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6.Open the brackets using the correct tense forms.1.Sabir (to check) already his e-mails.

5-9 класс

2.Banu just (to finish) her school project.
3.Khadija ever (to be) to Mexico ?
4.Lucy and Kerry (to be) best friends for 17 years.
5.Shahin ever (to eat) Chinese food ?
6.My father (to go) to Florence many times.
7.You ever (to lose) a valuable thing in life ?
Напоминается,что форму глаголов можно найти по наречию.

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1. Sabir has checked already his e-mails.
2. Banu just has finished her school project.
3. Has Khadija ever been to Mexico?
4. Lucy and Kerry have been friends for 17 years.
5. Has Shahin ever ate Chinese food?
6. Have you ever lost a valuable thing in life?

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1)When I (come) home, my little sister (sleep).
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Помогите!!!D. Read the text and open the brackets using Past Simple or Past Perfect tenses.

It (to happen) two years ago. Martha (my sister) and I (to decide)to make a trip to Canada. We (to pack) our suitcases rather quickly. Martha (not to be fond of) ironing very much that time so, she (to be) very surprised that I (to iron) all her clothes beforehand. When we arrived in Toronto we suddenly (to understand) that we (to leave) the address of our hotel on the table at home. Martha (to be) in panic of course I (to try) to pull myself together. We (to start) searching for our hotel. It (to turn) out that they have six hotels with the same name located in different parts of the city. We (to take) a taxi and (to go) around the city. As I (to know) the city well we (to find) our hotel soon. Surprisingly, the driver who (to give) us a drive round the city (to offer) me to work as a tour guide for those who (to come) from Paris. I (to agree), moreover, I (to have) an experience in Morocco. I (to be) in charge of different tours around the city and fortunately I never (to deal) with complaints. Our trip (to be) fascinating and we (to be) glad that we (to forget) our hotel’s address at home.

E. Supply the suitable form of past tenses.
1) It (to rain) heavily so, we (to decide) not to go hiking but to invite friends to our house and cook dinner together.2) I (to refer) to John when I told the meeting about our current problem. 3) No, I (to go) to Italy two years ago. 4) When I last went to Italy, a team of scientists (to examine) the falling tower of Pisa. 5) What you (to do) when I phoned yesterday? 6) By the time we got to the cinema the film (to start), so we missed the first five minutes. 7) I spent a week in Miami recently. I (not to be) there before.8) She told me she (to attend) a lot of meetings in Prague.

помогите плиииииииз на завтра... Say the sentences in the Future tense form. 1.I help my mother. 2.we prepare our lesson


3.my sister knows english

4.the have flovers in the garden.

5.we build a new house.

6.ann gets up at 7 o'clock.


Write the verbs in the correct tense form.

1.my brother (to listen, to music) tomorrow.

2.i ( to go) to the shop tomorrow.

3.my sister (to be) ten next month.

4.Jane (to invited) me to her birtday party next week.

5.Nick (to get up) tomorrow at 7 o'clock.

6.we (to write) a test next Monday.


1.Jane .....have breakfast at eight o'clock.

2.we ...... go to thhe museum in the Sunday.

3.my father ....... arrive tomorrow.

4.i ......... swim in summer.

5.they ....... build a playgraund. помогите плииииииииз

Open the brackets using the necessary form of the future tence:

1. The train (to leave) at 6 o'clock tomorrow.
2. I (to go) to visit my aunt next week.
3. "You (to go) to the theatre tonight"? -Sorry, but I've got a lot of things to do"
4. "Can you help me,please?" -"Ok I (to arrive) in half an hour.
5. The bus (to arrive) at 1 a.m.. Don't forget about your luggage

1. The director signedthe letter.
2. Russian scientists make wonderful discoveries
3. The student read the text alound.
4. The agent informed the buyers.
5. The teacher corrected all mistakes in our test

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