They're very ….. because they've never been abroad.

3. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense: Sue Thomas is a

3. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense: Sue Thomas is a fashion designer. She 1) ... has been making.... (make) clothes ever since she 2) ………….(be) a young girl. She 3) …………………………. (get) her first jobin a clothes factory when she was sixteen. She 4) …………………… (sew) buttons onto ashirt one day when she 5)………………….. (have) a brilliant idea for a design. After she6) …………………. (speak) to her bank manager, she got a loan and she 7) …………....…….(open) her own little workshop. Now she 8) …………………………. (make) lots of money


1)they.....(go) to school when they......(be)five years old.2)i.......(call)you before i...........(leave)for Paris.3)he....(write)a letter to her every day while he.......(be)at college.4)we........(do)our homework when we......(get)home.5)john.......(fix)the tap as soon as he .........(come)back from work.6)when.........(you/pack)your suitcase?7)i.......(not/do)anything until you ....(be)ready.8)when........(you/phone)me?9)i promise i.......(buy)you a present when i .........(return)from my holiday.10)when she ...........(pass)her driving test?she....(buy)a car.
A).......we tell mr peck about thee accident?B)thats a good idea.maybe he can help.A)it is too dark in here to read.B)is it?i........turn on the light.A)please come and see us.B)we.......visit you soon,thats a promise.A)....i wear a jumper or a coat?B)its very cold.take your coat.A)can we go out to play,mum?B)no,we.......have dinner now.
1)......(Gordon/come)with us tonight?no,he.....(be/not).2)my sister......(go)to university in september.3)what time...(the play/start)tomorrow?4)natalie.......(have)a birthday party on saturday.5)megan.........(sing)in the school concert tomorrow night.6)the flight to berlin .......(leave)at six oclock.7)the Browns.........(move)to their new house this weekend.8)what time...........(the ferry/reach)Calais tomorrow afternoon?

Join the sentences, using the words in brackets.

1) She will buy tickets for the concert. She will phone us. (as soon as)
2) We will get good marks. We will finish the project in time. (if)
3) They will discuss this problem. They will make a decision. (before)
4) We won’t go for a walk. The rain will stop. (until)
5) I’ll read your e-mail. I’ll come home. (when)
Complete the sentences with the correct part of speech, using the words in brackets.
1) The latest book of this (novel) describes the (truth)
events in the history of our country.
2) My parents won’t give me the (permit) to leave the college.
3) The poem was so (emotion) that tears appeared in her eyes.
4) If you use your (imagine) you’ll guess the end of this (excite) story.
5) The teacher gave him some extra work as (punish) for being late
Report the statements.
1) «I bought this disc three days ago», said Harry.
2) «Don’t argue with me!» Father said to Paul.
3) «The Browns have just returned from the seaside», Mike said to his brother.
4) «Could you open the window, please?» Jane said to her classmate.
5) Liz said to Ben, «I can’t go to the concert with you.»
6) «We will choose her a present tomorrow, Sally», Mother said.

Test I. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets: 1. While the children (to play) football, the rain began to fall. 2. When we (to finish)

dinner, Susan took the dishes away. 3. We shall have supper when he (to come). 4. Tell me if you (to be) able to return by next Monday. 5. If you wash the dishes, you (to have) a chocolate. 6. I (to go) to London tomorrow. 7. The station-master knew what each passenger (to allow) to do. II. Choose the right article. 1. Have you heard the story of the two girls, who wanted to give ... Christmas present to ... friend but didn't know what to send? One of ... girls said, "Let's give her ... clock". "What's ... use of giving her ... clock?" said ... other. "She doesn't want that. She has got... clock. I think we ought to give her... book". "But", said ... first girl, "she has got... book, too, hasn't she?" 2. Ernest Hemingway is ... great American writer. His lather wanted him to be... doctor, but he became ... newspaper reporter. He took part in ... First World War which he described in ... novel "A Farewell to Arms". III. Circle the suitable preposition. 1. G.B.Shaw had lived in England (in, for, about) fifty years. English people had laughed (over, on, at) him and his plays. 2. I like to look (on, at, onto) the books on my shelves and to feel that I have my friends (round, about, among) me. 3. The rain is beating (at, on, onto) the windows. 4. I like to listen (---, to, on) the radio. IV. Circle the suitable pronoun. 1.1 haven't (much, many) time for study and that's why I have (many, much, few) mistakes in my homework. 2. Was there (something, anything) interesting in the paper yesterday? - No, there weren't (any, some, no) interesting articles in it. 3. Is this Mary's pen? - No, it is (my, mine). V. Circle the appropriate word I'd like to (tell, say) you something about Mr. Brown's house. He is an old friend of (my, mine) and I (had gone, went) to visit him about a week ago. I had to go (by, in) car. Mr. Brown was (happy, happily) to see me. (It, there) was a cold day and I was very pleased to see the bright lire (burn, burning) in the fireplace. VI. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence. 1. room/ one/ there/ on / the/ was / a / side/ of/ piano. 2. fire/ we/ the/ down/ armchairs/ in / before/ sat. 3. which/ girls/ painted/ they/ the/ pictures/ to/ hoped/ sell. 4. lay/ the/ she/ window / near. 5. third/ studio/ floor/ old/ the/ was/ of/ on/ brick/ the/ house/ an. VII. Circle the right variant. 1. A: What do you say to a friend on his/her birthday? B: a) It's a pleasure. b) Many happy return of the day. c) The same to you. 2. A: Oh, Mr. Green, this is Miss Brown. B: a) How are you? b) How do you do? c) Very well, thank you. 3. A: Did you hear the news? B: a) It was good. b) They were good 4. It's time for dinner,… a) is it? b) isn't it? c) isn't there?

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