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Be tolerant of people with whom you disagree

5-9 класс

look at opposing viewpoint
look for the issue you are going to debate
express your arguments logically
attack arguments, not a person
be active and use good reasons
challenge others

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быть терпимым к людям, с которыми вы
посмотреть на противоположной точки зрения
искать вопросу вы собираетесь обсуждать
выразить свои аргументы логически
Аргументы атаки, не человек
быть активным и использовать веские причины
вызов другим


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ТЕКСТ: Television, also called TV, is one of the most important mass media. People with a television set can sit at home and can see and learn

about people, animals, and things in faraway lands. Millions of viewers around the world can watch sports events and other events of worldwide interest. TV brings its viewers a steady stream of programmes that are designed to give information and to entertain. In fact, television provides more entertainment programmes that any other kind of mass media. The programmes include sports events, variety shows, quiz shows, feature films, cartoons, fictional serials called soap operas, etc. There are two main kinds of television stations: public stations and commercial stations. Public television stations are supported by the government. They usually broadcast more educational programmes and programmes on cultural subjects. News and current affairs programmes make up an important section of programmes for most public television stations. Commercial television stations are run by private companies. They sell advertising time to pay for their operating costs and to make a profit for the companies that run the stations. People can also subscribe to cable television system. Viewers pay a fee for this service. Cable television signals are delivered to home TVsets of their customers by cables. Some cable systems carry more than one hundred channels – far more than can broadcast even in the largest urban areas. Satellite broadcasting is another form of subscription television. The signals are transmitted to home TVsets from a direct broadcasting satellite in space. The viewer must have a dish-receiver aerial to receive the programmes. We may speak about different advantages and drawbacks of television but almost every home has at least one TVset. On average, a TVset is in use for about 7 hours each day. Thus, television is the most effective means of mass communication known to mankind. It has become the people’s eyes and ears on the world.

III. Найдите в тексте эквиваленты следующих слов и словосочетаний: средства массовой информации, телевидение, телевизор, дома, в далеких странах, спортивные события, зрители, фактически, развлекательные программы, развлекательные представления, художественные фильмы, мультфильмы, художественные сериалы, мыльные оперы, общественные телевизионные станции, транслировать, текущие события, составляют важную часть, продавать рекламное время, затраты, приносить прибыль, управлять станцией, кабельное телевидение, намного больше, спутниковое вещание.

IV. Найдите в тексте синонимы следующих слов: to watch, to comprise, major, to transmit, various, disadvantage.

V. Найдите в тексте антонимы следующих слов: the least, without, less, to buy, the smallest, disadvantage.

VI. Процитируйте предложения из текста, в которых употреблены следующие слова и словосочетания: in faraway lands, a steady stream, soap operas, current affairs, to make a profit, pay a fee, at least.

VIII. Употребите нужную форму глагола to be, to have. Besides the advantages, the television … some drawbacks. To tell the truth, there … many TV programmes that … no cultural or artistic value. There … rather many films about gangsters and killers. We … so tired of them. Lately, so many advertisement clips … appeared on TV screens. But still, TV remains the main source of information, and we … spending a lot of our free time in front of our TVsets.

