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4.Help the computer complete the questions and write down short answers. Образец : You are a fifth year student , AREN"T YOU? - Yes, I am. 1) You study

5-9 класс

a lot of subjects,____________?-__________ 2) You can play a musical instrument,_________?-_________ 3) You don"t speak French,______________?-__________ 4) You have English three times a week,_______?-_____ 5) You teachers aren" t British,__________?-_________ 6) You weren"t in London this summer,______?-_______ 7) All your frinds would like to visit Britain,____?-_______
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1) You study a lot of subjects,aren't you?-Yes,I am 2) You can play a musical instrument,can't you?-No,I can't3) You don"t speak French,do you?-Yes,I do4) You have English three times a week,haven't you?-Yes,I have 5) You teachers aren" t British,are they?-Yes,they aren't 6) You weren"t in London this summer,were you?-Yes,we weren't 7) All your frinds would like to visit Britain,aren't they?-Yes,they are


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Be tolerant of people with whom you disagree

look at opposing viewpoint
look for the issue you are going to debate
express your arguments logically
attack arguments, not a person
be active and use good reasons
challenge others


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Write tag endings and answers the questions. Explame: you are a fifth year student, aren't you?- Yes, I am

1. You study a lot of subjects, _________? - ________
2. You can play a musical instrument, __________? - ______
3. You don't speak French, _______? - ______
4. You began to study English 4 years ago, _________? - __________
5. Your teachers aren't British, __________? - _____________
6. You weren't in London this summer, _____________? - ________________
7. All your friends would like to visit Britain, _______________? - __________________

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How do they help students?


What clubs and extra activities are available at your school?
When do the activities take place?
How many students are there in the different clubs?
Is the number of students in school clubs going up or down?


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ПОМОГИТЕ!!!! Нужно написать 10 предложений!!!! Назову лучшем если поможите!!!!!! Read the exam task below and write a letter of complaint.

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store, in which you will:
• explain when and where you bought the product
• describe the problem in detail and ask for a replacement or a refund

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Grammar: past continuous Complete the questions and answers. Policewoman

What(1)______________________(you/do) last nigth?

Rob (2)_______________________________(i/work).

Policewoman Where(3)___________________(you/work)?

Rob (4)_____________________________(i/sit) in repeticion.

Policewoman And what (5)_____________________________(you/do)?

Rob (6)_____________________________(i/work) on the computer.

Policewoman You say you saw a hand.

Rob Yes, (7)______________________(it/put) a key back.

Policewoman And then you saw a man.

Rob Yes, (8)__________________________________(he/run) away.

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