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1)Where ____ you____if you need to buy a picture?

5-9 класс

a.will go
b.did go
c.are going
2)____the film finishes, I'll immediately go home.
3)You can look ____in a dictionary if you don't know what is means.

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1 A 2 D 3 C 2 и 3 простые, а первое вопрос на будущее


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Закончить предложения,сделав их отрицательными 1.I read in the evening.-She 2.He goes to school every morning.- Their friends

3.She writes to her friends.-Her sister

4.They often travel to London.- His brother

5. We live in Russia.- They

6. You swim very well. - I

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в одном из след.времен: Past Simple? Present Simple, Present Continuous или Past Continuous

4. Who (to speak) there? - I (not to know).
5. He (not to smoke). He (not to smoke) now. When he (to be) at the office yesterday, he (not to smoke), he (to work) hard.

Вставьте правильные притяжательные местоимения. "Ann thinks the ball is ___ ",said John " Is the ball ___, Ann?",the teacher asked.

"Yes, it's ___", said Ann.

" Is isn't ___ " , said Andy. "Fred owns it.

It's ____ ",

"No, Andy. The ball belongs to my brothers",explained Fred. "It's ___".

" Yes, it's ___" said Mark and Paul

Помогите нужно поставить в правильную форму USE THE VERBS IN THE APPROPRIATE TENSE (ACTIVE OR PASSIVE)

2.Mike didnt even look at me when i entered his room/he..........for something on the internet and didnt pay any attention to the real world(SEARCH)

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Тест по английскому языку. Помогите!!!

1.It ___ quicker if you ___ a computer.
a.is, will use
b.will be, use
c.will be, will use

2.If I had some money, I ___ get a big flat.

3.If I ____ his address, I would go round and see him.
c.will know

4.Where ____ you ____ if you need to buy a picture?
a.will go
b.did go
c.are going

5.____ the film finishes, I'll immediately go home.

6.You can look ____ in dictionary if you don't know what it means.

7.They phoned that my wife was taken ill. I had to put ______ the meeting.

Write the reported question: 1) Are you going to marry Tom? Alice asked me


2) Where have you been?

The mother asked her son __________

3) Has Ali already left for his holiday in France?

Tim enquired _________________

4) Who is the best football player in the country?

The boys wanted to know _________

5) How much do you need to buy that car?

I asked you _____________

6) Will you be able to pay back the money tomorrow?

He asked if ____________

7) How far is the sun from the Eaeth?

The examiner asked her ____________

8) How do you cook couscous?

I asked you ____________________

помогите пожааалуйста, срочно надоо!!!!

VII. Заполните пропуски предлогами и наречиями, где это необходимо,1. Though the watch was very expensive, he decided to buy it... her. 2. Please buy ...

me some bread and sugar, will you? 3. 1 wonder whether the old man will sell all his pictures ... the museum. 4. The man didn’t sell his pictures ... the museum, he just„gave them away without taking any money ... them. 5. Though the shoes were her size and felt very comfortable, old Sally decided not to buy them because she thought they were too dear ... her. “I can’l pay so much ... a pair ... shoes”, she said ... the shop-assi stant. 6. Won’t you have another look ... these shoes?1 think it’s just the pair ... you. 7. He looked ... all the tele grams quickly, gave them ... the secretary ['sekratri] tc send off and also asked her to ring ... Mr Brown and tell ... him that he could come ... 10 if the time was suitable .. him. 8. “Would you like to buy any ... these watches?’ "No, I’m just looking ...” 9. “Excuse me, how do I get... the bookshop?" “It’s ... there the right”. 10. Will you please ask that man what time it is ... his watch. I’m afraid mine is ... five or six minutes slow.

Изменив лишь одно слово, перефразируйте американский вариант предложения в британский.1) Do you need help with your baggage? – No, it’s all right, thank

2) She is not very good at writing dialog.
3) How can we get to the airport? – You need to get to the freeway and then go straight on to the crossroad.
4) He’s shaved off his mustache.

Дополните предложения, используя one или ones; 1. Have you got a bike? - Yes, I have got a new .... . 2. Are you going to buy a house? -

Yes, we are going to buy a big ... .

3. Are there any apples in the fridge? - Yes, there are four green ... in the fridge

4. Is she making a blouse? - Yes, she is making a nice ... .

4. Did they have any computer games? - Yes, they had some good ... .

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