IX. Дайте ответы на следующие вопросы:

1. What kinds of mass media do you know?

2. Why is TV one of the important mass media?

3. What kinds of mass media do you prefer?

4. How many TVsets do you have at home?

5. How much time a day do you watch TV?

6. Do you have cable or satellite television at home?

7. Do you watch educational programmes?

8. Do you use Internet? For what?

So, what is the secret of success? How can you make your

dreams come true, and become a movie star or start a
successful business? our article looks at two people who
have found the answer.
At fourteen, mEchelle williams was just a teenager living
with her family in a small town in Montana, USA, whose
ambition was to become an actress. Against her parents'
wishes, who wanted her to continue her father's
profession and become a stock broker,Michelle left high school when she was fifteen to pursue an acting career. But finding good acting jobs was not easy . she once told a reporter how, during a difficult period she tried to make a
living selling ice cream but did not do very well I ate more than I sold,' she admitted But she never gave up her dream.
First, she played small parts in television shows for a
few years, but her talent eventually discovered when she
was 18 The makers of a new teenage soap opera, Dawson's greek gave her one of the main roles on the show. After that it was only a question of time before she found fame in the movies.
Today, Michelle, who wanted to be an actress since
she was a child. has succeeded in becoming a respected
Hollywood actress
and some critics are already saying
that she will be a great star of the future. In 2005, she
won a Golden Globe award, and was even nominated
for an Oscar for her outstanding performance in Brokeback Mountain
When 17-year-old Daniel Green started sending samples of
his own clothing designs to fashion shops, only he believed that he could achieve his dream. His teachers thought he
would never go anywhere at all! But by the time he was 22. he
already had contracts with 30 shops. He spent many months
trying hard to convince more than a hundred leading
companies to buy his products, so he could open an enormous
shop himself, and sell all the best fashion brands there Today
his shop, the Brand Centre, makes millions of pounds each
So, what do these two young people have in common? It is
not hard to see what their secret was Hard work, a lot of
dedication, and a positive belief in their own talents.
Whatever your dream is, the secret is to aim high and never
stop People who have got to the top are not simply the ones
who had luck, and they do not believe they can succeed only
because they are naturally good at something They put in the hours when they need to, word hard and work well They also
try to get better all the time instead of just worrying about their
weak points So, follow their example and be proud of your achievements when you do well, always reward yourself with
a treat watch a movie after a hard day's work, or buy youself
a some new clothes when others praise your effort. This will
inspire you to achieve even more!
.выпишите все глаголы))??)

Помогите правильно перевести "There's so little of my little daughter, you are not well but I have you safe, my Beth, and I'll keep you so.""I

noticed that Amy took messages and did little things to help her mother all the afternoon, so I know that she has learned to think more of other people and less of herself. I am glad of this, for though I should be proud of any picture painted by her, I shall be prouder of a loving daughter, with the gift of making life beautiful to herself and others."

Переведите,пожалуйста. Katie: You are going to work all summer as a volunteer?

Paul: Yes. It’s really exciting. I can’t wait.
Katie: Let me see now, that’ll be no money, no time off and no summer. I can only see positives!
Paul: Ha-Ha, how witty you are, very funny. Is it worth even trying to explain to a summer department store worker such as yourself?
Katie: Steady on brother! OK — tell me about it. I am all ears.
Paul: Did you know there are thousands of people with no computer skills? Think about that for a moment. What jobs today don’t need computers? And think about our media surroundings. It’s all websites, virtual opportunities, social networking and so on. Then just imagine you don’t understand any of it. Imagine no prospect ever of getting a job or even....
Katie: Paul — there is no excuse nowadays for anyone not having basic computer skills.
Paul: Really? What about people over 50? They never had computer classes at school because for ordinary people then, there were no computers. And what about those disadvantaged by dyslexia, or those from tough home environments, or the elderly, or...
Katie: I get the picture. Go on.
Paul: I’ll be in a training centre, giving one-to-one tuition to people whose lives might really change for the better. I did one evening a week last term and loved it. Now I have a whole summer.
Katie: Well I will work 7 days a week for most of the summer. And then I am going to the south of France with James and we’ll have the summer holiday of our lives.
Paul: That’s great Katie. Don’t think I don’t approve or even that I am not a tiny bit jealous. I am not a saint and actually in a sense, we are both taking the same option.
Katie: What do you mean?
Paul: You, dear sister, and I are both choosing exactly what we want to do this summer and really, we are making that choice only for ourselves.
Katie: Well — I still think you should get a halo.

a) clumsy b) rebellious c) bullied d) self-conscious e) outrageous behaviour f) neglect school g) intolerant h) get over i) get along with j)

self-esteem k) dedicate 1) become unsupportive m) gambling n) treat o) lifelong friends

1.Everyone in Green Gables regarded Ann as a __and trouble-making girl.

2.When Alex started working he began to __and homework.

3.One of the most important things in life is to find__ .

4.His __ at the theatre surprised everyone.

5.Sometimes it is difficult for a teenager to__ adults and peers.

6.Our survey indicates that one in four children is__ at school.

7.Catherine has decided to__ her life to abolishing social injustice.

8.That's the third cup you've broken this week. You are so__ !

9.John looked uncomfortable, like a__ teenager who has come to the wrong party.

10.He can be very__ of people who don't understand what he's talking about.

11.George had to borrow money from friends to pay off his__ debts.

12.The compliments she received after the speech boosted her_______________ .

13.My parents say that I have _________ because I don't help them with the housework.

14.It's not an easy thing to__ your complexes.

15.Young people should learn how to__ fashionable tendencies in a sensible way.

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