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Вставьте little или few.

10-11 класс

Example: I have ... time, so I can't go with you. - I have little time, so I can't go with you.

1. I have ... time, so I can't go with you. 2. He has ... English books. 3. There is ... ink in my pen. Have you got any ink? 4. There are ... bears in the zoo. 5. Tom Canty was the son of poor parents and had very ... clothes. 6. There is tool ... soup in my plate. Give me some more, please. 7. The children returned from the wood very sad because they had found very ... mushrooms. 8. There was too ... light in the room, and I could not read. There are very ... people who don't know that the earth is round.

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1. little

2. few

3. little

4. few

5. few

6. little

7. few

8. little 

9. few

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1. little










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Заполните пропуски словами many, much, a lot, few, little, a lot of.

1. There were ...large houses in old Moscow. 2. My mother-in-law is a teacher. She has ...pupils. 3. ..people live in the country. My parents live there too. 4. We have … time. But there is still ...work to do. 5. There was ...milk in his tea. 6. Our students write ...exercises at the lesson, but they write ...exercises at home. 7. My friend reads ...English books. 8. ..children go to nursery-schools now. My son also goes to the nursery-school. 9. There are ...boys, but ...girls at our Institute. 10. Does your brother work...?No, he doesn’t. He works ...now.

1. He took his handkerchief (из) his pocket.

2. He threw the letter (в) the fire.
3. I have to return this book (в) the library tomorrow.
4. At six o'clock the taxi stopped (e) the door, we got (из) it and went (на) the station.

Определите функцию герундия в предложении!

see the people coming up from supper, and Englishmen always get romantic after
a meal, and that bores me.

Читайте также

Вставьте little или few, где необходимо.

6. Hob said he had too____money and went to too_______dances.

Вставьте little, a little, few или a few. =

1. There is ... salad left in this bowl. 2. Would you like ... salad? - Yes, thank you. My doctor says it's good for my health. 3. I have ... money, so we can go to the cinema. 4. I have ... money, so we cannot go to the cinema. 5. This girl works very ..., that's why she knows nothing. 6. Mother gave us ... apples, and we were glad. 7. He did not like it at the camp: he had very ... friends there. 8. This lemon drink is sour; if you put ... sugar in it, it will be sweeter. 9. This lemon drink is sour; if you put ... lumps of sugar in it, it will be sweeter. 10. The hall was almost empty: there were very ... people in it.

1.Вставьте глагол : I'm very tired because (run) for 2 hours. 2.Употребите предлог : In summer? when I don't go to ... school and live ... the co

untry? I like to go ... bed late.

3.Вставьте глагол в Past Perfect : The neighbours ...(got) home because the mother (cook) already a meal.

4.Вставьте глагол в Continuous : What he (do) at the moment ? He (fix) his bicycle. 5.Вставьте little, few : There is to ... soup in my plate. Give me some more, please. 6.Вставьте Third conditional : The government is expecting to win the next election, but if it (lose) , the Prime Minister (reseign) from politics.

7.Вставьте Second Conditional : She (eat) so much ice-cream. She (have) a sore throut.

8.Вставьте Present, Present Continuous : His father (not watch TV) at the moment. He (sleep) because he (to be tired).

9.Вставьте глагол : Your family (leave) Moscow in summer? - Yes, we always (go) to the seaside. We all (like) the sea. Mother (stay) with us to the end of August, but father (return) much earlier.

10.Вставьте предлог : He was taken to the hospital ... an ambulance.

3. Вставьте anybody, somebody, nobody или


1. Don’t tell…about it. 2. Life is tough! …has problems. 3. I think, …in our class is honest. 4. …left a magazine in our classroom yesterday. 5. Is there…here who knows French. 6. You must find …who can help you. 7. …knew anything aboutAmericabeforeColumbusdiscovered it. 8. Is there…in the office? 9. There is…in the next room. 10. Please tell us the story. …knows it. 11. …can answer this question. It is very easy.

4.Образуйте форму Present Perfect от глаголов:

work, write, make, meet, learn, ring, take, bring

5. Поставьте глагол в скобках в Present Simple.

1. Water (boil) at 100 degrees Celsius.

2. The moon (go) round the Earth.

3. I usually go to work by car.

4. Julia (to be) very good at languages. She (speak) 4 languages very well.

5. The River Nile (flow) into theMediterranean.

6. Вставьте make или do.

1. … discovery
2. … harm
3. … a promise
4. … certain
5. … damage
6. … an attempt
7. … a plan
8. … an excuse
9. … better
10. … their best

помогите прошу

Помогите пожалуйста!!!(

1. Поставьте нужное местоимение: many, much, few, little, a few, a little
They have…new friends at the University
She has very … money. She needs some
I have … time today. I can help you
Peter had … books at home
Give me … salt, please
Do you have … word to do today?

2. Вставить вместо точек нужные модальные глаголы или их эквиваленты
... I do it now?
When will they ... to met us at the station?
Who ... make a birthday cake ni your family?
You...to watch TV after 10 p.m. when you were a child
Peter failed at the exam. You ... help him
Helen ... to play the piano

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