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Why do leaves change colour? Why do most leaves have green leaves? Why are flowers different colours? How old are trees? Do all the plants grow in

5-9 класс

soil? How can plants grow in deserts? What are the tallest trees in the world? ответьте, я буду очень Вам благодарна)

Annamusa 10 нояб. 2013 г., 15:18:19 (3 года назад)
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Тут вопросы прям на биологию какие-то :о
Это вопросы к тексту же какому-то да?
Если по крепишь фотографию текста, то может и помогу тебе ответить


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Переведите каждое слово , пожалуйста! Желательно: friendly - дружелюбный

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Answer the questions.1. Is it cold or warm today? Why?

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Надо срочно перевести текст. Some bright ideas about bedroom design from teenagers We know how we want our rooms to look, said most of the 600 teenagers in

terviewed in a recent US survey. As well as having clear ideas about their ideal room, many of them would be ready to do some work to get it. Teenagers have ideas of their own and they like to see them become reality when it comes to their style and personality. Four out of ten teenagers say they or their parents have recently changed the look of the teenager is room. Changing their bedroom was more important for girls, 53 per cent of those interviewed had had a new look for their room or want to do so soon. For boys, it was less important, only 32 per cent were so interested in a restyled room. Once they had decided to change their rooms, nearly four out of ten teenagers wanted to help with the changes- painting the walls or choosing some furniture. More girls than boys were ready to get down to work- 40 per cent of girls compared to 34 per cent of boys. It was also a chance for teenagers and parents to work on a project together. Colour was a favorite way of changing a room. Forty-six per cent of the teenage decorators prefer painting the walls because it is quick and can change the feeling of the room completely. The girls prefer bright colours for a trendy look, while boys tend to choose something more neutral. They also like stripes and themes linked to their favourite sports.

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