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1. I ............. (not/meet) Claudia and Jason for coffee yesterday, because I was too busy.

5-9 класс

Dashakobeleva 10 янв. 2017 г., 12:53:44 (4 года назад)
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10 янв. 2017 г., 14:56:54 (4 года назад)

1 didn't meet
2 was listening
3 did you take
4 rarely left
5 was watering

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10 янв. 2017 г., 15:52:45 (4 года назад)

1 Didn't meet 
2 Was listening
3 Did you take 
4 Rarely left
5 Was watering


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Помогите пожалуйста срочно надо

Вставьте буквы чтобы получились слова которые относятся к теме завтрак
C_r_ _l, fr_ _ t, j_ _ c_ ,y_gh_rt , an _ppl_ ,fr_ _ d , b_c_n , s_ _ s_ g_s , b_ _ ns,

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Past or Present?

(“English – III” by Vereshchagina)
Write the Past or the Present forms of the verbs:
1. When I ________(get) up this morning, I ________(see) a lovely present near the Christmas tree.
2. All children ________(like) to play with toys.
3. What ________(be) your favourite time of the year? – I ________ (think), it ________(be) summer.
4. How many animals _______ you _______(see) when you were at the Zoo?
5. Five days ago I ________(put) a little seed into the ground and today there is a little flower here.
6. – ________(can) you skate? – I ________(can) skate very well when I was a child, but I have no skates now.
7. – ______(be) your mother a doctor or a housewife? – She ______(be) a doctor three years ago, but now she ______(not/work).
8. Fred ________(go) to the park yesterday.
9. Every day Ann ________(go) for a walk with her dog, ________(play) with it and ________(give) it meat and milk.
10. I ________(not/do) my homework yesterday, because it ________(be) Sunday.
11. My brother ________(come) home late yesterday, because he ________(help) his friend to draw a picture.
12. When I ________(see) my friend in Christmas clothes I started laughing.
13. Now Mike ________(sing) very well, but some months ago he ________(not/can).
14. Every day Al ________(do) his morning exercises, because he________(want) to be strong.
15. Sarah is a very kind girl: she always ________(give) sweets and other tasty things to her friends.
16. If you ________(swim) in the river, be careful – there are many sharp stones in it.
17. When Mary ______(give) me her pen, I ______(say): “Thank you” to her.
18. Pete often ________(go) to school by bus, but today the weather ________(be) fine, so he ________(want) to walk there.
19. Sue ________(have) got many pets at home and she ________(know) how to take care of them.
20. – ________ you ________(have) porridge for breakfast yesterday? – No, I ________(not/like) porridge.
21. Last winter I ________(skate) and ________(ski) a lot.
22. Lucy ________(eat) potatoes and meatballs for dinner yesterday, but she ________(not/eat) tomatoes, because she never ________(eat) tomatoes for dinner.
23. – ________ you ________(drink) apple juice yesterday? – No, I ________(drink) orange juice.
24. Some people ________(know) very many interesting things, but I think that when they were little, they ________(know) not so much.
25. Sam ________(like) to swim and dance.
26. Polly ________(can) skate when she was six.
27. Mary and Mike ________(play) chess now.
28. Lucy ________(be) a nice girl. She ________(have) only good marks at school.
29. Bob ________(do) his homework yesterday and today he can play with his friends.
30. Why ________(be) Kate happy? Her parents ________(give) her nice presents for her birthday.
31. At the moment I’m busy: I ________(write) an exercise. I ________(can/not) do it yesterday.
32. Last Monday I ________(come) home, ________(have) dinner and ________(do) my lessons. Then I ________(go) for a walk.
решите как тест

напишите нормальными предложениями!!!)

Put the verbs in a proper tense.
1. We (to play) football the whole afternoon yesterday.
2. Give me the book, which you ( to buy) at the shop.
3. Give me the book, which you ( to buy) at the shop yesterday.
4. When we (to go) to the river the day before yesterday, we (to meet) your relatives who (to come) from Kyiv.
5. I (to run) to the park where my friends (to wait) after I (to clean) my room.
6. My sister (not to watch) football match with me yesterday because she ( not to like) football.

When Bill (to get) home from Canada he was glad to see a new computer

that his wife (to buy) him as a birthday present while he (to be)


Прочитав текст нужно ответить на вопросы.

More than 150 years ago people exchanged Christmas greetings written by hand. The first Christmas card was printed by the Englishman Sir Henry Cole in 1843. That winter he was too busy to write greentigs by hand. So he decided to save time and asked his friend, a painter, to design a card for him. Soon a thousand cards were printed. Some of them were sent, others were sold. Sending cards bacame so popular that people began to collect them. Now Christmas cards have become a symbol of the favourite holiday.

Choose the correct word from the passage.
Sir Henry`s friend .... the first Christmas card.
A) collected B) sold C) designed D) printed E) saved

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